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Hot Topics

  • 3.4.2015 ADP Misses Articled 1 hour ago
    Adding to the string of economic reports that continue to miss the estimates, this morning's ADP jobs report was scheduled to come in with a reading of 219,000. Well that didn't happen as they posted 212,000, making for the worst reading since May of 2014.  But as is usual in the year 2015 what we also see is more nations in the race to the bottom concerning interest rates. Last night India cut its rates for the second time in 2 months and Poland followed up with its own cuts.
  • 3.2.2015 NASDAQ 5000! Articled 1 days ago
    First a note...Don't forget that the latest Free Newsletter is posted on the site. Please take a moment to read it, we think it has some pretty valid points you should know. Okay, so today "job 1" was for them to attack NASDAQ 5K, a level we haven't seen in a decade and a half. Well guess what? They did it.  And how is it that the market is once again making all-time new highs?
  • 2.26.2015 Investing Newsletter Posted Articled 6 days ago
    Just a heads up that our latest free investing newsletter is posted for all to read. This issue is concerning social media and the "bubble" that it has morphed into. While we all enjoy the FaceBooks and Twitter's for the service they can provide us, we see a lot of examples of where people have gone way over the top with their obsession with it.
  • 2.24.2015 Yellen to the Hill Articled last week
    Today Janet Yellen will go to Capital Hill and tell our new Congress what she thinks about the economy, monetary policy, and a host of other things. Twice a year she's got to tell everyone at the Government level where the Fed sees themselves on the issues. Well, this particular meeting could be a bit more fiery than some of the previous ones. Why? The new Republicans.
  • 2.20.2015 Will Dane's Unpeg? Articled last week
    Not too long ago, the Swiss shocked the world by removing the peg to the Euro, which caused some wicked currency fluctuations for over a week. Along the way, many nations has slashed their interest rates to 0, and some have gone as far as "negative rates".  Now we see the Dane's talking about how they might see the need for  "capital controls" as they too have a harder and harder time keeping their currency stable in relation to the Euro.  Their currency is in free fall this morning, despite the denials that they would actually have to go that route.