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Hot Topics

  • 1.8.2020 - Tonight's Letter is Up! Articled 2 weeks ago

    Well it's been a wild ride, these first 8 days of 2020. Tonight we talk about Government lies, economic lies, inflation lies, and a host of other things. 

    Naturally we had to spend some time talking about the whole Iran thing, because for a while there it seemed like we were rushing towards war. But it has turned out quite different.  While we aren't out of the woods, especially since 3 old style missiles fell around Baghdad late this afternoon, we don't appear to be on the path to war. 

  • 12.29.2019 - Virginia, the Test Tube Articled last month


    Today's letter is very very important. You can find it here:


    In it, we talk about the madness going on in Virginia. The Democrats took control of the State and they make it very clear, they want you disarmed. If you refuse to turn in your AR 15's they want to arrest you. This isn't fake news folks, this is the real deal. Now granted I could ask the simple question, being who's the idiots that elected THESE idiots to the positions?  


    Anyway, give this letter a read, this is very important. Why? I believe Virginia is the test tube. The trial run before they launch such crap across the Nation. 





  • 12.29.2019 - Free Investing Newsletter Articled last month

    My Carry Weapon

    I’ve been warning about a “civil war” for over a year now. In many ways it’s already happening. Antifa scumbags attacking conservatives, the brazen attacks by lunatic fringe “progressives” on Trump supporters, etc.

  • 12.18.2019 - Thank you! Articled last month

    Today I gave my wife a card, and in the card was the donations you had all sent her. She's battling stage 3 breast cancer, Double mastec tomy, Chemo, radiation, the whole bit. So, I created a cookbook of our recipes and placed them on line. I suggested that anyone that wanted to donate a couple bucks for it, I would present the donations to my wife as a gift from my wonderful readers. 

    She was overwhelmed. She didn't know I was doing it, and she broke down in tears. 


    Thank you again from the bottom of my heart!


    In the letter, I discuss the coming civil war. You know it's brewing. Conservatives against liberals, straights against trans, liberals against Christians, etc. It's getting ugly out there and now, in Virginia the Democratic leadership wants to confiscate citizens guns. This is not going to go over very well and we discuss the "2nd amendment" sanctuary counties that have been created. 


    I hope this doesn't lead to bloodshed, but we proved in the real civil war that Americans can indeed kill Americans. At antietam alone, in one day, 23,000 med were killed or wounded. That was with 1860 weapons. If things get crazy in 2019 or 2020, it could be worse.


    So, we take a look at all that and more. Please give it a read, because it could end up in your backyard. 

  • 12.7.2019 - The Free Newsletter is UP! Articled last month

    Hello everyone, the Sunday edition of the Financial Intelligence Report is up. Today in the commentary section we talk about Monday's release of the Inspector General's report, and what that could mean in the scope of things. Will it change the Impeachment process? Will any bombs drop? Is the report even the "thing" we should be looking at, or is a distraction from what Barr has been doing in secret? 


    In the market commentary, we look at gold, as it took a hit Friday after the stock market went ballistic. Is gold's run over, or is this your last chance to get it under 1500 dollars the ounce for basically "ever??"  Give it a read, it's "good stuff!"


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