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5.15.2016 -Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark

Your Next Half a Million

There are times when the stars line up. But they’re rare times. I’ve been personally investing for about 25 years now, and writing these letters for 20. In all those years, there’s only been a handful of times when things looked just right for a big take.

In May of 1996, AOL the leading Internet company of the day, was getting pounded. It had fallen from 70 a share in 94, to just 25 bucks. I looked through the data and decided that AOL was horribly underpriced and told the readers of my first Newsletter ( which was called “News Picks” at the time), that I was going “All in” on AOL.   By early 1998, it was 100.00 a share. Then it split, giving us twice the number of shares. Then it simply ran higher and higher again. Amazingly, it was running so high so fast, they did ANOTHER 2 for 1 split in the same year!   By the time we had sold it in 1999, We were up an incredible 1300+%.  It was the single biggest trade of my life until then.
We had many hundreds of “good trades” over the years that resulted in really nice gains, but again the “monsters” only show up now and then. When we made 100% in China Electric, it was a great trade. But it wasn’t  1300%.  When we made 150% in VLO, riding it from 10 to 60, it was a great trade. It was 500%. But it wasn’t 1300.  

In late 2007 we smelled the impending doom. Early in 2008 we implemented shorts, and put options and inverse ETF’s focused mainly in the financial sector. We had several 400% gainers. As the market was crashing, our shorts/puts/inverse were gaining like mad. The 08 – 09 crash was the single biggest year we ever had for profits. But it wasn’t 1300%.

In late 08 early 09, we put out a little stock called SLW. In fact, to be brutally  honest,  the way it worked  was that a friend of mine called me one day and said “Bob, I fell into some money, and since it’s sort of free money, what would you do with it if you weren’t afraid of risk?”  I told him that if I was fortunate enough to get 10 grand out of the blue, I would put it all on SLW. At the time, it was about 3.90 a share.  I put the same play out in the Newsletter that weekend.

SLW had a tremendous run, and we had cashed out with gains of 500 and 600%.  Then one day my long lost friend called me. He said “Hey Bob, ya know that little stock you told me about a couple years ago? Well I still have it, what do you think?”  I quick looked at the price. HOLY COW!  SLW was at 47 dollars a share!  That’s 1100%.  I told him that if it was me, I’d sell half the position right this second and lock some of that in!

But it wasn’t 1300%. It seemed like nothing was ever going to top that crazy AOL trade. Until the first Vegas play showed up. In  late 2009 and into 2010, my friend Ted and I spent days walking the Siesta Key beach talking about a strategy that could in theory make the proverbial “killing.”  We talked about the sector, the demand, the stock, the math, the options involved, everything. It worked on paper, but would it work in real life?  We were about to find out. Sure enough, starting with an initial investment of 30,000, the play transformed that 30K into 1.2 Million dollars in two years. There it was, 3,900%. The new “record”.

The following “testimonial” showed up in my in-box on Thursday. It came attached to a question about “managing” the Vegas play. I’ve deleted the name and the question, but this was the opening sentences…

Hi bob,
 Thank you so much. this is my second Vegas play. I couldn't be any happier with your advice and I'm making money like I never have before. 30,000.00 has turned into 160,000.  I love you man.

Why am I putting that in today’s letter? For a couple reasons actually. First off, when you write a letter about economics, stocks, options, etc, it is going out there against tons and tons of competition. Everyone and his brother it seems, has a “stock picking” service. So naturally they all give these incredible examples of the huge gains they’re making, so that you get excited and buy their service. Hey I get it, it’s called marketing.

So I put that little paragraph in here to show you that the “Vegas play” really has been the money maker I’ve been saying it is.  Am I saying we hit home runs like that every day like so many so called stock market genius’s do? Hell no. Huge gainers like that only happen now and then. In between the big plays, you’re hitting for singles.

But guess what?  The gent that wrote that missed out on even more money. Notice he said that 30K turned into 160k?  Well, if played properly, he’d have had even more. He’s working on a gain of about 433%. Others that started with 19K, are flirting with 531%.

There’s no guarantee that the two Vegas plays that are in progress right now are going to turn into 3,900% gainers. In fact, they could fall apart tomorrow, no one truly knows the future. But if they did nothing but stop where they’re at right this second, a 19K dollar investment has become 120,000. That’s 530%.  That’s a pretty nice trade.

So what’s all this about anyway?   I have another “Vegas Play” in the works. I’m going to release it this week. Of course there’s no guarantee it is going to work and make everyone half a million bucks. But I like the stock, I like the math, I like the sector and I am willing to give it a shot.

Why do we call it a Vegas Play?  Because it’s sort of like going to Vegas and putting it all on red, but with a twist. If you go to Vegas and put it all on red, you’ve got a pretty good chance of losing all your money in a heartbeat. In our case, we’re not at risk of losing all our money. Yes you can lose some if it goes wrong, but you could only lose it all if you “let it”. That’s what stops are for, halting the pain.

