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  • 5.20.2018 - Free Investment Newsletter Articled 2 days ago
    The Shooting, How to Survive
    NOTE>> There’s no market commentary today, I want to use the entire letter to share some things with you all.
    So, there’s been another high visibility school shooting. I’m not going into the semantics of if this was a false flag, or another patsy hyped up on prescription anti-depressants, or what have you. For today I’m going to tell you mom’s and dad’s what to teach your kids when they’re in school and something like this happens.
  • 5.16.2018 - Free Investment Newsletter Articled 5 days ago
    I had no idea that the article I published on the weekend was going to get me so many responses. In that article, I was talking about California’s new push to have all houses built after 2020 to include some amount of solar power on them.
    Without redoing the whole article, I spent some time talking about the costs, and the burden to the lower classes that cannot afford to install panels, but who will be paying more for their electricity as the new homes with panels, will consume less from the grid. Someone’s got to pay the Electric company for maintenance, etc, and if there’s less revenue coming in, they will hike prices on remaining consumers.
  • 5.9.2018 - Free Investing Newsletter Articled last week
    That Time Of Year
    A few weeks ago,  for a day, our entire region was out of Verizon telephone service. A few texts would dribble out now and then, but no talk service was available from Tampa all the way to Fort Myers.
    Verizon was down. For some it was an inconvenience. For others it was truly a life and death matter. Why? Because more people today have cell phone service than hard lines at their homes. With Verizon down, no one on their network could call 911.  People with severe medical problems were in a panic.
  • 5.6.2018 - Free Investment Newsletter Articled 2 weeks ago
    Back By Request!
    I wrote this in May of 2016, just as a lot of the Country was starting to get their gardens going. Well, it’s funny. On a daily and weekly basis, we beat up on Wall Street, the frauds, the manipulations, etc. Yet sometimes it’s when I go off the rails onto a totally different topic that I get the most responses.
    This was one of them, and wouldn’t you know it, this past week I had 2 people write in with questions about this very letter. So, considering the timing, I dug it up and want to repost it, with a few slight changes.
  • 5.2.2018 - Free Investment Newsletter Articled 2 weeks ago
    NOTE>> I sent the following article to my members on Sunday. A few asked me, that since I didn’t have any specific stock plays mentioned, would it be okay to forward to friends.   I said sure.
    So, since this was a more “general” article about the purchase of precious metals, instead of individual ETF’s or Gold mining companies, I’ve decided to put it out to the Free Newsletter people. For you Insiders Club Members, we’re going to be talking about some specific gold and silver stock and options plays this weekend. Stay tuned.

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