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  • 8.14.2019 - FIR Free Newsletter Articled 3 days ago
    Where Focus Should Be
    I know, I know, I should be writing about Jeffery Epstein, and the insanity that allowed him to either 1) be killed, 2) or kill himself, or 3) be whisked to a true high security prison to tell his tales and name names, or 4) be smuggled out, shipped to Israel, as most believe his blackmailings were a Mossad activity.
  • 8.7.2019 - Financial Intelligence Report Articled last week
    Separate, But Connected
    I was going to title this article “Dreams really can come true” because I want to tell you a really heartwarming story. But in the strangest twist of fate, it’s tied to the news of the day, which of course is the two “shootings.” Let me explain.
  • 7.24.2019 - Financial Intelligence Report Articled 3 weeks ago

    The Triple Play?


    Hey, before we get into today’s article, I want to pass along something that I find interesting. Maybe it can help you or a family member.

  • 7.17.2019 - Free Investment Newsletter Articled last month
    Re-examining Rethinkx
    Back in 2017, a “think tank” came up with their version of how by 2030, the gasoline engine, and in fact, car ownership would plunge to levels not seen since the roaring 20’s. I’m going to reprint the article that started so many high level “chats’ between economists, analysts, etc.
  • 7.10.2019 - Free Investment Newsletter Articled last month
    Go Bag
    I recently received the following Email:

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