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So, It’s 2018 Now


It’s Monday morning. Right this moment, things don’t feel a lot different than yesterday morning and yet the calendar tells me that it is a “new year”.  Since I didn’t go out and party on New Years Eve, I’m not terribly tired nor hung over. That’s a blessing.  So, what does this thing called 2018 have in store for us?

A lot I imagine.



There are some things that we can feel fairly confident about “predicting.”  Take for instance the rapid development of AI, and robots. That trend is firmly in place and I have a hunch that 2018 is going to bring us all manner of news about newer and better robots, better software, more integration between humans and machines. I feel this is unstoppable.


Yet it’s full “effects” won’t truly be known in the present. It’s one thing where during the Industrial revolution a machine could replace the labor of 20 people, it is something completely different when a machine can now replace the intellectual capacity of the labor “bosses” too. We’re going to enter a period of great moral debate. Should humans be paid 15 dollars an hour to do the work that a robot can do for “free?” Are the latest inventions in “Sex-bots” going to rewrite thousands of years of human interaction, as these silicone “people” with artificial brains begin to invade the bedroom?


I tend to think that there’s going to be a social “push-back” to the “over the top” push at the most left of Universities concerning such things as “gender names” and how apparently being white is the worst thing that ever happened to humans. I also think that the lunacy of having a male declare that he’s a female, and then dominate women’s weight lifting and wrestling, is going to be challenged. For the most part, normal people are afraid to speak up, for fear of being labeled some form of homophobe, or racist, or God knows what. But it’s “crap like that” which helped Trump get elected in the first place. It’s a long way down a lonely road, but at some point everyone has “had enough” and pushes back. I think it’s coming.


I think there’s going to be a lot of pushback against the “migrant” situation in Europe. While the elites dream of one huge homogenous “brown” citizenry as whites mate with African blacks, the pain and crime induced throughout areas like Germany, are like so many other things. The people have “had enough” and when they finally snap and push back, it could get ugly.


I have reason to believe that 2018 has the ability to find the US in a real shooting war. One would suspect it would be against North Korea, however the recent uprisings in Iran also fit the bill nicely. One mistake that people make about the US is that we promote peace around the world. Nothing could be further from the truth. The US is in the war business, and always has been. We always need a bogey-man to create a need for more bombs and missiles and aircraft. When there’s not one handy, we manufacture one.


Right now, with the populace uprising in Iran, we see all the big politicians saying that they’re “standing with the fine people of Iran for human rights.” Well that’s the same BS Hillary and Obama spewed about the people of Libya and how we had to stand with them. That led to the overthrow of Gadhafi.  Could we be looking at US intervention in Iran now? Count on it.


Speaking of war, the war between the Democrats and this “Trump guy” will not stop. I made that prediction in November of 2016 and I’d say I got that one right. The biggest question of all however, is still not answered. Why was Trump allowed to be President in the first place? I don’t say that in jest, our Presidents are selected, not elected.


There’s a “machine” behind the curtain. This isn’t conspiracy, this is the swamp. The evil, ugly, elitist cabal that’s run the world for decades into centuries. You know the names as Rothschilds and Astor’s and Rockefellers. There’s many more you’ve not heard of. But it is those of great money and power that collude to control how this world works, and of course it truly starts with the IMF, the BIS, the worlds central banks, and of course the Military/industrial complex.


Those people decide which puppet they’ll allow the US to have as a President. Yet we got this Trump guy, not Hillary, the obvious shoe in. How did that happen? My best guess is that they said Hillary was “so” damaged,  had so much baggage and in such bad physical shape, after the “Email scandal,”   that they “let” the people elect Trump, with the idea they’d get him impeached within months  with fake Russian collusion baloney. That would give them Pence, a guy they figure they could work with.


It didn’t work. The Russian stuff is a nothingburger, and in fact has exposed the Swamp creatures as being the real villains here. Their plan to impeach him “for the good of the country” has backfired on them. They will not stop the attacks however.


Yet Trump is an enigma. He talked of draining the swamp, and then surrounded himself with Wall street elites. Yet he said he’d cut regulations, and has. He’s pounded the main Stream media relentlessly. Some think that’s some form of “plan” by the elites themselves, yet it makes no sense. If the elites and the power brokers own the media, and they do, then why would you put someone in place to call them out on everything they report?  Why would it be a good plan to have the President of the US calling our major reporting agencies the “fake news press?”  Wouldn’t that make the press look pretty silly in the eyes of foreign nations? Indeed, and it has. Surely the elites didn’t want that, because if they did, they’re stupid. 


They control the masses via the Press. Bringing the fire power of a President to expose them as liars and fakes, just doesn’t make sense, no matter how many layers of 3-D you employ.  Think about it. Let’s say the media pushes an agenda that’s a lie. Trump goes after them as pushing “fake news”. Even if you hate Trump, but took the time to look for the truth on that matter, once you found it you’d have to agree, that the press was pushing fake news. How does that help the elites? It doesn’t.


So we’ve got a conundrum. Trump is doing a lot of things that the elites love, yet he’s doing things they hate too. He’s rocking the old boy network in some areas and making it stronger in others.  The one’s getting rocked are not going to go away. Expect more fighting in 2018.


There was indeed a shooting event in Las Vegas this year. Yet here we are months later and it’s not even in the news. The official lines of communication are dead on the subject. What was that all about, and why aren’t we told the truth? Wait, I have a better question, will 2018 bring us more in the way of false flag attacks?  I think it just might.


