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Hot Topics

  • 12.17.2014 Fed Decision Day Articled 7 hours ago
    So it's Fed day. Today the Fed's end their two day policy meeting and tell the world what they're going to do concerning interest rates. Now I'm not even going to get into the whole argument that the Fed's are an illegal, unconstitutional body of private bankers that should have NO say over our economy. This is all true and I've screamed about it for 20 years. But the fact is, they are in charge and we're hostage to them
  • 12.16.2014 The Ruble Crashes Articled 1 days ago
    Last night the Russian Central bank hiked interest rates from 10.5 to 17% in a move to try and defend the Ruble which had fallen off a cliff. Well that worked for about two hours, and then the wheels flew off. By the time we were seeing the sun rise in the US, the ruble had again started falling, hitting an incredible 79 to the Dollar. To put that in perspective, the Ruble was just 35 to the dollar two months ago. So it has been literally cut in half.
  • 12.15.2014 Empire Report Crashes! Articled 2 days ago
    In the macro, which simply means the big picture, nothing could possibly be worse. I really mean that folks. Bonds are up a huge 14 points since July 2014. Bonds will soon be higher than they have been in decades. U.S. Bonds are telling us that the economy is in serious trouble, in Depression era territory. The jobs report everyone crowed about, was so bolstered by seasonal adjustments that it bears no resemblance to reality. The constant drumbeat of the US/NATO for some form of war with Russia continues unabated. The baltic dry index has fallen 45% in a month. Banks have lobbied the G-20 to basically secure public bail-ins when their risky trades blow up. Student loan debt is well over a trillion dollars, wages are flat for the last 15 years, and Obama-care has created the 30 hour full time job
  • 12.11.2014 The Newsletter Is Posted! Articled 6 days ago
    The most recent issue of the Financial Intelligence Report has been posted at www.investyourself.com, and I invite all of you to scoot over and read it. We are doing a tutorial session about trading options, and Wednesday nights issue was about the idea of buying "puts". We discuss what they are, how they work and why they're a good trading tool. Check it out!
  • 12.10.2014 Rearranging the Chairs Articled last week
    History shows us that as the Titanic was sinking and the situation was hopeless, a lot of folks up on deck started doing menial things. They formed singing groups, they played some music, they moved furniture around. They didn't want to look at the big picture because there was no way to fix it. They were sinking.