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What is InvestYourself? What does it stand for? Who’s behind it?

All great questions, so let’s start with the rough stuff first. What is IY? It’s simply a site we dreamed up almost 14 years ago to help local investing “clubs” get a better return on their investments, and improve the quality of their life. From those humble beginnings, it has expanded to 16 countries, where thousands of every day people “tune in” to learn about what’s really going on in the economy, and how to benefit from it.

Those same ideals are still in place to this very day. Our only “Agenda” is to help as many people as possible, to sort through the garbage, fraud, agendas, and scams and learn how to navigate around the obstacles successfully.

So, what’s our basic theory?

Unfortunately, you might not like this answer. But, we weren’t developed by telling you what you want to hear, we have made our mark by telling the truth, and digging far below the pablum you get from financial TV. When people know the truth, they are able to make money, and keep the money they made. It’s really that simple.

Okay, so what then is the truth? What do we believe? It’s a very long story, so we’ll shorten it to just hit the highlights, and you can fill in the middle by reading our letters. First off, since the day the “renegades” broke free from European rule and created this new republic, “old world power” and old world money began their plan to take it back. They hated Franklin, Adams, and Jefferson. They hated the idea of a country, rich with resources and hard working people making money and enjoying freedoms.

When the revolutionary war, and then the war of 1812 was over, “they” didn’t just roll up their carpet and go home. They started the process of taking control of America from the “inside”. With old European money, and “plants” in high places of American Government the old world bankers slowly invaded us. From their efforts, we got hit with the Federal Reserve bank. The income tax. The progression, however slowly of a more socialistic society.

In the years between 1900 and 1971 America became the superpower of the modern world, because of our monetary tie to a gold standard, and our incredible industrial revolution. But the old money people were always hard at work, putting in politicians that would vote favorably for their agendas. They knew that the only way to “take over” America was not militarily, that was impossible. It had to be done from the inside.

Then, in 1971, President Nixon cut our currency loose from any tie to gold. From that second on, the Central banks of the world went orgasmic. Now they had the power to print all they wanted, reward whom they wanted, and try and make the economy bend to their will. It was a grand experiment, and now in 2009, we are seeing the aftermath. We are in the “end game” of over 100 years of political and economic shenanigans.

What have we been left with? A housing crash, and economic crash and 50 million uninsured citizens. We’ve got the largest debt load ever seen on planet earth in its History combined. We see dual income families, carrying 50 grand in credit card balances and defaulting on their loans.

Unfortunately, we predicted it all

That’s a tall statement, but it’s true. It’s not because we’re some incarnation of Nostradamus, we aren’t. It’s because we knew the basic agenda of the “world improvers” and what tools they’d use to bring America in line with the rest of the world, exactly as they planned. We knew they’d use debt. We knew they’d create “rolling bubbles” trapping more and more people in their destruction. We knew that from the economic fall out, they’d implement even more bizarre and socialist agenda’s, all for the so called “common good”.

As all this played out, we could easily predict the market run up of 1996 – 2000 and the subsequent crash. We could predict gold going from 300 to over 10000. We could predict our invasion of Iraq, so we’d have a military presence around Saudi Arrabia as energy becomes ever more important. We could predict that their loose monetary policy would create a Real Estate frenzy, but one based on fraud, greed, and the ultimate bail out of the banks by the US taxpayer. 90% of our “major predictions” have come true, and it’s because we understand the “game plan” of those behind the scenes.

As we go forward, that will always be our job. Connect the dots, read the agenda, and get in ahead of their next stupid idea, so we can profit from it, and then rush to safety. That’s what we do.

Who’s behind this thing?

InvestYourself was founded in October 1997 by Robert Rinear, who owned several successful business ventures primarily in the jewelry industry. In fact, his introduction to the financial world began as the result of trying to time the price of gold on a daily basis. When you are in the jewelry business it’s vital to price your gold items according to what those items are going to cost you. Well, when Mr. Rinear saw the price of gold soaring in the late 1980s, he needed to find the causes of that move. What he found was intriguing. Political issues, global economics and even something as simple as the Federal Reserve making a statement would move the price of the yellow metal. He needed to learn more.

As he became more “in tune” with the global economic process, he noticed that one of his best customers traded stocks and options on a daily basis. With Mr. Rinear’s views on the overall economic situation and “Charley’s” ability in picking stocks, they found a winning combination. But it still wasn’t complete.

Once introduced to the intricacies of the equity markets, it didn’t take Mr. Rinear long to realize that he had a knack for predicting the everyday flows of the stock and options markets. He began to attend trading seminars and training camps with the desire to learn how to make profitable trades on a daily basis.

One thing became abundantly clear — none of the classes gave him the total picture about how to accomplish his goal. Something was still missing in regards to how to make a living by trading stocks and options. Likewise, he realized that not all opportunities came in just stocks and options. Sometimes it was a quick move in precious metals or Treasury bonds. Other times it may have been a move in a currency.

Not to be defeated, Mr. Rinear slowly developed his own trading style that began to produce profits. After taking what he learned from the seminars and injecting his own methods of calculating stock movements, options movements, currency, real estate and Treasury movements, a successful concept emerged. He expanded this trading concept into a workable platform that anyone could follow. That was the beginning of his newsletter “Market Insight & Outlook” (now the “Financial Intelligence Report). From those first few issues it became clear that the public would benefit from his years of research. He decided to offer it to the masses.

From that humble beginning a company called “InvestYourself” was created. Its main goal is to help investors of every experience level gain the investing knowledge necessary to win in a tough game. But InvestYourself doesn’t stop there. As we move forward, we’ll develop new and exciting products. Alliances are being formed that will enable investors to learn and participate in opportunities of all sorts. From personal growth to real estate to stocks, bonds and options, our goal is to help you make money as the opportunities appear.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our company. We hope that our products will enhance your trading experience and put real cash in your accounts.

Robert B. Rinear

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