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10.18.2017 - Kimchi? Bookmark

Hi all!  Today's commentary is way off the beaten path. On Sunday I was exchanging recipes with a friend of ours and she asked me if I knew anyone that made their own Kimchi ( the National food of Korea).  I said yes indeed, I've been making it for years and sent her my recipe. Then it dawned on me that I haven't put a recipe in any of our letters....ever? Well, if I did it was a long long time ago. 


So the general commentary is about the benefits of this incredible fermented food. The Market commentary is about the insatiable rise in the market as we gained yet another 160 points on the DOW today. Yes IBM was responsible for 100 of them, but the average person doesn't know that. We are now firmly over DOW 23,000. Amazing but true. 


As you can see, today's letter is a fun mix. Give it a read and hey, go make yourself some Kimchi, it's great stuff!

And as always, our letter is completely free to read. 

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