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3.18.2018 -Free Investing Newsletter Bookmark

2018 Elections?


A couple weeks ago I was talking about the increased censorship we were seeing from Google and Facebook and YouTube. It was getting really ugly, and anyone with a Christian, or alternative news outlet was getting blocked and shut down.  Now, that wasn’t terribly surprising to me, because about a year ago I wrote about Youtube setting up a “tattle tale” operation, actually rewarding people who shut down the most sites for “inappropriate’ language.



But of course the question was, according to whom? What might be inappropriate to you, might be just my cup of tea. Isn’t that the idea of free speech, you can listen to anyone you want and make up your own mind? Well that doesn’t fly in the globalist elite echelons of Google and the lunatic left. No, if you question Antifa, or Leftist agendas, or question anything the left does, that’s offensive speech according to them.


Well now they’re not even trying to hide it. YouTube has announced that they are going to target “conspiracy” videos.  This is from Wired:


AFTER THE MASS shooting in Parkland, Florida, in February, the top trending video on YouTube wasn’t a news clip about the tragedy, but a conspiracy theory video suggesting survivor David Hogg was an actor. The video garnered 200,000 views before YouTube removed it from its platform. Until now, the company hasn’t said much about how it plans to handle the spread of that sort of misinformation moving forward. On Tuesday, however, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki detailed a potential solution. YouTube will now begin displaying links to fact-based content alongside conspiracy theory videos.


Wojcicki announced the new feature, which she called "information cues," during a talk with WIRED editor-in-chief Nicholas Thompson at the South by Southwest conference in Austin, Texas. Here’s how it will work: If you search and click on a conspiracy theory video about, say, chemtrails, YouTube will now link to a Wikipedia page that debunks the hoax alongside the video. A video calling into question whether humans have ever landed on the moon might be accompanied by the official Wikipedia page about the Apollo Moon landing in 1969. Wojcicki says the feature will only include conspiracy theories right now that have "significant debate" on the platform.


Now isn’t that something? If they think the video is a conspiracy theory, they will link to something like Snopes or Wikipedia to “prove” it is fake news. Well there’s some big problems with all that. First off, Wikipedia is open source. Anyone can contribute to the so called “facts” on the page. While they try and keep it between the lines, I’ve seen it go off the rails badly. Wikipedia is NOT 100% factual. Often far from it.


Google ( who is YouTube’s parent) went so far as announcing last year it would link search with such high brow (cough cough) fact checkers as Snopes. Check it:


Google is following Facebook in providing fact-check articles with greater visibility in order to help users distinguish misinformation from reliable information.


The search engine giant has unveiled a new feature that places “Fact Check” tags and ratings alongside links to articles from recognized fact-checking entities when those articles are included in Google News search results. The search results will include a snippet showing the source of the claim that is being fact-checked, the fact-check entity rating that claim, and the determination of the fact-checker.


For example, if you search Google News for info about a woman’s training squirrels to attack her ex-boyfriend, Google will bring up a Snopes article indicating that story to be false.


“These fact checks are not Google’s and are presented so people can make more informed judgments,” Google said. “Even though differing conclusions may be presented, we think it’s still helpful for people to understand the degree of consensus around a particular claim and have clear information on which sources agree.”


Okay, so what’s my beef here? Well obviously, the first and most important one is that I tend to believe any and every opinion is fair game. If you think the world is flat and you want to make a video of it, go for it. If you think we didn’t go to the moon and make a video to try and prove it, go for it.  The whole idea of free speech is that everyone gets a chance to sample everyone else’s opinions and then make critical decisions based on what they logic out to be the most true.


Google and Youtube hate free speech. They hate anything that goes against the globalist agenda. So, having some tidepod eating millennial reporting a video to Youtube because it “violates their community rules” is wonderful to them.


But I ask the simple question: once again, WHO gets to decide if a video is fact or Conspiracy? I ask the question, because according to Wikipedia, and snopes and our own Government, 9/11 was carried out by 19 Saudi’s who couldn’t fly Cessna 150’s at my local airport, took over modern jumbo jet airplanes with box cutters, and expertly flew them into the trade towers, a feat Navy and Airforce pilots say they couldn’t have done themselves despite 20 years of flying experience. To top it off, building 7, which wasn’t hit by a plane and sustained no real damage, also fell into its own footprint, yet we’re told it was because of the airplanes.


Guess what folks? That’s the biggest crock of dung you’ve ever been shoveled. Yet according the folks that pushed that hoax, it’s “fact”.  Why is it okay for them to have videos with that ridiculous explanation of 9/11, but not have video’s questioning this Hogg kid, whom I showed you a video of, interviewing a girl 4 hours before the shooting happened?? Why? Because the first story is the official deep state version of things. Questioning the background of Hogg, goes against the official line of BS. It’s that simple.


And as far as Google using snopes to “fact check” things, let me post an opinion from AngryPatriot, so you don’t think it’s just “Bob making things up”.  Check this from two years back:


Those who have been at least partially aware of the goings on of the Internet has, no doubt, come across the website Snopes.com, a self-proclaimed “myth-busting” site. At its genesis, Snopes popped the bubbles surrounding urban legends and, at times even provided some accurate insight into the stories behind those urban legends. If nothing else, it was mildly entertaining. That was then.


