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Hot Topics

  • 11.30.2015 - China's IN! Articled 2 months ago
    For two years now I've predicted that the IMF would accept China into their SDR basket of currencies, and today we just learned that indeed they have. Bravo!  So what's that about? The IMF uses a reserve basket of currencies made up of the Pound, the Euro, the Dollar and the Yen. China believes it should be in that basket since it is the second biggest economy now. So today it became official and they're "in".  You should read our Newsletters or join the Insiders Club to see what all that will mean.
  • 11.24.2015 - Turkey Shoots Down Russian Fighter Articled 3 months ago
    Last night it was announced that Turkish F-16's ( bought from the US of course) shot down a Russian fighter jet in Syrian airspace. Turkey is a  NATO member, which pretty much means they're allied with us, the US. As you can imagine Mr. Putin is none too pleased and called it a "stab in the back".  This is a horrible escalation of tensions in the area, folks, one that could lead to some really serious confrontations.  Basically Putin said it would appear that Turkey is buying the ISIS oil and funding ISIS. Could it be that Russia's latest offensive of blowing up over 100 ISIS oil trucks heading to Turkey was the real reason???  Stay tuned this is bad.
  • 11.20.2015 - Islamic Gunmen Take Hostages In Mali Articled 3 months ago

    After all the madness that's played out in Paris and other towns in France, this morning we learn that Islamic crazies took over a Luxury hotel in Mali, and grabbed 170 hostages. That's prompted a quick response of SWAT and military to come to the rescue..

    This sort of thing IS going to end up here on our shores, and what is Obama planning to do? He's coming after your guns. What about that whack job socialist Sanders? Coming after your guns. How about Queen "we were broke" Hillary? She's coming after your guns. 

     Trumps is killing in the polls because he's not afraid to say it like it is. He knows that an unarmed population is actually just a target range for terrorists.  Keep an open mind folks.

  • 11.19.2015 - Paris Burns, Trump Rages Articled 3 months ago

    Everyone knows by now that some form of terrorist event took place in Paris, and while the conspiracy theorists suggest it was nothing but a false flag, I am in a different camp. I do think that they've "used" it as in the old adage of "never let a crisis go to waste" but indeed people were killed. And what was the result? Trumps ratings spiked once again as he said all the right things concerning gun control. "the results would have been much different of those people had guns" was one of his statements.

    How right he is. 


    I invite you to read the Last Financial Intelligence Report we posted, it highlights the gun situation.

  • 10.13.2015 JNJ Tries to Cover Lousy Earnings Articled 4 months ago

    In what one can only call the most desperate of "in your face" maneuvers, JNJ announced a 10 billion dollar stock buy back AHEAD of their actual earnings report. Why? Simple, they wanted to pad their stock price ahead of yet another disappointing earnings release. See, their revenues fell Year over year. Their pretax income fell some 40% YOY. Their GAAP earnings missed. Last year they posted $1.61. This year 1.49 for the same quarter. 

    Notice they didn't spend that ten BILLION on new plants, research or hiring folks. Nah, let's just spend it on keeping our stock price inflated.  This is what passes for normal in the most twisted stock market of any generation. Oh, and there's many more like it to come.