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10.23.2016 - Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark


I stumbled on a headline this week, that so completely “threw me for a loop” that I went on a two hour search to find an article I wrote all the way back in 2013.  I’m going to reprint that article here in a moment.  But first the “headline” that completely put me in a vegetative babbling state. Here it is...

Failure to find a sexual partner is now a DISABILITY says World Health Organisation
Until now, infertility - the failure to achieve pregnancy after 12 months or more of regular unprotected sex - was considered a disability.

But now in dramatic move the World Health Organisation will change the standard to suggest that a person who is unable to find a suitable sexual partner or is lacking a sexual relationship to have children - will now be equally classified as disabled.
WHO says the change will give every individual “the right to reproduce”.

You really need to read this article folks, you can find it here....

Wow, just wow.  That’s the reason I had to go on a search for an article I wrote years ago about how we’ve gone insane. This is from 2013....

We've Gone Insane
I know, I know...I'm supposed to posit about the world economic situation in these commentaries, and I imagine I'll get around to that in a bit. But every once in a while, I have to "go off" some about the absolute lunacy that seems to be so prevalent no matter where I look. I apologize, but I can't help it. When I see things that make by synapses misfire, I can only hold it in for "so long" and then it all rushes out like a flood of cussing from a Turrets sufferer.

I cannot for the life of me understand how anyone could be a teacher in this Country any more. Oh sure, maybe a professor in some ultra liberal College where you can virtually say or do any bizarre thing that comes to your mind, and you'll be rewarded as being some form of visionary. But to be a grade school teacher in this culture today is something that I would last in for about... an hour. I couldn't possibly deal with the "over the top" baloney this society has shoveled on us.

I realize that my views are obviously those of someone from a different planet. Or a different universe. Somehow I just don't get the logic we supposedly utilize here anymore. For instance, people go into apoplectic fits of outrage over a flash of nudity on TV, yet they're perfectly fine letting their kids watch hours on end of savage violence.
Here's a sample of the incidents captured by the Parents Television Council for just ONE Month between Jan. 11 and Feb. 11: 
_A character on ABC's "Body of Proof" says he dreams of ripping a woman's brain out while she's still alive, but he's shot as he's about to stick a hook up her nose. Then he's pushed off a balcony and killed. 
_A woman on Fox's "The Following" jams an ice pick into her eye.
_A prison riot episode of CBS' "Hawaii Five-O" includes one man trying to kill someone in a laundry room press, a man snapping someone's neck with his legs and a man injected with something that causes a violent convulsion.
_A man threatens hospital workers on NBC's "Chicago Fire" with a gun before he's disabled with a Taser.
_A gun fight on ABC's "Last Resort" is ignited by one man stabbing another in the abdomen with a screwdriver.
_A man on CBS' "Criminal Minds" is shot dead by the FBI as he tries to cut the eyelids off a gallery owner's face.
_Two characters on Fox's "Bones" wake to find a corpse hanging from the canopy above their bed, dripping blood onto them.
_An already bloody man is dragged into a warehouse on CBS' "The Mentalist," choked to death and thrown in a furnace all witnessed by a little boy hiding in the building.
_A man writhes in pain on Fox's "Fringe" before a parasite violently bursts out of his body. He's surrounded by the bodies of others who had met the same fate.
_A scene in ABC's "Grey's Anatomy" features a woman's nightmare about sawing her leg, as blood spurts and she screams in pain.
_A gymnastics coach is stabbed several times in the groin on NBC's "Law & Order: SVU."
_A man working on a coffee cart on "The Following" is doused with gasoline and burned alive.
_On CBS' "Blue Bloods," a man aims a gun at a group of children in the park before he is shot dead.
_Even President Grant on ABC's "Scandal" gets into the act, removing an oxygen mask from a woman's face so she suffocates.
So, evidently it is absolutely fine to show the most gruesome and disgusting violence to our kids. But then what happens if they attempt to act like their TV hero's??  Then of course the over reactions are mind blowing.  You all remember the little 8 year old that was suspended from school and ordered to counseling because he chewed his pop tart into the shape of a gun. Well complete and utter lunacy like that is much more common than you'd think. Just this week a young boy was questioned for 2 hours without his parents present, his sister was questioned, he was suspended for 10 days, will be forced to miss his kindergarten year end program, and his record will follow him for life. His offense? He showed his buddy a toy, orange tipped, completely fake cowboy gun. 
The over the top reactions to some perceived threat in this society doesn't just border on insanity, it's full blown skitzoid paranoia. They wanted a deaf child to change his sign language name because it looked like he was pointing a gun?? You bet. In Detroit they want to make it illegal to own a toy gun?? You bet. A young boy is suspended because his one inch tall plastic army man figure had a rifle?? You bet, kid's getting counseling.  A little boy DRAWS a gun, and the police are called in? Absolutely, the new norm.

I'm so disgusted by it all, I want to puke. America, the home of the Brave? Give me a break. Anyone that's truly brave has to keep his mouth shut, or Obama will sic the IRS mobsters on them. In America, bravery is punished.