Today, Snopes has turned into a sycophantic political surrogate for the Progressive Left, the Obama Administration, and Hillary Clinton. Fancying itself as a “political fact-checker,” it has become completely unreliable, existing as an excuse making machine for the morally relativistic and a propaganda apparatus fueled by unfounded accusations and political talking points; talking points seemingly crafted and issued directly from the Progressive minions of Chicago.


Shall I go on? I don’t have to you get it. Snopes is part of the left agenda, and has twisted so many things to fit that agenda, that I used to read their “fact checks” in the evenings with a glass of bourbon so I could end the day laughing.


But what I’m getting to is a bit darker than Google, Facebook and YouTube trying to remove dissenting ideas from you. What if all of this is just the warm up phase to them trying to influence all the 2018 elections? What if they shut down the Republican videos, the Republican Face book pages, and cough up baloney search results, verified by “snopes so you know it’s true?”  That is exactly what I think is coming at us folks. The deranged left, that didn’t get their Clinton Foundation crooked leader, will use any means what so ever to advance their agenda.


They aren’t just removing “conspiracy” videos of people that are questioning the official story line of the Florida shooting. No, they’re removing videos and actually shutting down the entire video library and accounts, of people doing something as actually helpful as questioning the safety of Vaccines, or how to treat certain ailments with plants and oils instead of 2000 dollar a pop pills. They’ve shut down gun training videos, anti-pharmaceutical videos, alternative health videos, etc.


Do you think they’re going to allow right leaning political videos, as we head into the elections? Not a chance. They’re going to do their best to derail any and all Conservative candidates. Imagine this: you go to youtube to see the opinions or a speech that your favorite conservative candidate makes. When you click on the video, instead of it starting, you’re bombarded with explanations of how “what you’re about to see is not based in fact” and then links to Wiki or snopes, with some twisted definition of what the supposed facts were/are. 


Don’t laugh folks. It’s coming. This is the warm up for it and as the campaigns get in gear this summer, you’re going to see a lot of crazy things happen. You might google something about a candidate and google takes you to a list of pages that go 100% against the topic you googled. You might want to watch a video on him, but it’s “experiencing technical difficulty”. You might want to interact on facebook, but the “community” doesn’t allow this discussion.


I said it when Trump was elected, I’ll say it again. This isn’t over. This will never end.  I stand by that statement. The left will never quit trying to derail anything conservative, Christian, or truth seeking. They just have better tools now.


The Market:


The indecision continues.  For better than two weeks now, I’ve been suggesting that we’re in a “no mans land”, trapped in the trend lines of a sideways cone or “triangle”. The following picture shows the story:



One of those blue lines is going to give way. We’re either going to break out, or break down. Everyone’s rooting for the break out, and it might possibly come. But we’re also witnessing some “not so bullish” trading going on.


For instance, you can make the case that the “smart” money has been using the morning pops to sell into, and letting the retail guys “buy the resulting dip”. You can also see that volumes have been lagging.


No one wants to hear that the great bull run is over, and it very well might not be. But we are getting closer and closer to decision time each day. As that cone you see above, continues to narrow down, it will be “forced” to violate one of those boundary lines. When it does, the thousands of Algo-bots that are primed to buy the breakout, or sell the breakdown will self-fulfill the move and push it hard.


I tend to think that the chances are greater for this to resolve to the upside, but ONLY because of what I consider it as criminality. The only thing they truly need to do is have the big 3 Central banks whip up another 1, 2 3 billion dollars and use it to buy stocks, and “boom”, up we’ll go. Not on earnings, not on GDP, not on infrastructure, no, just CB buying and company buy backs.


Both are horrendous reasons for a market to rise, but both have been the only reason this market has done what it’s done. So, it surely could continue.  But it will do so in the face of some “not so hot” economic news. Consider the Atlanta Fed. Just a few months ago they predicted GDP to be 5%. Now it’s been lowered to 1.9%.


There are ways you could try and play both sides of the fence. You might buy call options and put options on one of the ETF proxies such as the DIA’s or the SPY. One of those will end up being right. The question is, will it move enough that you can close out your losing side, and still remain profitable? Yes you can, but it won’t be cheap to play it. DIA and SPY options anywhere “near” the money  are pretty expensive beasts.


So far our stance has been to try and play the short term runs, and then take profits and wait and see. But when the time comes that either of those triangle  boundaries are breeched, it’s going to be time to try and load up. We’ll go short below it, and long “er” above it.


One thing is pretty certain, markets rarely trade sideways in a tight channel for long. One of these is going to bust, and probably fairly soon. When it does, the move up or down is going to be pretty substantial in our view.  Good luck out there folks! Oh, and if you want to follow along with what we’re doing on a day to day basis, consider joining our Insider’s Club. It’s only 24.95 a month or a discounted 199.95 per year. Simply go to www.investyourself.com and hit the big red button on the page.

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