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6.22.2016 - Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark



The things we are living through lately are truly historic in nature. If you sit back a bit and consider the big picture, we’re not living through just one incredibly interesting situation; we’ve got multiple issues taking place.


Can you feel it? Can you feel that nagging sensation that “something” is really wrong? Do you get the feeling that you’re going to wake up one day and find that something major has happened?  I know you do, because most people with their eyes open all say the same thing. You can’t put your finger on it, but you know it’s out there. Like some monster lurking in the dark.



Let’s start with the Federal Reserve for a moment. Through bizarre policy, they’ve kept interest rates at zero for going on 7 years. That’s pretty incredible, considering that “normal” historical interest rates range around 5 – 6%.  But wait, then of course we have a large part of the world dealing in NEGATIVE rates.  Excuse me? Yes indeed, negative interest rates. You actually pay the bank to put your money in.


The zero rate situation is bizarre enough, but the Negative one is cause for pause. In 5000 years of humans doing trade with each other, there’s not been negative rates. In the Bible, even the “stern master” who returned, asked the one workman “why didn’t you at least put my money with the bankers, so I’d have at least gotten interest on it?”  Can you imagine how odd that would have read if he had to say “Why didn’t you put my money with the money changers so that I’d have to give them more when I returned?”  It is mind boggling to say the least.


How about the “Cold war” we seem intent on creating?   Uncle Sam foments an uprising and coup in the Ukraine, then blames Russia for it, and then hits them with the penalty of sanctions. Then after crippling sanctions placed on their people, NATO ignores an agreement we had with Russia for decades that said “We won’t move NATO forces one more inch towards Russia” ..and moves troops and weaponry to their very borders.  After so many years of “peace” between us and Russia, why the push to antagonize them? Why the desire for a new cold war that could indeed become a hot war?  Talk about historic; any series of mishaps could indeed start WWIII. 


What about the Muslim “invasion?”  First it was Europe and the Nordic nations. Day after day the Muslim so called refugees streamed in to Germany and Italy and Greece and Sweden and Denmark, etc. But they were NOT there to assimilate with the local populations. They made it quite clear they were going to start their own enclaves and practice Sharia law and frankly… take over.  Now we see it happening here in the States. I ask you.. who are the people behind this? Every day thousands of so called refugees are landing here in the states and being driven around the nation in busses and resettled. They get more welfare benefits than an American Citizen. What’s the real goal there?


Look at Detroit. Look at Chicago. What Barrack Hussein Obama will not tell you is that at least 226 terror attacks have occurred over the last 30 days by Islamic Jihadists, in 32 different countries, including the U.S. after the Orlando massacre, where at least 2,230 people have been brutally slaughtered and over 2,224 people have been injured, by the so-called "religion of the peace." Yet at the highest levels of our Political structure, we’re told to “shut up”, to not be Islamophobes. Meanwhile they import these people, none of them vetted, 99% of them Muslim.  Are you going to tell me that NONE of these people are terrorists? Sorry, see I have to believe someone and Obama says they’re not. Yet ISIS itself has said they’ve planted terrorists in the stream of refugees. I’ll believe ISIS.


51 percent of Muslims living in America today believe Sharia should be the law in the U.S. and 25 percent said that violence against Americans is acceptable if they offend Islam. Then to make it even worse, the Dept. of Justice releases transcrips of the Orlando shooter, changing “Allah” to”God”, so people think this guy worships the same creator as Christians.


Take Orlando. There’s so many things wrong with the Official story there, that they might as well just admit they knew what this guy was doing and actually helped him do it. Did you know the shooter was in two movies? Did you know that no less than 3 others that have been so called witnesses were in films? Did you know the company he worked for often works for the DHS moving illegals around the country for settlement? Did you know that same company is a customer of “crisis actors” company crisiscast? Did you know the shooter spent lots of time in a Mosque frequented by notable anti-American Islamists? Or that other witnesses said there was more than one person doing the shooting? Or that the guy they stopped on his way to the California gay event, supposedly told law enforcement that he was part of the Orlando plan and was sent to cause terror there?


Then of course we have the IN YOUR FACE attempt to knock Trump out of the race and grant the election to Hillary. It’s bad enough that Hillary is still free and able to even run for President, as I believe there’s good reason to lock her up for treason. But what’s even more amazing is that everyone and his brother, Republicans alike have said in public they’ll do anything they can to stop Trump.  The media bashes him relentlessly, the President and his cabinet beat him daily.  Facebook has shut down Trump supporter pages. Reddit redesigned its platform because “Trump was too popular”.