I look at the push for more acceptance of the alternative lifestyles. It is beyond "in your face" now.  There's a new super hero TV show for kids called She-Zow". A 12 year old boy wears a magic ring and turns into a girl superhero wearing a miniskirt and hot pink top. I kid you not. Transgender super hero's. DC comics put out an issue a while back, where BatGirl's roomate is not only a transgender, she's bisexual.  In Los Angeles, Schools are Teaching Students How To Share  their STD Status Via Cell Phones. In Hartford county the woman who was hired as their school’s behavioral specialist was arrested for having sex with a dog.

No matter where I turn I'm smacked in the head with headlines and news stories that simply stop me in my tracks.  Somehow I don't think I'm alone. But beyond the shock value of it all, one does have to wonder just what our society is going to look like in the future.  Let's see, kids are told that transgender superhero's are the new norm, and "gender neutral" bathrooms are being installed in schools. But if they tell a class mate that they think they're cute, they're sent to the Principal for Sexual harassment. They are prodded to watch every manner of sick violence on TV, but get sent for psychiatric evaluation if they point a finger at someone. They're told that they want guns taken away from everyone so that kids are kept safe, but young girls of 18 can buy morning after pills to kill their child.  I cannot imagine the confusion that reigns in a young child's mind today.

If you think we're awash in a young society that is all confused about this thing called "life" I can't wait to see what things look like in about 20 years. We've got kids juiced up on all manner of drugs now, as they prescribe all these medications to try and keep kids in line. Time after time, from Columbine to Aurora to you name it, high powered drugs are in their systems, drugs prescribed for everything from depression to attention deficit.Do you know what the single biggest killer of teens is right now?? Suicide!  It used to be number 3, after traffic accidents and teen pregnancy. Now it's suicide killing our teens.

We just celebrated Memorial day, a Holiday for those who’ve died in service to our country. War movies of every type depicting hero’s gunning down the bad guys were on every station.  I can’t imagine the confusion in a little person’s head when these glorious hero’s, who picked up arms to defend our country and all it supposedly stands for, are sent to the police for drawing a gun.  The absurdity of it literally hurts my head.

When I add up the economic issues of the world, such as the 4 of the PIIGS nations of Europe seeing youth unemployment at 50 and 60% levels, when I see what they're doing here with the rules and regulations strangling business, when I look at the social unrest, the food stamps, the healthcare issues...and then add in this tidal wave of social engineering, I have to admit that as much as I want to believe we're going to navigate all this and end up at a great place, I just don't see it.  I want to, but it's hard.

I bring all this up because this week my youngest son was invited to the High School Graduation Awards Ceremony.  My son was slated for an award of some type, although we didn't know for what, as they like to keep it all a secret so the kids are surprised. In any event, we sat there for a couple hours and watched with awe as over 60 of the graduating seniors were given everything from complete scholarships to prestigious colleges, to recognition awards for extracurricular work.

It was really enjoyable seeing some of these kids being invited on stage and handed 20K dollar awards for high grades, high work ethics and great leadership skills. One young lady earned a fully paid 4 year scholarship, a cash award for 5 grand and a book signing invite from Yale. I had almost thought that the art of being a good student was gone. I was wrong and glad of it. God Bless those kids, they certainly worked very hard versus just going with the social flow. Granted in a graduating class of over 425, I wish there'd been more than 60, but hey, I'll take it. I just have a feeling that there's not enough of these type of great graduates, and a whole lot of very unequipped kids for what lies ahead.
We certainly live in interesting times. Keep your fingers crossed.

The Market...

The spring winds tighter.  Take a look at the DOW chart courtesy of stockcharts.com 

At the beginning of July,  the market rebounded from the Brexit sell off, and soared higher. Then it crept sideways for a couple months. In the Beginning of September it plunged down to a new support level and it again started trading sideways but in a much narrower band. What’s it mean?

When markets go sideways, two things are happening. 90% of all market trading today is done by Algo-bots and these things make their money by buying and selling thousands of times a minute, picking off pennies at a time. But it adds up. So the up and down chop in these trading ranges doesn’t much hurt the high frequency computer traders.

But for the more conventional traders such as pension funds, hedge funds, etc, a long period of sideways begins to create pressures. Just like winding a spring or stretching a rubber band, at some point the pressure has to release. So the only real question is this... at some point this market will bust free of those ranges and set new highs, or...it will plunge through the bottom ranges and consolidate in a big correction. Which one is it going to be?

There is NO question that the market is being supported. See the big tails on the bottom of the candles? That’s where the market has faded and faded during the session, only to see “someone” come in and buy the dip and rescue the day. Look at Friday for instance. At one point the DOW was down 112 points, feeling heavy and headed lower. But then “boom” up it went to end the day down a silly 16 points. Who’s buying?

We have reports that equity funds have seen an OUTflow of money for 5 out of 6 weeks. So it isn’t the so called smart money. That leaves our friends the Bankers. While they don’t appear willing to push us to new highs like they used to, it is evident they will defend the market from falling. At some point however, something has to happen.

November and December are typically very strong.  But this time around we have this silly Election, an election the likes of we’ve never seen. So I have to say that this is a really tough call. I guess it really does come down to the decision by the ECB, the Swiss National bank, the bank of Japan and the Fed’s. If they ever stop supporting this market, it’s going to crash. If they keep printing for ever, they can probably keep it running sideways. 

We took on some FaceBook Friday afternoon as the market was rising. It ended the day up about a buck a share for us. Let’s hope it doesn’t get tossed in our face on Monday. Have a great weekend.

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