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10.8.2017 - Free Investing Newsletter Bookmark

Shooting;  One Week Later
Well folks, it’s been a week + since the Vegas shooting, and the story gets stranger by the moment. If you read my letter last Sunday, then you know I don’t believe for a single second the “official” narrative that’s been set down. One lone gunman from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay bay hotel did NOT pull this off.
I’ve gotten a ton of email from people who have been doing their own sleuthing on this disaster and the more we see, the more we know that this situation was NOT what we’re being told.

Before I get into my own theories about what this was all about, I need you all to take a look at a short 7 second video.  Pay attention to the lower left hand corner of the video.

What did you see? You see what appears to be a man in a white security jacket whip out a rifle and start spraying the crowd. 
Or take a peek at this one, where a young woman is being interviewed and she says that multiple shooters were “herding” people into groups and mowing them down:

If you take the time to look hard enough there are dozens of these video’s and testimonials across the web. Yet the main stream media is sticking with the one shooter - lone wolf baloney.
So, what did happen?   Unfortunately I can’t say for sure, since who ever is really behind this wants it kept secret. But we can definitely say 1) what didn’t happen and we can 2) take guesses at motives and set up.
Vegas is a funny place. If you sit there and count cards, they’ll find you and escort you out in mere minutes. Yet we see no video of this guy. We know via the valet that he was in that hotel 3 days before the official date. We know from room service that he was ordering two dinners at a time, suggesting he was with someone.  We’re told that this guy shot off something like 2000-3000 rounds of ammo, yet there’s no picture of shell casings showing the floor covered in them.
We’re told that he was a successful gambler, winning big at Video poker, etc. Really? This supposed multi millionaire with two planes is also lucky enough to make hundreds of thousands playing video slots? Yeah, right.
I could go on and on with this. Folks, the world is being lied to. Unfortunately the mass public still gets its information from the main stream, and as I’ve pointed out so many times they’re compromised and “owned”. They will tell the narrative they’ve been told to report. Nothing more.  I even got an email from someone bashing me for suggesting that people would allow 500 fellow citizens to be shot just to advance an agenda. I suppose that gent truly believes 9/11 was orchestrated by a dead guy in a cave in Afghanistan, by 19 people with box cutters.
So what’s my main guess here? I think our patsy was an arms dealer. I don’t think he made his money in real estate, I think he was running guns to criminal enterprises and maybe even ISIS. I think the FBI knew all about him and was working with him. (think fast and furious) I think he was taking his weapons profits and LAUNDERING it through the Casino’s via the video slots and table games.
I think the reason he had so many weapons in his room ( if the number is even correct) is because he was set up to make a gun sale. I don’t think he had a clue that he was going to be sacrificed as the lone shooter in a mass killing.
I think that he believed he was going to make a small fortune selling illegal weapons to “someone” and didn’t realize that he was going to be set up as the perp behind the mass shooting. Shortly before the “real” shooters began their killing spree at the concert, I think our patsy was shot and his room set up to look like he was the lone shooter. ( poorly done by the way. Where’s all the brass? What good is a photo of an AR with a Bi-pod when this guy was shooting “down?”  etc. )
So our “patsy” was an unwitting player in a bigger agenda. He thought he was going to make some more gambling money, possibly buy more weapons and make bigger sales. Instead he was set up to take the fall and die, for the bigger operation that was in play.
That’s my take so far on him. But it still leaves the question, what was the real purpose of the event? I asked the simple question last week. Was this staged to derail the “suppressor” bill working through Congress? As we know, the reason so many guns were sold ahead of the Election was because everyone was convinced that if Hillary won, we’d have most of our gun rights stripped away. Just because she didn’t win, do you think the anti-gun globalists simply stopped pushing their agenda? Please.  So, what did she have to say the day after the shooting? This:
Hillary Clinton-
"The crowd fled at the sound of gunshots. Imagine the deaths if the shooter had a silencer, which the NRA wants to make easier to get," she tweeted Monday morning.
She wrote later, "Our grief isn't enough. We can and must put politics aside, stand up to the NRA, and work together to try to stop this from happening again."
Coincidence? Opportunist? You tell me. The FBI tells us they can’t find a motive for this guy shooting everyone up. He didn’t have a motive to do that, he was selling guns. My question is what is the motive behind the people that really pulled this off? 
The only one that makes sense is this: a crowd of country music fans probably has a high percentage of Trump supporters. They’re probably patriotic. They’re probably gun owners that love the 2nd amendment. What could raise more voices for gun control than to have guns mow down 500 innocent people that just happen to like guns? Oh and not just any old guns. “guns modified by over the counter products to act like full auto weapons”.
There is no other motive that fits. The left hates Trump. They’re still playing the “Russia collusion” game 9 months later. They’re still calling for impeachment. Well Trump is a 2nd amendment guy. As they continue their quest to get him out of office, you know they’re going to hammer him relentlessly if he doesn’t cave into more gun control laws. They’ll be on CNN talking about how Trump actually helped this happen, and he’s a friend of killers.
Democrat Feinstein wasn’t about to let a crisis go without pushing her agenda. These poor victims weren’t even cold yet and she was stumping about banning a ton of weapon accessories. They will turn the screws on Trump. “Mr. Trump do you think high capacity magazines, suppressors, and bump fire stocks should be banned?” If he says no, they’re crucify him. If he says yes, they’ve won the first of what will be many more battles to disarm the US.  Oh and yes, they would kill 500, hell they’d kill 2000 to get their agenda’s passed.  This was a political operation and guns and thwarting Trump are the agenda.  I’m sorry if you can’t see that.
The Market:
More up. Except for Friday taking a breather and ending the day statistically flat, this past week was another upward surge higher.  People ask me all the time “Bob, what the hell is going on in the market??” and I reply the same. “They’re building bubbles. There’s an end game involved here that for some reason necessitates them pumping up assets to ridiculous heights. And no, I’m not positive that I know which of the 3 or so plots they’re following”
The easy answer to all this is that Central Banks have printed mega-trillions and a lot of those trillions don’t make it to the masses, it goes to the 1% and the stock market. Okay fine, we get that. But then you have to ask, “do they know that if they slow or stop the printing the entire world crashes?”  That’s very possible and could be the reason they just continue to let this happen.
But there’s a lot of moving parts to a global economy and there’s all sorts of moves being made. The new “silk road” in Asia, Russia signing deals with The Saudi’s, China announcing they’ll buy oil for yuan’s, etc. It’s almost like they’re allowing the market bubbles to continue, until all the players have their plans in place.
Now we have seasonality to contemplate along with the elite’s agendas. Coming into the final months of 2017, fund managers that doubted this market are going to face a dilemma. If they’re lagging badly, they’re going to want to try and make up for their underperformance, and simply “jump in”. So there’s a chance that this bubble rally will simply keep levitating right on into the end of the year.
Obviously I don’t like this market. I’m old school, a dinosaur. I learned to invest by reading balance sheets and determining who was strong and who was not. But this market is a QE driven ponzi scheme. Fundamentals don’t count. That scares me, because all scams and schemes come to an end eventually.
But we continue to lean long and go with it. Yes we’re using smaller position sizes and yes we often take profits too early, but you’ll never go broke taking profits. NOTE>> Take a look at COST.  This is a PERFECT example of why we don’t hold stocks over their earnings report. We bought COST a couple weeks back hoping for a run into earnings and they did nicely for us. But even reporting earnings that beat on the top and bottom lines, COST was beaten down by 10 bucks as investors worry over the Amazon effect. 
Be long, but be cautious. It’s still working. 

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