Bitcoin and the 1000 other crypto-currencies took center stage in 2017. People dumped their gold and silver holdings, to buy something that they can’t see, touch, taste or feel. Yet buy it they did, in hordes. Was it really invented by some reclusive Japanese guy, to bring harmony to the people and get then away from the horrors of banking? Or, was it really the defense people and the very bankers themselves that launched these things, as a way to “herd” people into the idea that digital currency is fine, and there’s more coming?  I’ll take door number 2 on that one.


They want a cashless society. They’ve wanted it for 40 years and we’re awful close to it. Using the public as Guiney pigs with bitcoin, so they can iron out the wrinkles, the IMF is working hard to develop blockchain digital SDR’s. Their ultimate wet dream is a world with no money, where every transaction is digital. The mark of the beast if there ever was one.  Watch for more and more “acceptance” of digital currency in 2018. They have to get everyone comfortable with it, so you’ll see more institutions using it, more things you can buy with it.


The stock market is the single toughest item to make any sort of prediction about. Why? Because its rise has not been organic. In years past, you could get a pretty good read on the market’s ability to rise or fall, based on some good economic sleuthing. But that’s all over the bridge now. In 2017 alone, the Central banks of the world printed up and injected over 2.1 TRILLION dollars into the systems. Untold gobs of that money went right into equities.


So, you could make it as easy as this “as long as the Central banks keep printing, the market will continue to rise”.  I think that’s a true statement. But there’s a bit of a wrinkle. Our Fed’s have started to work DOWN their balance sheet and they’re hiking interest rates. So, will the other CB’s take over the Fed’s printing duties and thus keep things going, or, will the air start to come out of this market in a “controlled demolition?”  


It’s a really good question, because one thing I’m very certain about. IF and it’s a big if, the Central banks stop their insane printing, the entire world will enter a recession of fairly epic proportions.  Is that in the plans somewhere? Is a major rug pull the catalyst they’ll use to usher in their digital SDR’s and push us toward digital currency?  I don’t know, but it is certainly possible.


Stocks have run much more than what you can call normal. Now coming into 2018 are some fund managers going to “lighten up” and not try and be “pigs”, or are they simply going to keep fueling the beast?  I can make the case that we see some profit taking for sure. But, January also tends to get new infusions of cash, so another push higher which is called the “January effect” is still possible.


I’m going to probably be wrong, but I think we see some of the air  leak out of this market in January. We were so strong in December, that there’s “no dip to buy”, and thus I figure they’ll book some profits and then recalculate what they’re going to do.  But what I do think will happen, is that we end the year a bit lower than we start it. Yes you read that right. A negative year.


Perish the thought! Yeah, I know. It sounds unbelievable. But we’re certainly overdue for a flush out and if we do get war, or they foment some kind of false flag attack before the mid term elections, we could finally see the long overdue correction come to pass.


It’s going to be a lot of fun watching all this unfold folks. Happy New year.


The Market:


The first trading day of the new year was a big one. There was some worry that after the blistering run of 2017, some funds might come into the new year and “take some profits” which means “sell” and we’d see a red market. Ha. Those fears were quickly put to bed as the DOW gained 100 points quickly.

Then today, there was something like 50 major upgrades put out by the institutions, and ones like the upgrade to a buy on IBM and UTX had the DOW moving higher right out of the gate. 


But before we go any further with that, I want to take a minute to talk to all the folks that followed us into the “pot” stocks.  Back on September 25th, we put out a letter to our paying members, discussing the pot stocks and the one’s I’d be interested in buying. Now I’m starting to get some Emails asking “what do I do with them now?”  The reason? Some are up 100%. Some over 200%. Some, more.


We took on ACBFF at $2.35. At 10:30 this morning it was 11.30. We took on MEDFF at $7.40.  This morning it just missed 25.00.  we took on CBWTF at .68 cents. It was flirting with $2.00.


So, for those of you asking “What do I do with them?” Remember, I’m not a broker. I can’t give investing advice. All I can do is give opinions about what I’d do. For a hint, remember the AG options. We were trying to hit another incredible home run, and turned 19K into 240K in 8 months. Then gave it all back, doubling down on it. Don’t do that.


I like the idea of selling a bit of my positions. If I take half off and pocket the profits, I still have half in play that I can let ride for a long time and “hope” for more. But at least I have the profit of the first half the position. So if  I had 1000 shares, is it wrong to sell 500 and let the other 500 run? I think it’s a wise strategy.


Okay, so the first two days of the new year have been monster up days as the fundies are pouring new year money into anything that looks like a stock. If it’s got good news, the stock soars big time, if it has no news it goes up and if the news is bad, it sits there.


Another issue we have is our SPY and DIA call options. Back in the fall we bought some call options “Just in case” the market continued it’s seemingly endless run, and boy have they paid off.  The SPY January 19th 240 calls we bought at 10.91 are now 29.50. With just a couple weeks left for them to play out, if we see ANY weakness, we’ll dump them and take the almost 300% gains.

The DIA’s we bought much later, but even those, which we got at  5.65 for the 240’s are trading at 9.40. So like the SPY’s, if they weaken we’ll sell out and take the profits.


It “feels like” the market still has some up left. Generally in a new year, if they’re going to sell it happens in the first 6 weeks, so it’s still possible they rug pull this, but so far they still want “in”.  Leaning long with a nervous finger near the sell button is about all we can do. Good luck out there!

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