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4.19.2017 - Free Investment Newsletter Bookmark

It’s Not Just Syria and N. Korea


I have an elderly mom  whom we keep very close contact with. And for years on end, she’s had a habit of putting on the local news at dinner time, followed by “World news tonight” with David Miur.



I watch these programs with a mixture of horror and cynical laughter. I can excuse the local news as they are just trying to let you know what’s going on in town and around the community. But that disgusting propaganda that spews forth from WNT, is vomit worthy.


It’s bad enough that they have to frame what ever news they’re going to present to you with their agenda behind it. That’s bad enough…but it’s what they don’t show you, that makes me so incensed.  See, if news doesn’t follow their agenda, they simply ignore it.  This is why so many people look at the news we present as so alien to them. They’ve “never heard such a thing” and they’re right. If they don’t go actively looking for it, they’ll never know anything but what the 6 major news outlets jam down their throats.


I titled this “It’s not just Syria and N. Korea” and what I mean by that is the wars that are going on, not just country to country, but people to people, elites to non-elites, corporations to consumers. There’s true war being waged everywhere, and it is getting very ugly.


When the new “meme” was “fake news” the agenda happy elites went crazy with it. Soon enough Facebook was telling you what was fake and what wasn’t. But who was telling them? Outfits like snopes for God’s sake, one of the most fake operations on the net! 


Then it went from them trying to funnel to you what THEY say is news, to throttling your ability to even find an alternative to their “story”. Worse, if what you’re looking for doesn’t follow the liberal left elitist agenda…they don’t want you to find it or see it. We see that censorship in Google and Youtube every day.


Many months ago I told you how youtube had a new program for social justice warriors to flag video’s they think are problematic. If they flagged enough of them and got them shut down, they got reward points and all manner of who-ha trinkets. But they weren’t happy with that, it wasn’t “punishing” the videographers enough. So they decided to de-fund sites they don’t like.


What that means is this…suppose you’re a gun guy, that likes to promote new guns on your video’s, show their spec’s, their capacity, their accuracy, etc.  Well You tube has a situation whereby if you get enough views, they sneak in advertising in your vid’s and the videographer gets a few bucks in payment.


But what if you tube doesn’t like guns? Then they stop the advertising dollars. And, that’s just what they’ve been doing. Many of the gun review video’s have been defunded. But it isn’t just gun related channels… channels that challenge the main stream media’s views on things are being defunded. Channels that try and show the truth versus the propaganda we’re fed are being defunded.


So there’s a war raging between people trying to disseminate the truth, and those that want to feed you their version of the truth. It’s also spreading rapidly. Many of the best channels I like to see, often just “disappear” for a day, a week or for ever. They always use the “terms of service” baloney saying the videographer stepped over the line, but that’s a crock of hooey. They simply pull the plug on the most successful people that do things they don’t want you to see.


Now, who owns you tube? That would be the monopoly called Google, and google makes no bones about being a leftist organization that hates anything that pertains to your first amendment rights. If they don’t like the message that a site is promoting, they do all they can to hide it.  I have personally seen them do it to me on my site. For 9 years I would come up on the first page of a search for --free investing newsletter-- and then one day I put out an article that really bothered the globalists. We explained a lot of the true goals they were shooting for, and we named names, places and dates. The next day that same search was pushed back to page 2. They didn’t like what we had to say.


So we’ve got military war in Afghanistan, Syria, maybe N. Korea, and we have a “truth war” between the globalists and the people that just want the truth. Are there any other wars raging? Have you been to a college lately, or heard what they’re doing?  Check out the war that’s being waged at Berkley for example.


Our Country is at war with itself. The left and right have always disagreed on things, but for the most part it was civil. No more. The gloves have come off, and not surprisingly, it’s the mad cow leftists that have reverted to violence against anyone that doesn’t  think like them. In Berkley, people that were in favor of Trump, were contested by the “Antifa” thugs and it turned into a full blown riot.


Now it’s no secret that our colleges have become sandboxes for privileged kids to be indoctrinated into Socialist/communist ideals. Today’s news reports increasingly feature bizarre, unbelievable stories from America’s colleges. For example, one recent viral video report documented almost 60 Yale students enthusiastically signing a petition to repeal the First Amendment – the part of the Bill of Rights that guarantees their own right to freedom of speech, religion, the press, assembly and, ironically, to petition!


Safe spaces, the calls to banish “White men” from universities, and a hundred other examples of abject weirdness flourish at our supposedly wonderful colleges. But the recent rise of the loose knit group “Antifa” is where things are getting ugly. So what’s an Antifa? Well that’s a good question, because even Wikipedia has no description of it. But that’s okay, the  Urban Dictionary has a pretty good handle on it. They describe it best as….


Short for (militant) anti-fascists.

