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Hot Topics

  • 10.24.2014 Ebola in NY! Articled 10 hours ago
    Late last night the news hit that the Doctor in NY who showed Ebola symptoms had indeed tested positive for the disease. Naturally that's going to create a certain level of fear in the city. The only "good" thing you can say is that down in Dallas, it doesn't seem to have spread exponentially, so there's some comfort in thinking this guy probably hasn't infected the masses either.
  • 10.23.2014 CAT to the Rescue?! Articled 1 days ago
    Yesterday  the market sold off a bit as we expected it might. But overnight they manufactured some really doctored up European PMI's and got things turned around. Despite the horrible internals out of France and even Germany, they "magically" got the headlines to seasonally adjust themselves to positive readings. Bravo.
  • 10.22.2014 No European Bond Buying?? Articled 2 days ago
    Danger Will Robinson!  Or something like that....This entire snapback rally has been manufactured by a couple Fed heads suggesting that maybe QE can stay in place for longer, and some bogus headlines out of Europe suggesting that the ECB was about to go on its own bond buying spree.  Well guess what? Two European ECB officials have now denied that they're doing anything of the sort.  Isn't that interesting?
  • 10.21.2014 More Free Money Hope! Articled 3 days ago
    Notice the trend here?  IBM missed earnings. Coca-Cola missed. McDonalds missed, NCR missed, EBAY missed, and on and on. Yet the futures were soaring this morning. What's up with that?  Well, just like last week when the Fed heads spun on a dime and went from saying rate hikes are coming sooner rather than later and then reversed and mentioned that maybe QE could remain in place...over in Europe the ECB has been putting out "hope" headlines too.  This time suggesting the ECB will buy Corporate bonds on the secondary market.
  • 10.20.2014 IBM - Fail Articled 4 days ago
    This morning the futures were bright green and then plunged blood red. Why? IBM blew it big time. They missed the earnings by a mile on both EPS and revenues.