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By Design
The other day I posted an article penned by Paul Craig Roberts. In his article, he was talking about why the nation’s so broke, yet we can be at war for 16 years, spending untold trillions, toppling nations, and for what?   It was a decent article, as far as pointing out the fact that we’re knee deep in all these expensive wars, but with no truly justifiable outcome.  If you haven’t seen it, go to his site, and read the June 29th article.

But the problem I have with a guy like PCR is that he points to a lot of facts, and then asks “why don’t the American people, the media and the Congress ask about the purpose of all these wars, most of them based on lies?”  Well Paul, the problem is, 1) there is no truthful media, they’re owned. 2) Congress? Owned. 3) The American people? What they hell are they going to do? Vote? That’s the joke of the century. If voting mattered, they wouldn’t let us do it.
Have any of you ever listened to Vlad Putin during any of the world conferences? He lays it out time and time again. Recently he said something incredibly telling. Basically he said that “Isn’t it funny how Candidates run for office, promising to do things and then once elected, they don’t do what they said they’d do?”  But then it gets “real.”  He said “That’s because men, men dressed in black suits pays a visit and soon the President is doing exactly what was going on before.”
Bingo. Yahtzee. Yes folks, there’s no sense in PCR asking “why” do we do these things. Because it’s the plan. The military/Industrial complex, in cahoots with the globalist elites, simply runs the place.  Remember it was way back in 1961 that President Eisenhower muttered these words:
"In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists, and will persist."

Let’s take the “refugee” problem for a minute. PCR asks why we would bomb these Middle East nations, creating a major immigration problem through Europe, as they flee their countries.  Sorry, that’s what it looks like on the surface. But in reality, it’s simply more of the Brussels plan.
See the fact is that the globalist elitist mindset is so twisted, most people cannot believe it could be true. But yes indeed, it most certainly is. They envision a world with no borders. A world of no diversity. Everyone equal. No more whites, no more blacks, just a homogenous “brown” population. Instead of a normal “Europe” which consisted of many various cultures and languages, they introduced the “European union” and the Euro, to take down the borders. One single currency. Next is language and then in their dreams, enough interracial coupling that in a few generations, no more races. Just one single homogenous “brownish” population.
Too incredible to believe, you say? Get over it.  I’m only walking around the fringes here. In the banker’s elitist wet dream, the world has one Government based out of Brussels. It has no borders, because there’s no difference in nations. There’s either no, or there’s just one religion. The one they “approve”.  People are to be urged to “blend” via reproduction.  No more Mexicans, no more Swedish. No, more Africans. Just “people of earth”
Take a peek at the bulk of these so called refugee’s. 80% are young males, 18 to maybe 30. What did they do, leave their wives and kids behind? No. They’re encouraged to come, and to breed and to destroy. Destroy? You bet. All the norms of civil society that we all love, have to be destroyed so that they can push further with their agenda of recreating their ultimate utopia.
I know that all sounds like science fiction, but unfortunately it is indeed as real as my balding head. Sweden’s top police chief says that there’s now 60 ‘no go” areas, and that he can no longer promise to keep people safe in over 30 towns. Including STOCKHOLM!  France has been turned into a ghetto. They’re putting a glass fence around the Eiffel tower, to keep migrants from sleeping and urinating there.
When the heads of these states see this, and still tells the people to just continue with compassion and welcome these animals, do you think that’s because they’re compassionate? Forget it. It’s not compassion it’s the “plan”. All respected norm’s have to come down. It’s so sickening it’s hard to fathom. But it is... what it is.
The Constant drumbeat of wars. The Constant toppling of nations that don’t toe the line. The incessant dumbing down of our kids. The PC culture, the Social justice warriors, the push for shaming “white privilege”, Antifa thugs,  lying media,  and a hundred other issues, are NOT unrelated. It would seem that there would be no connection between topics like that, but if you continue to connect the dots, a picture emerges. There’s a plan behind all this nonsense. A plan hidden in plain sight.
So while we can all bemoan the 150 billion a year it takes just to keep our 800+ military installations around the world running, and we can wish that the trillions spent on bombs and missiles and nuclear subs was instead spent on new roads, airports, bridges, tunnels, rails, parks, hospitals, etc... the “problem” is much deeper than that, and frankly...not solvable. Not that I can see.
People with no knowledge of history are taking down Confederate statues and monuments because they think it’s racist. Canada passed a law last Thursday making it illegal to use the wrong gender pronouns. Critics say that Canadians who do not subscribe to progressive gender theory could be accused of hate crimes, jailed, fined, and made to take anti-bias training.
Canada’s Senate passed Bill C-16, which puts “gender identity” and “gender expression” into both the country’s Human Rights Code, as well as the hate crime category of its Criminal Code by a vote of 67-11, according to LifeSiteNews.
So if you happen to use the wrong label for some version of gender fluidity, of which there’s like 71 of them now, such as: Gender Fluid, Gender Nonconforming, Gender Questioning, Gender Variant, Genderqueer, Intersex, Male to Female, MTF, Neither, Neutrois, Non-binary, Pangender, Trans, Queer, Cisgender, Polygender, etc... you can be fined and jailed for using the wrong label.
But wait, it gets better. They also recently passed Bill 89. In that one, if a parent doesn’t go along with their kids “gender fluidity or identity, the state has the power to take that child away”.  So if you’re kid wakes up one day and says, “Yeah, I was a girl yesterday, but now I’m a boy.” And you say “no dear, you’re not” the authorities can legally bust into your home (literally) and take the child into “protection”.
Again, I ask you. Do you really believe that laws like these are the product of good hard working people of high intelligence, making the right rules for society? Or is there an agenda behind it?  I think this guy’s got it about right:
Jack Fonseca, senior political strategist for the Campaign for Life Coalition noted that “with the passage of Bill 89, we’ve entered an era of totalitarian power by the state, such as never witnessed before in Canada’s history,” and that the new law is a “threat” to people of faith.
Oh there’s that “faith” thing. Has anyone noticed but me that you can do any damn thing you want to Christians, but say the slightest and I mean slightest thing about other so called religions and you’re instantly in hot water. Oh yeah, that. You think that’s by accident or design?? 
See Mr. Paul Craig Roberts, it’s not just the incessant wars. That’s just one part of the gigantic puzzle. It’s the race war, it’s the social justice warriors, it’s binary bathrooms, it’s letting 3 year old kids chose their gender, it’s  Insane Central bankers, it’s the abolition of borders and nationalities, it’s the dumbing down of our school kids, it’s common core, it’s the war against Christianity, it’s all that and more and No it didn’t just “show up” out of the blue. All of it is planned and fomented and led by people with agenda’s.
The people see it. That’s why Trump got elected. He said ALL the right things about all the hot buttons. They were ( are) praying he’s the guy that’s going to put an end to the wars, the swamp and the over the top BS we see every day. Will he? Can he? Would he be allowed to?  Time’s going to tell. Let’s talk about him next week.
The Market...

