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11.27.2016 - Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark

Hillary Wins???
NOTE>> I wrote the following Commentary on Friday morning, knowing I was going to be traveling this weekend.  Since then things have already moved forward, Stein did go ahead and raise the money to recount Wisconsin and it’s looking like they will push for PA and MI too.
When Trump won the election, my very first statement was “this isn’t over”.  For those of you with portfolio’s, you might want to pay attention to this article. Why? Because as I said...the globalist plans that were in place on Monday November 7th, didn’t go away Tuesday Nov. 8th.
There’s a war being raged on several fronts right now. One that is getting very little publicity is that the left;  in their apparent denial of losing the Electoral vote, has gone to great lengths to get this election overturned.  They’ve been threatening electors with murder if they don’t flip their votes to Hillary.  But that’s not the last of it. As we speak, Jill Stein...the leader of the so called Green Party, has been raising money for a ‘recount” of the votes in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.
Follow the plot here, because the left is just loony enough to actually attempt to steal this election back. Heading into the election, all we heard from the major networks was that Russia was hacking and influencing the elections in favor of Trump. Hillary blamed the Wickileaks emails on Russia. They continued to lie and say that they had “proof” It was the Russians doing it. This  despite Wickileaks itself saying it had nothing to do with Russia and it was coming from DNC insiders gone rogue.
So the election goes off, and the three states that Hillary felt were “in her pocket” went to Trump. They were outraged, and stomped their feet. They cursed and yelled. This just couldn’t be possible they screamed.  So in their twisted logic, it must have been the Russians that “fixed” the votes for Trump in those states.  Then they got a handful of liberal computer science people to suggest that the machines had to have been hacked. Over and over the main Stream media keeps pounding the idea that “Hillary won the popular vote, in an attempt to put the thought in everyones ear that “hey, maybe something did take place in those states”. 
Enter Jill Stein. Now you have to remember this is the same woman that said on October 12th that “A vote for Hillary is a vote for War”, and then on the 14th said “Under Hillary Clinton, we could very quickly slide into nuclear war with her declared policy in Syria.”   Well somehow old Jill here went from being afraid of Clinton, to putting up a web site to raise money to “recount” the votes in those states.  They are claiming the machines might have been hacked. So the very real question is... will they actually succeed in petitioning for a recount, and if so...are we sure that the recount wouldn’t be fraudulent? Not only that, but...I wouldn’t put the possibility of them announcing “we’ve found proof of hacking!” after “someone” gets their hands of the machines.  They are Soros machines anyway....
It’s been three weeks since the election. Piles and piles of blank ballots have been laying around unwatched. Who’s to say that they weren’t “filled in?”  Now Jill Stein decides she’s all in for Hillary and sets up a site to raise the amount necessary to call for a recount. Amazingly, after calling for 2 million which she got in HOURS, she then raised it to 4 million, which was almost hit as early as Thursday.
Folks, I’m really hoping that this is just going to fizzle out, but I cannot ignore the “idea” that this has been in the works for a couple weeks now. Once it became clear that threatening the Electors wasn’t going to do it, they’ve now gone a different route. But this one is much more sinister.  What happens if they pull this off? What happens if somehow they “find” an extra couple hundred thousand ballots for Hillary? What happens if some “so called” computer geek says he’s found evidence (that he might have planted) of a hack?  Could they actually pull the win away from Trump?
I’m not sure folks, but it certainly looks like they’re going to try.  Now let’s put our tin foil on for a minute and think about the ramifications.  The market has been soaring on the idea of Trumps tax cutting and infrastructure spending. But Hillary’s idea was RAISING taxes. Just how would the market react to Hillary stealing this election back? Not very well I’d say. I think we’d see a crash.  I think all the post-election gains and then some would go right up in smoke.
Again, I’m not saying this is going to happen. I’m praying it isn’t. But the web site for the donations is real. The push from the left to do anything to take back the Country is real. FOLKS we’ve seen cops shot in the head by people so “distraught” over the election. Do you think they wouldn’t rig a recount??? They certainly would if they could... and they’re trying to get that ability right this very minute. Maybe this will all fizzle out. Maybe calmer heads will prevail. But 4 million was raised in two days to meet the requirements and you know there’s enough people pushing for it.  Pretty darned scary stuff.

Oh and before I sign off, let’s talk about that “popular vote” thing they keep pushing in our face. Now they’re saying Hillary won by 2 million. Okay, I ask a simple question. How many of those votes were done by illegal aliens? We supposedly have 11 -12 million of them in this country. How many people voted twice? We know it’s happened, a few people were actually caught. How many dead people voted?  How many people were bussed from location to location to cast multiple votes?  And of all those I mentioned, how many would have gone to Hillary?  ALL of em. Every one. It’s my bet that among LEGAL US citizens that are registered to vote, Trump won the majority vote.
The Market...
UP. It simply goes up. They have created a low volume “melt up” as they jawbone this market higher on the idea that Trump’s plans will create a money explosion.  Now granted, I said low volume and that’s exactly what we have had.  Take the SPY For example. (the SPY is the ETF that tracks the S&P 500)  November 18th was one of the few “red” days in the last two weeks. Volume was 87,000 shares traded. Then the next day the SPY went up. Volume was 72,000. The next day it went up and the volume was 67,000. The next day it went up and volume was 56,000. Friday capped it off with another big move higher on the SPY....with just 37,000 shares traded.
General thinking  is that you want to see stocks moving higher on increasing volume. That would mean that it’s getting more and more play from more and more people. When the market is going up on low volume, participation is not that great. While “up is up”, we do have to realize that there’s a lot of folks not playing in this party.
This week was supposed to be a big OPEC meeting with non-OPEC nations to try and get a production cut by January to push oil prices higher. Then Saudi Arabia suggested they weren’t going to the meeting because they still wanted to make sure OPEC itself was all on board. So there’ s some question as to whether a deal will be announced or not. I suggest we’ll get “something” even if it’s just jawboning.
Stocks love rising oil. So if they do announce a deal, oil should strengthen and this crazy market melt up could have more legs. If the whole thing is shot to hell... oil might fade, and it could put a dent in this mindless romp higher.  
After that, the next situation is the Dec 14th FOMC meeting where it is pretty much baked in the cake that they’ll announce a rate hike. Since it is expected, it probably won’t do too much damage, but there is always the question of “buy the rumor and sell the news”.  Could it be that we run straight up into that decision, and then the wheels fly off the market for a while? It’s possible.
One thing is certain. Just 14 sessions ago the S&P stood at 2083 barely hanging on to its 50 day moving average. Friday we closed at 2213.  That’s 130 points in 14 trading days. That’s...blistering. That’s 1999 sort of stuff. And no...it can’t go on like that for ever.  It needs to either take a pause, or pull back some. So let’s watch what happens with OPEC, and see how we handle that.
Oh, and don’t forget to keep an eye on this recount thing. While I’m hopeful it is just more of the left stomping its feet, I don’t put anything past them.  Have a great day!

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