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Hot Topics

  • 1.28.2015 Fed Confusions Articled 1 days ago
    Everyone waited with the proverbial "baited breath" to see what the Fed's were going to say about monetary policy. But what they said, threw the algo-bots for a bit of a loop. They wanted pure hints that the Fed's were not going to hike rates this year, but instead they got a statement suggesting that the economy is really strong, jobs are really strong and while they can be patient about rates, they removed the "considerable time" language from the statement.

  • 1.27.2015 Look Out Belowwwww! Articled 2 days ago
    So after hearing how wonderful our economy is - according to Obama, today we see the DOW start the day down 300 points. Why? Well the big multinational corporations that rule the economy are having a hard time selling their "stuff'.  UTX missed, Micro-Soft missed, Proctor missed, CAT missed by a mile and reduced their outlook by lightyears. Then we got durable goods which they thought might come in with a rise of 0.3%, but unfortunately came in DOWN 3.2%.  Shall I go on?
  • 1.26.2015 Greek Revolt Articled 3 days ago
    The Greek people have voted and the message is clear...We're tired of austerity". So they've voted in a true marxist, a true socialist who vows to end all this austerity business and work with the banking industry to fix their debt situation. This is not going to work, but that's not the point.
  • 1.22.2015 Europe Goes Wild! Articled last week
    NOTE>  The newest edition of the Financial Intelligence Report is posted on the web site. This week we discuss the prospects of gold and silver finally being ready  to start a long term move higher. You should check it out!
  • 1.21.2015 LEAK!!! Articled last week
    After a 100 point drop on the DOW this morning in response to an ECB member saying "you shouldn't get too excited about tomorrow's meeting", the market roared higher after it was "leaked" that the ECB is going to do 50 billion dollars of QE a month.