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12.13.2017 - The Home Invasion Bookmark

Hello Folks, the Wednesday edition of the free investing newsletter is posted. In the commentary tonight, I respond to some email's that I got concerning how to defend yourself against a home invasion. As the question was asked "If my guns in a safe, yet in an invasion I need it immediately, whats the best thing to do? 

It's a great question and we go over an idea that most haven't thought of. Then, in the market commentary we talk about the Feds, and the rate hike we just got. In more normal times the market would vomit all over after a rate hike. But in this wacky year, they rewarded the announcement with a 140 point DOW rise!  Yes we closed well off of that, but you get the drift. They didn't much care. 

so we talk about the market and it's ambitions for the end of the year. 

Give it a read, it's free and it's pretty good stuff. 

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