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Have you ever gotten a spam letter like this:

“Our system generated 1600% in a month!” Or how about this gem, “Our trading strategy produced over 500% in a year!”

Yeah, me too.

Let me be frank. If there was a system that could give you those returns, it wouldn’t come from some guy in his basement producing a financial newsletter, it would be a closely guarded secret at the biggest hedge funds on earth.

The fact is, economies rise and fall. Currencies rise and fall. Stock markets rise and fall. The only question becomes, “Can the average person profit from all this rising and falling?” The answer is YES YOU CAN! What you need is someone on your side, someone to navigate the garbage, the cons, the swindles and twists the market will toss at you. You need investment strategies that makes sense, that are easy to follow. That is our only job. We help thousands of people every day to capture profits for their trading/investing and retirement goals. Do we tell you that you will make 500%? Not a chance. We’ve never done it.

Investment Strategies That Stand the Test of Time

Investment strategies that produce winners like these don’t come from strictly reading charts, although charting is important. They don’t come strictly from news blurbs, or product releases. No, a truly successful investment strategy comes from combining all the elements of charting, news, insider buying, momentum, sector strength, economic imbalances, fraud, bogus accounting practices, and a host of other factors. But more than anything else, a sound investment strategy comes from pure common sense.

This is How We Roll…

Let me give you another example of how we think here. When looking at an investment strategy, or a trading strategy, you have to do some “connect the dots” detective work. One of the greatest examples of this was the “China Miracle” we saw emerging in 03.  China was going to become power hungry. Building all those manufacturing plants was going to take a lot of electricity. So we suggested that HNP, their biggest power producer, looked like a solid longer-term hold. In October of 03 when we suggested that, HNP was $27 dollars per share. By April of 04 it was over $42. That’s 55% in less than a year. That’s how we operate here. We connect the dots.

It’s Not Just Here, It’s a Global Economy

We watch the unfolding global situation for any activity that might affect your portfolio. We predicted the Asian crash of 1997-98 before it happened. We foretold of the eurodollar and the trouble it would bring us in the spring of 2000. We called the euro’s rise in late 2002, and many hundreds of readers caught the move and made great profits. We’ve cashed in on the 2004 Chinese run up, and the move in natural resources. We predicted the war in Iraq, the market run up of 06 – 07, the housing collapse, the banking collapse, and the emerging market crash. Our editors realized long ago that you have to keep your eye on more than just the United States. Because we are a global economy, all the intricate pieces fit together to influence our markets. We have given perfectly timed advice about gold and precious metals, when to buy bonds and when to buy stock. When to move money into your 401K accounts, and when to let it sit in the safety of cash.

Ok – Why Us…?

If you search the web you will find more than 500 investment newsletters. Naturally, each one claims to be “the best!” The first question you should ask about any of them is this: Have they stood the test of time? Did they first show up in late 1999 or early 2000 when everyone was getting into the market and a monkey with a dart could make you a few bucks? Or has it been around longer? Are they another “Johnny come lately” that tried to cash in on the market boom? Well, the Financial Intelligence Report was here long before there was a boom. In fact, we predicted the last one and the subsequent meltdown. Over the years, tens of thousands of investors have read and prospered from the insightful thinking, the investment strategies, the timing and, of course, the stock selections.

The Solution…

The Financial Intelligence Report began its life many years ago as a teaching tool for the beginning investor and has since transformed into a leading investing strategy service. That said, it didn’t give up its teaching roots, and each issue contains nuggets of wisdom concerning  some aspect of trading or investing. From a no-holds-barred, biting commentary to individual stocks primed to make a move, the financial intelligence Report brings you a wealth of investment strategies  But it’s not just about stocks. In any given issue you might read about:

  • Real estate
  • Retirement planning
  • Saving for college
  • Alternative investment strategies
  • Trading currencies
  • Gold investing strategies
  • Wealth creation
  • Options trading
  • Tax liens
  • Savings plans
  • Creating your own economy
  • Opening your own business

Whether you trade long or short, day trade, swing trade, plan for retirement, or invest for your children’s college, the Financial Intelligence Report’s proven investment strategies will help you create wealth. We invite you to “let us into your home” by subscribing to the FIR, and it’s our hope that it will help you navigate the rough waters of the market without being tossed on the rocks like so many others.


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