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Hot Topics

  • 12.3.2016 Trumps Picks Articled 3 days ago

    As Donald Trump has been selecting his cabinet members, I wanted to give my old friend Doug Gibbs a shout and get his opinion about Trump's choice for the Education Department. So in this weekend's letter, I've posted up an article that Doug wrote concerning the appointment of Betsy DeVos. It's a pretty darned good read. 

    Next year will mark 20 years of publishing a Free Investment Newsletter to anyone that wants to read it. We've never charged a penny to send out those hundreds of thousands of letters. If you wish to get a Free Investing Newsletter sent right to your email address twice a week, simply hop over to the sign up box on the left side of this page. We don't sell our Email list, and frankly we don't even advertise in our letters. They are simply.... free. 

  • 11.30.2016 The Free Investing Newsletter is up! Articled 6 days ago

    Hey all, the new edition of the Financial Intelligence Report is up and tonight we're discussing something important to a lot of you...do you trust this rally enough to have your 401K in it?  That's a big question because while the recent rally has been impressive, a lot of things have to go very right to have this market make sustainable gains in 2017.  This is an important letter, give it a read. 

  • 11.26.2016 - Hillary Wins?? Articled last week

    The latest Free Newsletter is up and in this one we're talking about the strange move by Jill Stein to put up a donation website to accumulate enough money to have a recount done in Wisconsin, MI, and PA. While we hope this is just more foot stomping from the left, the fact is she raised almost 6 million dollars in two days, and is moving forward.

    Is this an attempt to "steal" the election away from Trump? Who's been watching the blank ballots for the past 3 weeks? Who are these so called computer geeks suggesting the machines were hacked for Trump to win?  The implications are frightening. 

  • 11.19.2016 Is Gold and Silver Dead? Articled 2 weeks ago

    The Sunday free newsletter is posted, and this week we're going to talk about the metals. Since Trump got elected all manner of hell has broken out, and one of the casualties has been gold and silver. So we need to discuss the future of the metals and take our best shot at deciding if they're going higher or lower.  I think it is worthy of a read, especially if you hold the metals and are considering selling them.  

  • 11.12.2016 - Sinister! Articled 3 weeks ago

    The Sunday letter is posted already, and in it we look at some pretty dark ideas about what might be coming our way in the next year or two. Trumps win will be proven to be one of two things, a real shot at fixing the US, or... a patsy that's going to endure the inevitable debt reset that this nation must endure at some point. We discuss both and the chances of each. 


    Take a few minutes to peruse it and give it some thought. 

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