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10.12.2016 - Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark

Random Stuff

I am an internet junkie. I admit it. While many spend their days chasing Pokeymon’s and playing all manner of video games, I spend a ton of my time Online. Why? I like to learn things. It’s really quite amazing how I’ll start with an article, and that branches off to another and then you hit a link in that one and by the time an hour has gone by...you might be reading something completely removed from your original topic. Happens to me all the time.

Here’s a perfect example. You all know I like to grow organic Heirloom tomatoes. So one day I was researching the idea of using diatomaceous earth as a starting medium. From there, I noticed a link to an article about a new type of grow bag. In the course of an hour, I want from my original topic, to watching a video about how they process the material to build the latest growing pots. 

Well one area that I scour a LOT is what you’d call the alternative media. Many will instantly think of Alex Jones or Brietbart or maybe Drudge. While they’re certainly not main stream in the standard sense, they’re not the only game in town. There’s many many good sites around the world that put out articles that will never see the light of day in the US. That’s simply because our media is bought and paid for in total. There’s no longer any hiding it. James Corbett of the Corbett report ( dot  com) is one that everyone should visit regularly. He’s very good at what he does. He vettes his stories and is very legit.

NOTE>> Let’s suppose you are the biggest Trump hater on planet earth. Just the sight of him makes you vomit. Despite that, wouldn’t you be honest enough to say that They give Hillary a pass for all her indiscretions, while hammering on Trump? If you’re honest the answer is yes.

So since the major media outlets, and then of course their subsidiaries are all toeing the Corporate line, you only get to hear what they want you to hear. However, when you find the appropriate sites that post up information that seems to be  useful in making decisions, you need to be very careful. There are more and more “agenda” sites popping up on both the left and the right. Often they spin the news with half truths and other such mumbo jumbo as to push their agenda.  As far back as the Bible they were telling people that “Discernment” was a virtue. You  have to discern and verify what you read.

You can edit and splice video’s to tell any story you want. You could take a video of Mother Theresa and with the right editing and careful questioning make it seem like she’s giving answers that are pagan. Some of the fraud work is remarkably well done. So, if you continue to explore in the realm of the unwashed Internet, just remember and be aware that a lot of what is being presented to you as the truth about matters, is just someone else’s smoke screen.

On September 28th, the New York Post printed an article headlined:  The FBI’s Hillary email probe is looking even more like a coverup.  Here’s a couple paragraphs...

It’s bad enough that FBI Director James Comey agreed to pass out immunity deals like candy to material witnesses and potential targets of his investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s illegal private email server.

But now we learn that some of them were immunized despite lying to Comey’s investigators.

In the latest bombshell from Congress’ probe into what’s looking more and more like an FBI whitewash (or coverup) of criminal behavior by the Democratic nominee and her aides, the Denver-based tech who destroyed subpoenaed emails from Clinton’s server allegedly lied to FBI agents after he got an immunity deal.

It’s worth a read. You Can find it here:

While that’s worth a read, there’s so many “deeper” issues with the chummy relations behind Comey, and the Clinton’s that you’ll never hear a peep out of anywhere else unless you look for it.  For instance consider the following which I grabbed off a web site, reposting it.  While I can’t give credit to the original writer because I don’t know him, it’s spot on ( as I’ll show you in a moment)
FBI Director Comey is a director and board member of HSBC, which is tightly connected to the Clinton Foundation. "Mr. Comey’s appointment is an initial three-year term which, subject to re-election by shareholders, will expire at the conclusion of the 2016 Annual General Meeting."

The Clinton foundation received up to $81m from clients of controversial HSBC bank. This is the same HSBC that was accused of laundering drug cartel money, was heavily involved in the LIBOR scandal, and who knows what else, and all while our esteemed FBI Director James "she didn't intend it” Comey was part of the senior leadership.

MORE: 20 years ago James Comey as an attorney on the Senate Whitewater Investigation was looking into the conduct of President Bill Clinton and first lady Hillary Clinton.
The investigation was to determine whether Bill Clinton used his political position as governor of Arkansas (in the 1980s) to push through an illegal loan to benefit Bill and Hillary's business partner in Whitewater. Several people involved in Whitewater went to jail, but no criminal prosecution was in the cards for Bill and Hillary. Remember, James Comey was the Deputy Special Counsel for the Whitewater investigation.

MORE: Regarding all those last minute Bill Clinton pardons as he was leaving the White House... The list was supposed to be given to Congress for approval well ahead of Bill's last day. Among the many questionable pardons was billionaire Marc Rich (who traded illegally with America's enemies including Iran). The whole deal reeked of impropriety after learning that Rich’s wife donated $450,000 to the Clinton Library.

Again, James Comey oversaw investigations of the pardon matters as well. Unbelievably he did not recommend charging Clinton in any of these matters.

MORE: A few days ago, as we all know, Lynch met with Bill Clinton, privately, on her private government jet. This meeting was a few days before the FBI interviewed Hillary and a few days before today's announcement.

Oh, and by the way, neither Lynch nor Clinton flew into Phoenix on the plane used for their meeting. Apparently it was placed out of the way on the tarmac for the meeting. Bill said it was a chance meeting because he was there to play golf. The temperature was 110 degrees.
Shortly after the meeting, FBI Director Comey released his decision not to press charges on Hillary. AND, in an unprecedented move, he imposed a gag order on all the agents involved with the Hillary email investigation.

