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  • 10.22.2016 - Sunday's Free Newsletter is up! Articled 3 days ago

    Just a heads up that our free investing newsletter is now posted, a day early. This week we're doing a walk down memory lane concerning how insane we've become. Chew a pop tart into the shape of a gun and get expelled? Tell a classmate she's pretty and be sent to therapy? Play with a toy cowboy gun and have the police arrest you?  Yes all that and more. 

    Now the world health organization says that if you can't find a suitable sex partner you should be listed as "disabled". You really need to hit that link and read their latest social engineering agenda. 

  • 10.19.2016 Another Letter is Posted! Articled 6 days ago

    Hey everyone the newest free newsletter is posted tonight, and in this one we talk about some of the things we might see in a Hillary administration. It isn't pretty if you like the second amendment or you like the ability to go to alternative web sites and get real news instead of Government propaganda. Take a read, I think you might agree. 

  • 10.15.2016 The Weekend Letter is Up Articled last week

    The latest Financial Intelligence Report is posted and this week we talk about things you might consider doing ahead of the election. Someone's going to be elected and depending on who it is, things about your life will indeed change. You might want to plan for that. So take a few moments to read the free newsletter and see if any of it makes sense to you. 

  • 10.5.2016 - Free Investing Letter is up! Articled 2 weeks ago

    Hey Everyone, the free investing newsletter is posted. Today we're discussing the metals, such as silver and gold and how one of our "Vegas plays" had turned an investment of 19K into a whopping 240,000 dollars in 8 months. Yes you read that right, that's not a misprint. 

    I want to talk about strategy and how sometimes the best intentions go awry. Take a few minutes to read it and learn one of my investing rules... a rule that I actually broke. And why. 

  • 9.28.2016 Free Investment Newsletter is UP! Articled 3 weeks ago

    Hey Friends,

    The latest edition of our free investing newsletter is posted on the site, and today we are looking at the "machine" that is indeed all the gears that are spinning to get Hillary in the office. But we show you some really interesting things concerning fake news web sites and even something pretty sinister on Hillary's actual site, something hidden "just enough" that most won't see it. 

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