Middle-class champagne socialist/communist/anarchist white boys who don't like nationalists or fascists. They consider themselves to be rebelling against the establishment, whilst upholding all of its ultra-politically correct views.


Antifa only dislike racism when its carried out by whites, and do not have the bottle to stand up against anti-white racism; leading to many people on the right to refer to them as 'traitors'. I'd rather just call them morons.

Most are teenagers and university students who grow out of the fad when they start paying taxes


While that snarky definition is totally “right on”, it doesn’t really define how nasty things are getting. As these mindless dolts continue to try and disrupt people on the right that have their roots in traditional America…people are going to get hurt.  According to one of their so called spokespersons from their NY hub, this is their stance….


“Antifa combines radical left-wing and anarchist politics, revulsion at racists, sexists, homophobes, anti-Semites, and Islamophobes, with the international anti-fascist culture of taking the streets and physically confronting the brownshirts of white supremacy, whoever they may be.”


Now call me an old dinosaur, but that sounds pretty much like a threat do to physical harm to me if I happen to think that Islamic terrorists should be exterminated. That’s a dangerous move…I’ve trained for years for such things.


I’m sorry folks, but if this Antifa baloney continues to grow, we’re going to have a full blown civil war on our hands. Friends of mine that have kids in college tell me that their kids have to fake being leftist loons for fear of being beaten up if they say anything that can be construed as being right wing.  That sort of thing often builds pressure until it blows up.  Someone’s going to end up dead over all this. Maybe a lot of someone’s.


We’re at war folks.  Militarily, Civilly, culturally. There’s a war on truth, a war on free speech, a war over agenda’s.  You’ll never see on the main stream media a snowflake professor screaming that white men are the problem in this world. You’ll never see David Muir do an in depth review of You Tube killing off right leaning channels. You’ll never see them question Google as to why they’re hiding search results of right leaning sites. You’ll never see him interview Facebook about censoring right leaning content, while allowing “anything goes” on leftist posts.


Their noose of control continues to tighten. It disgusts me to the core.


The Market….


Coming into today, the market had been a textbook case of “chop.”  Monday we came out of the gate soaring higher. There was a collective sigh of relief that nothing had gone “boom” over the weekend, and they came in feeling much better. We ended the day up 185 DOW points.


Tuesday however, some of that shine had worn off. It’s earnings season and Goldman Sachs had just missed earnings and revenues. They beat up on GS quite a bit and it pulled the DOW down a lot. When the final bell rang, we had given back 113 of those 185 points.


So today, the first two big earnings out of the box ‘beat” the estimates and the futures were nice and green heading into the open. Sure enough, it looked like we’d have a green open…but it didn’t last long. While the S&P remained strong, gaining a quick 7 points, the DOW hovered just under the red line. That continued for quite a while, but by noon the DOW had slid a lot, down 60, and even the S&P was up just 2.


From there, it was a long winding strange road. The S&P finally went slightly red in the afternoon and when it was all over, we saw the DOW lose 118 and the S&P give up 4. 


Now, for the DOW watchers, this was a bad day. Today’s close not only puts it well below it’s 50 day moving average, we have just put in the lowest close since February 14th.   If it were to keep falling, there’s truly no support until you get near the 2000 – 2100 level. The S&P isn’t as dire. While it is below its own 50 day, it has at least the support of a recent lower close under it. Maybe that will act as support.


However the issue in this market is that  you get this whacked out feeling that on any day, at any minute, they’ll engineer one of those mindless 200+ point romps higher that takes your breath away. They have had multiple days where it would have been very easy to just let the market roll over and croak…but they haven’t allowed that. We’ve been in a controlled sideways and down pattern since March 1.


Never short a dull market comes to mind. It’s an old adage and a good one. Just about the time you think “okay this pig is roasted” and go short, they manufacture that monster blast higher, tossing it right back in your face.


NOTE>> As I’m typing this at 4:27 PM, Tillerson is on TV talking tough about Iran now. It was pretty tough talk, and I’m sure the market’s not going to enjoy it.


For weeks on end I’ve been talking about the market feeling “heavy”… and sideways and eroding lower is in fact heavy. For weeks we’ve been taking on small positions, and taking profits quickly…considering how many times we see “pops and drops”.  Until this market either rolls over for real, OR…retakes its 50 day moving averages, I suggest you remain cautious here.


Folks, let me wrap this up like this…The data is eroding. Retail sales were soft, PMI’s missed, housing starts fell, auto sales are cooling, GDP has been revised down to almost nothing, earnings are mixed, and companies are missing even with “adjusted” earnings which are already doctored up.  There’s a lot of reasons to think we’re going lower and only one reason it won’t…that being if the Central banks work with Wall street to keep it up.  That should at least get your attention. 

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