The real risk to our Vegas play is “temptation”  When you see that everything has worked out as the play develops and you’re up 300, 400,500% you desperately want to sell it and book the profits. But then you’re defeating the ultimate goal.  The “roll of the dice” in the Vegas play is…can you stand the pressure of not selling for 500%, in hopes of 1000%?  Don’t laugh, it’s VERY hard to do.

The “other” reason I’m putting out a teaser about this upcoming play, is because of “frustration”.  So many people have written in to say “Bob, we missed getting your Vegas play, is it too late to get in now?”  I get a bit frustrated because they want in after the horse has left the barn. The time to get in, is at the beginning. Could you hop in the Vegas plays that are running  now? Yes, but be realistic. If they’re already up 500%, you MISSED what could be half of it already. For all I know, they could already be topped out. See?

If you have some risk money that you’d like to use for a well thought out “Swing for the fences” then you need to sign up, become an Insider Member and get in AT THE BEGINNING.  No you don’t need 19K or 30K. You can start with as little as 200 bucks. Naturally everything is in perspective. You are NOT going to turn 200 bucks into a million. Sorry. But could 200 turn into 1500? Absolutely.  Could 2000 turn into 12,000? Absolutely. Could 10K be 60,000? Yes. Possibly MUCH more.  Could  15K turn into 500K? It is indeed possible.

So there it is folks. Some are going to bash me as trolling for subscriptions, and frankly I don’t care what those folks say. The ONLY reason someone buys into our Insiders Club is because they want some help in making and keeping some wealth. I’m showing you concrete examples of what we’ve done over the years, and what we’ve got in play right now. The dozens of “thank you” letters we have is all the proof I need that we’re indeed helping folks. If you think I’m simply trolling for sub’s, well move along there’s nothing to see here. If you think I’m not crazy, that I truly care about you, and might have a way to make some big money, then sign up.  It’s really that easy.

The Market…

Before I get rolling on market stuff, I want to take a minute to Invite you to something fun. Many of you don’t know, but I co-host a radio show on WSRQ here in Sarasota FL. We have a show called “The SRQ Review” and it is made up of mostly “local” topics concerning Sarasota.  It runs weekdays at 4 – 5 pm.  

But Friday we started another show, and we’re simply calling it “Freaky Friday” for now. It’s a one hour show on Friday’s from 2 – 3 pm and it is more “up  my alley”.  That’s the hour where we’re going to discuss everything from the Elitists, crooked politicians, market manipulation, criminal central bankers, you name it.  Lots of the things we discuss here in the Financial Intelligence report will be covered. It is going to be HUGE fun. ( and highly educational)

On Friday, my co-host Donnie and I had “Frank” Abbruzzino in studio with us and he tried an experiment. Franky runs several "Scoop News" sites, covering local and national news. He used his Iphone to record what was happening in the studio. Yes the audio is poor as it didn’t do well picking up Donnie and I, and yes the video is nothing more than an Ipad sitting on a desk,  but as I said, it was just a fun experiment. In the near future, we’re going to have the studio set up for real video to go along with the radio broadcast and podcast.  

When you get a minute, take a look at the video, as it is really pretty entertaining. Frankie’s pretty animated, I toss out a lot of the “taboo” topics and Donnie sort of plays referee. In it we talk about the communist agenda, transgenders, Hillary, and much more.  Here’s the video.    https://www.facebook.com/frankieabbruzzino/videos/616874908491209/

Friday broke a pattern and could become important. In many Friday’s past, no matter how red the market was, they’d magically levitate it to where it was either green, or just slightly red for the close. We’ve seen the market down 155 at 2 pm, only to close green. They do that to make the market look healthy for the weekend TV shows.

But Friday the pattern broke. At 1 pm the S&P was a bit red, hovering around 2058. I did my last update and suggested that they’d probably once again bid up the market and try and get us back to the 2064 level for the close. Well that didn’t happen folks. Instead of the customary late Friday rally, they rolled it right over and we ended the day down 17 S&P points. We closed WELL below the 50 day moving average, which is “never a good sign for the bulls”.

Now things get really interesting. While the 50 day is psychologically important, as far as technically, it isn’t carrying nearly the weight it used to in years gone by.  So it isn’t the end of the world that the S&P lost that level.  It does become more “problematic” because the DOW lost its 50 day also. So we have both major indicies “under” their respective “important” levels.

The real test however is going to be the 2040 – 2042 area. If you look back to the Beginning of April, you see no less than 6 days in a row, where that level held as a support area. That is very significant. If we lose 2040 on a closing basis, you can pretty much redraw the charts folks. We’ll be in a “no question” correction.

We closed Friday at 2046. They’re still “safe”. I’m sure the Central Banks will step up to the plate and do what ever they can to keep things “up”.  But the struggle is becoming epic, and right now it feels like they’re going to fail. For this week I think we’re going to see the market bounce along that support at 2040 – 2042 and trade sideways a lot like those 6 days in Early April. Then if they don’t see a ton of buy back action, or some more central bank buying… we’re heading lower.

What about a bounce? Could we instead get a mindless romp higher like we did Tuesday? Sure. But it will probably fade out just like this week did. The ONLY thing keeping it up is funny money and even that’s not having the same effect. As always, use caution.


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