“What ever this is, we’re in it...” is a statement I’ve made a couple times in the last month. What I mean by that is;  the organized push to get equities ever higher, has gone on for many years now, and we appear to be in the final phase of it.  
You all know my stance. This market rise has not been the result of a strongly expanding economy. It has not been on the heels of unbridled Corporate growth. It has not been because of wildly improving fundamentals. No, it’s been on the back of Central bank printing of money, here and abroad. Oh, and toss in the FACT that some central banks ( probably all) are actually buying individual stocks and corporate bonds. 
THAT is the reason this market has gone up in the face of stagnant wages, 1% GDP that are probably “really” negative, lousy retail sales, lousy durable goods, part time employment, and the host of other ills we face. 
Well, that tide is about to turn. As weird as it sounds, the elitists at the very top of the food chain always toss out hints concerning what they want their minions to do, and recently the biggest of them all, the Bank of International Settlements ( BIS) has been hinting that the QE and the money printing has gone on too long and things are too out of  balance. They’re “suggesting” that Central banks start to reign in their excess.
See, there’s a difference. In the past the BIS has warned about the excesses and how we might be entering a time of financial instability, and possibly an untoward situation where something blows up.  They offer those warnings at the very same time they’re pushing their member Central banks to keep the spigots open. That way if something bad does happen, they can point to their recent articles and say ‘See! We warned you all that something bad could happen and it did! Not our fault!”
But this time it’s different. They’re not warning about blowing up, they’re actually “telling” the member banks that “okay it’s time to slow this train down, and cut back balance sheets”.   This is why the Fed’s are beginning to talk about “normalizing” their balance sheet and hiking rates. This is why Draghi has dropped some mentions about reducing QE in Europe.
The Central banks rule the world. Not fund managers, not hedge funds, not even politicians if we want to get basic.  The Central banks decided in 2008-09 that since they can’t fix economies they’d rig asset markets and send them flying, hoping that as the rich got richer it would trickle down and everyone would spend more. It hasn’t really worked. Now they’re deciding that they’ve pushed things too far and yes, there’s going to be some bumps and bruises, but they have to do it.
That’s a tidal wave of change folks. And, it comes at a time where stocks are flirting with all time highs. So, what ever this last inning is, we’re in it. Now, here’s the important question. Do we see one last gasp, pile in at any cost, scream higher and then go “poof”, or do we see the market slowly start to roll over as last minute people still try and get in, while “smart” money is slowly getting out? 
I could see it both ways. One last hurrah run that ends in a silent gasp as we hit one more all time high and then it’s over, or that this coming earnings season simply opens the door to more and more profit taking that leads to a correction. Either way, what ever we’re in, that we happen to be in...is indeed the final stage. I just don’t know if it ends next week, or in a few months. What I do know is that if the Central banks want the market higher, we could hit DOW 50K. If they don’t, it will simply fall. It’s that simple.
Earnings seasons have indeed marked tops and bottoms in market history. Is it possible that after this earnings season winds up, it finally starts the long awaited correction that we haven’t had in 3 years? I think it is. If the Central banks push to curb QE and earnings aren’t as stellar as we’ve been told, we might finally see a meaningful pullback.
Oh and by the way, just so you know... on Friday we got the jobs report. The headline number was 222K people got jobs in June. But as usual there’s problems. Over 30K of those jobs came from Government, not the private sector. Secondly, the BLS’s “Birth/death” model injected 102K jobs into the report. Phantom jobs. Jobs that most likely do not exist. Once again, they’re simply fiddling with numbers folks.

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