Conservative businessman and GOP presidential nominee Donald J. Trump has won more primary votes than any Republican in history. Trump’s uniquely bold message speaks to Republicans and Democrats who are sick and  tired of the political establishment, an insecure border, and unfair trade deals. They’ve had enough with the “establishment”.


Now we once again see the so called Republicans working on another scheme to change the convention rules and keep Trump out of the White House. Now, let me ask you something. Do you really think all these people want Trump gone is because he might make things worse than they are? If you do, double up your Med’s. They want no part of him because they LOVE their comfy jobs, with their Political kickbacks, and their free spending. They love their little elitist clubs where they get to spend money they don’t have, start wars in far off lands, and play the power games. Trump is an outsider. He will disrupt their little clubs. The elitists from “Central planning” at the UN, the CFR, the Club of Rome, the BIS, etc have a very big hate for Trump. They’ve worked too hard and too long to destroy the US to have some upstart cause them trouble. They will stop at nothing to keep him out.


There have now been TWO verified attempts to kill Trump. In Las Vegas, a kid from the UK, here ILLEGALLY, tried to grab a cops gun and shoot Trump. He said flat out that his desire was to kill Trump. Why isn’t that plastered over every news wire 24/7 as it would be if someone tried to shoot Hillary?  Because it bolsters everything Trump stands for and makes Obama and the insane left look stupid. 


Folks, I could go on and on. We’re living through historic times for sure, and it all seems to be coming to a head. With the election just a few months away, we are seeing an acceleration of events that just boggle the mind.  Economically, politically, militarily, there’s upheavals almost daily. Transgenders in bathrooms, political correctness on College campuses taken to an extreme never seen. Safe spaces? Trigger words?  Muslims bringing prayer rugs to the very schools that won’t let a Bible in?  Racial tensions higher than in the 60’s?  It doesn’t stop.


What’s it mean?  Are we in some kind of end times?  Has some line been drawn in the sand and 2016/2017 is where it all bubbles up like lava in a volcano and erupts?  I don’t know. I just know that what we’re witness to is very different than anything we’ve seen before.   


I’ve always been a gold nut, and since 2007 a silver buyer. It’s things like I talked about above that tells me that in the long run it is the right decision. I think that all the articles I’ve penned about personal protection, soft prepping, solar, etc, are good insurance policies. I want to believe that we’re just going through some sort of growing pains and this is all going to pass, but… I can’t buy it. I think I’d be lying to myself.


Stay aware folks. Keep your eyes and ears open. Something tells me that the next 6 months could be quite the rocky road.  Let’s pray I’m wrong.


The Market…


It is pretty unusual when you get two pretty big events coinciding at the same time, but that’s what we had this week.  On one hand we had Janet Yellen doing her semi-annual chat with Congress, which is generally a pretty big event by itself as the Street listens to her every word concerning interest rates. But this time she was overshadowed by the “Brexit” vote in the UK.


The vote to leave the European Union was the big news on every financial station today. The feeling is that if the UK leaves the European Union markets are going to take a massive hit. So the question is… are they going to stay or go? 


The polls are very close. But interestingly, if you look at some google analytics, it appears that the vote to “leave” is going to win big. However the big money bets are on them staying.  So does the big money know something google doesn’t know? Is the vote rigged?  Could we be looking at a “stolen” election? I have no clue. But one thing is clear, we’ll know a lot more tomorrow.


So Monday the market was green, maybe more green than I expected. Then Tuesday we were flat, and today we went red by a bit.  Basically we were running in place, as they didn’t want to make any really big bets ahead of the Brexit vote.


We didn’t have any short term trades on today. We took the stance back on Monday that between Yellen speaking for two days and then the big vote… it just wasn’t worth the risk that we’d buy something and then get shook out on some negative talk. In a way it was refreshing. Sure we still have several long term plays in place, but nothing in the “swing trade” account.


Tomorrow is going to be another day of waiting. The vote will take place tomorrow, but  we here in the states are going to have to wait until about 5 am Friday to know the results. So chances are, tomorrow is going to be relatively flat, with the occasional spike or dip depending on what rumor hits the wires through out the day.


So…we sit again. Unless I have some really good proof that the vote appears to be “stay” I’ll probably not buy anything again. Then we have to ask the ultimate question… Let’s say they stay in the EU. The markets rejoice and we soar higher. Why???  What changed? Were more jobs created, or factories started? Did the global economies perk up? Nope. Nothing. So we could see a cheerful pop higher, followed by a rug pull a few days out.


Stay safe out there folks, at some point a new trend will emerge and we’ll hop on it.









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