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Hot Topics

  • 3.30.2015 China To the Rescue? Articled 4 months ago
    First a quick note... this Sunday's edition of our free newsletter is posted at investyourself.com, and I invite you all to stop by and check it out. We discuss the FACT that the world is rapidly running away from the US dollar and US control over the global finances of other nations. I think you'll find it interesting.

  • 3.23.2015 The Global Picture Articled 4 months ago
    Did you know that a retired General was on FOX network saying that we should kill Russians? Did you know the UN is preparing a document that lays out how to restructure the debt in all the nations buried under debts they can never pay? Or, how about the fact that despite lying to us about sending arms to Ukraine, we've been sending tens of millions worth of equipment there? Did you know that the military is preparing a five state "drill" in towns across the Southwest to simulate terror reaction?
  • 3.16.2015 Putin's not Dead Articled 5 months ago
    It's been 10 days since anyone has seen Vlad Putin and boy did that lead to a ton of bizzaro speculation about where he might have been. Some figured he was ill, some figured he died, some figured he'd been assassinated, etc etc.

  • 3.9.2015 Crash In September? Articled 5 months ago
    The most recent issue of the Financial Intelligence Report, which is our Free Newsletter; is posted on the site now. In this edition we are talking about the multiple reasons why this autumn we might see a "great shaking" concerning the economic markets. By all means I think you need to take a moment and hop over and read it, it is indeed interesting if nothing else.
  • 3.5.2015 Hookers and Crack Articled 5 months ago

    Over in Italy, they are including Hookers and illegal drug sales in their GDP reporting, and from back testing it appears that it adds a full percentage point to their yearly GDP. This weeks newsletter takes a look at how on earth that all came to be, and what we've done here in the states to alter our own GDP readings.