Suspicious? You bet!

After this meeting, Lynch said something that no U.S. Attorney has ever said. She first apologized and said she should not have met him (obviously an apology based on her being caught, not apologizing for the actual action). She then states something U.S. Attorneys do not state. She stated her office will be guided by whatever recommendation the FBI gives them.

Why was this statement ridiculous? She is the head of the U.S. Justice Department. The FBI is a sub unit of DOJ. She is the top boss, not Comey and not the FBI. Her office decides to prosecute or not, NOT the FBI.

SUMMATION: So, we have Lynch, previously appointed by Bill Clinton, and formerly an employee of the law firm that is connected to Hillary's email scandal, in charge of the investigation into Hillary's email scandal, with the lead investigative agency led by a man who twice investigated the Clintons and both times found them not guilty of wrong doing, also appointed by the current U.S. President, who appointed Lynch, who is Comey's boss? And Comey and Lynch have known each other for decades as well...MOVE ON, NOTHING NEW HERE....

If you think this person was just plucking this out of thin air, you’d be mistaken. It’s all true. You can Vette some of it right here at CNN

In it, CNN itself has to admit that Comey’s investigated the Clintons 3 times.

Here’s my point folks. I think the reason that Hillary still gets support from people is that they’ve never seen a full cohesive story about the Clintons. They’ve been conditioned to think that it’s conspiracy nuts on the far right making things up.  The Alternative news sites aren’t “MAKING IT UP” as Hillary would have you believe. They’re simply documenting facts, facts that the Main Stream media tries to hide every single day.

The following is a 25 minute video about Hillary and Bill. There’s no hype, no dramatic over the top commentator. Just a soft spoken woman’s voice cataloging real events. I have to think that if you watch it, you will come away with the idea that the recent Email lies are NOT a simple mistake as she claims.

Check it out...

No one can look down the list of Whitewater, Foster, Travelgate, Mark Rich, the foundation, Haiti, etc etc and look me in the eye and say she’s right for the Country. No one.

Granted I detest the woman, and I’m biased. I also want you to know that I don’t think Trump is some white knight on a horse riding in to fix all our ills. He can’t. I just want him in there for someone to hit the pause button. To just stop things where they are, so we can logic them out. Maybe the first step in fixing things, is to stop digging the hole. That’s all I’m asking him for.

The Market....

So, Monday they put in a decent up day and having closed almost 100 DOW points higher it looked like they might make a run for gaining some points. But then Tuesday happened. After earnings warnings out of WMT and HON, they were looking for a kickstart with Alcoa. Nope, didn’t get it. Now you can blame the day on AA or you can come up with ten other reasons, but we fell like a rock. The DOW off 200, the S&P down hard.

They fell under the support at 2144. They fell through 2140. The last bastion of hope was the lower end “trend line” which sat at 2135. Well, they pulled it off and closed us off the lows at 2136.  There was little question in my mind that if that fell, we’d plunge through 2120.

This morning we predicted that we’d open red, dip a bit and then come back to green. We did just that.  Then we suggested we’d hug the flat line until we got the minutes of the last FOMC meeting at 2 pm. We did that too. So, we were very slightly green heading into the release. Then when we got them, we popped for 50 DOW points for a bit, and then stumbled. Your typical “announcement” slop.

As the day wore on...we were up and down a bit, and when the final bell rang, we had gained a whopping 15 on the DOW and 2, yes 2 on the S&P.  I guess my point here is that by only ending the day up 2, they closed the market above the 2135 lower band trend line, but right at 2139... a level that has been support in the past. Why couldn’t it close over that? We were as high as 2145 at one point.

After yesterday’s big beat down, today’s 2 point “bounce” is laughable. That is NOT what I’d call follow through in any shape of the word. So what’s it mean? It means this folks...this market is tired. It’s been jabbed with cattle prods for months on end each time it weakens, and it is forced higher on low volume Central bank strategic buys.  It desperately wants to correct and one day....it will.

But because they’ve propped it up for so long, any time they look like it’s ready to fail, if you fall for it you usually get it tossed in your face as it bounces right back up again.  But frankly I don’t trust this market at all. Not a lick. So here’s the levels. 2135 is important. Lose that on a closing basis and we’re going to see 2120. Lose that and it’s 2100 and probably much lower. On the upside, we need to see them get past 2145 on a closing basis for us to think there’s any chance of stringing a few up days together.

Understand this... we’re in Earnings season. It is NOT going to be spectacular. Couple that with the idea that the insane Fed’s are pushing for a Rate hike in December and you get a toxic sludge combo platter. As the days go forward, I suspect earnings misses are going to be dealt with harshly. Good earnings will see oversized jumps.  Be careful out there. Oh and as a Note... we do NOT hold our stocks over an earnings report. It is simply too dangerous. Yes there will be days you’ll sell out ahead of the release, they announce and “boom” it’s up 5 bucks. But there will also be days when the street doesn’t like the report and you open down 45 bucks a share like ILMN just did.   Be safe. 

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