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11.29.2017 - Free Investing Newsletter Bookmark

What Do I know?


The other day I published a story, along with a link that would take you to a page where you could see one of the biggest heists of all time. It’s the story of how Leader Technologies created the code that allowed for things like the social media platforms to exist. And yet the technology was stolen.



I had waited for a long time for that story to gel, because when it comes to Facebook, everyone for years thought that it was Mark Zuckerberg who cracked the code and created the ability for unlimited scaling between users. But it wasn’t. however, as much as I’ve told people this, they look at me and say things like “Yeah, like you know that?”  Well I did know that. For years I knew that. But who’d listen?


Which brings up a very sticky question. What am I at liberty to share with you guys?  On the surface that seems simple right? If I know of some skullduggery, and I know it to be fact, I should share it, right? Well, not so fast. Because if what I know is big enough, and “they” don’t like the idea that I’m shining light on it, they might just want to shut me off. Literally.


Some of you might be rolling your eyes, figuring I’m injecting too much drama in this. But, I’m not. The fact is that I know things that I don’t share with you all because I don’t want to get shut down. That’s web site, newsletters and “me”.


Look at what you-tube has been doing to anyone connected with just the right. They’re demonetizing them, putting blocks on their content, shutting them down, etc. That’s just for arguing against some of the insanity of the left. What do you think happens when the Military/industrial complex gets outed about things? What do you suppose happens when you suggest the names of people that might be stealing high tech insider information and selling it to foreign nations? They don’t just shut down web sites. They shut down people.


I walk a fine line in this publication. It’s one thing to say that our entire banking system is manipulated and full of fraud. That’s an easy one and isn’t going to make you wake up dead one day. Why? Because it’s main stream news. The major banks have paid  billions in fines for manipulating libor rates, currency rates, etc. Hell Well’s Fargo was creating a million fake customer accounts and charging people fee’s!!  So that’s the easy stuff, even though some media won’t cover it.


It’s easy to say the COMEX is a criminal operation, because despite handing the so called “cops” that are supposed to investigate frauds and manipulations, perfect examples of illegal activity, they consistently say that their investigations provided no proof of any of that activity. So, again, an easy target.


It’s easy to pick on politicians, they’re low hanging fruit. Most of them are only in politics because they’re corrupt. So there’s no backlash there. Again however, that’s just the easy pickin’s. 


Over the 22 years that I’ve been putting out these letters, a ton of things that I knew as fact, was dismissed as conspiracy nut stuff. Until it was proven to be true. I don’t have any sort of list or anything sitting in front of me of all the things I put out that sounded insane, that proved out to be fact, but let’s say, it’s been a lot. And yet none of it really made me feel uncomfortable.


See, I know people that have put out “dirt” on the elites that have been hounded. They’ve been harassed. They’ve had the IRS up their butts. They’ve been pushed to the brink. Some fled the country.  Do I want to do that? Nope. I have a family.


I will continue to walk the line I’m comfy with, exposing what I think is important to you all, and trying to expand your understanding of this crazy world we live in. Just understand that there’s “places I won’t go”. Not because I don’t know of it, it’s simply not worth it.


I just wanted to mention all this because after the post about Zuckerburg and Facebook being stolen, a couple people wrote in to say “You probably know more than you’re letting on, right?” Yep. And it has to stay that way.  Thanks for understanding!


The Market:


Wow what a wild ride it’s been. 255 points on the DOW on Tuesday, another 100 on Wednesday. Someone might think that everything is great and that prices are reasonable and there’s bargains galore.


However that’s not really the fact. By any way you measure it, the P/E ratio for the Russell 2000 is, get this, drum roll… 680. Yes that’s not a misprint. Evidently pushing the Russell to new highs every day because we “might” get some form of tax cuts is reason to send it to nosebleed values.


This is a bubble, and the only other one that I’ve seen that even remotely compares is the 1997 – 1999 NASDAQ bubble. However this one is much much much bigger. This isn’t just the technology stocks as we saw in the 90’s. No, this is the small caps, the mid caps, the big caps. This is technology and banking and industrials. It’s everything.


Interestingly however the techs didn’t play along today. In fact, some of the chip stocks really got mashed.  AMAT was down 4 bucks. MU was down 4 bucks.  The high flying FANG stocks like FB was down 7, amazon down 32 and so on. So, we had a day where the DOW gained 100 and the best of the best winning tech, literally puked.


This is a very funky market folks. Bitcoin was over 11,000 dollars and crashed to 8500 before bouncing back to 9500. The DOW was up 100, fell to just 50 and ran back to 100. This is insanity.  But, when you catch the right stock and make the trade it can be fun. We took 5 dollars a share on NTNX for just a 4 day hold. We’ve taken 2 and 3 dollar gains on others in like time.


Lean long and keep those fingers near the sell button. It’s the only thing we know of other than holding your nose, and buying the SPY or DIA’s.  Good luck and we’ll see you all on Sunday!

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