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12.8.2019 - Free Investment Newsletter Bookmark

so this letter is going to go in a bunch of directions, so there’s no true main topic.  By the way, a prayer and tip of the hat to the surviving families of the Pearl Harbor attack so many years ago. There’s not many of those brave men and women alive any more.
First off, Guns. In the last week or so, we’ve had shootings on Two military bases.

One was clearly an act of terrorism, right here on our soil.

Down in Florida, robbers hit a jewelry store, hijacked a UPS truck and its driver, got in a shoot out with over 20 police, and the poor UPS driver was killed.

That’s only the stuff that makes the national headlines. But in reality, violence against normal every day citizens takes place a lot more commonly than most realize. Just Friday, we had this down here:

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) ­ Deputies say a Brinks driver and a good Samaritan were shot by an attempted ATM robber outside a credit union in Brandon on Friday.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office and the FBI responded to the scene at GTE Financial on East Bloomingdale Avenue Friday afternoon.

According to Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister, the Brinks truck driver was at the credit union trying to replenish the ATM outside when a man approached him from behind.

Chronister says the man was trying to rob the ATM. He and the Brinks driver got into an altercation that ended with the Brinks driver being shot, deputies say.

During the altercation, the sheriff says a good Samaritan who was sitting in his car in the parking lot got involved and tried to help the Brinks driver. That man was also shot.

Sheriff Chronister says both the Brinks driver and the good Samaritan were taken to Tampa General Hospital. One is reportedly in surgery but both are expected to survive.

Brinks released a statement to 8 On Your Side saying, “our thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery are with our colleague who was injured this morning. Since this incident is part of an active criminal investigation, we can only say that we are working closely with local and federal law enforcement.”
So, what’s my point? I have been asked several times “why do you feel it’s necessary to carry a gun? Are you paranoid or something?”  The answer of course is no, I’m not paranoid. I simply know that evil exists, it seems to be getting worse, and if it ever wants to pay me a visit, I will respond to its threat. If I’m never attacked, the biggest downside will be that I spent about 30 seconds a day placing a weapon on my body. I can take that deal.

Don’t forget folks, because we run the concealed carry classes, we often hear the horror stories that don’t make it to the media. Robberies, assaults, stalking, rape, home invasions, etc. Often the police make sure the media won’t run the story, because they need the illusion of a “safe town.”  Well, there is no safe town folks.
Be proactive. This isn’t Ward and June Cleaver in 1950. This is a degenerate world in 2019. Get your carry license, get the correct weapon, train with that weapon and finally, CARRY the damn thing everywhere you go. You never know when evil might show up or where. It’s not paranoia, it’s simply a fact.
Okay, moving along, tomorrow we’re supposed to get the Inspector General’s report.  The rumors surrounding this runs the gamut from “there’s nothing in there” to “heads are going to roll.  Here’s some from John Solomon:

Investigative reporter and Fox News contributor John Solomon claimed Wednesday that the Justice Department Office of Inspector General's forthcoming report on alleged FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) abuse during the 2016 election will be a "road map" for potential prosecutions, reflection on what went wrong and fixing problems with current law.
"This is going to be a very, very powerful road map, and it's going to lead to months of debate and additional action, including discipline and possible prosecutions."
Mollie Zieglar had this to say:

The best thing the Inspector General report will have is factual information. Few people actually read his previous, sprawling reports on abuses at the Department of Justice and FBI but those who did learned a great deal about the sorry state of affairs at those agencies. Sure, he may have said he couldn’t definitively show that Lisa Page’s bias against Trump affected her actions against him, but he still clearly showed her extreme bias and the actions she took against him. Reasonable people who are not paid to support the Department of Justice, then, can make their own determination about whether she’s as sanctified as the liberal media claim.
Here's a piece from James Kunstler:

The Horowitz report is necessarily limited to the DOJ inspector general’s narrow mission scope: the IG can only interview current employees of the agency and its stepchild, the FBI, which means that key players in the Gotcha game such as former FBI director Comey, former acting director McCabe, fired special agent Peter Stzrok and notably ex-CIA director John Brennan were outside of Mr. Horowitz’s sphere of operations. His scope was also supposedly limited to the issues around FISA warrant mischief - though those complex shenanigans may have led the IG to other related dodges, cons, and crimes outright. The IG has no real law enforcement powers. He can only refer or recommend further action. Nevertheless, a great miasma of anxiety oppresses the Democratic Party now as it awaits whatever Mr. Horowitz has to say about these matters.
Me? I think there will be a ton of damning discovery in the report, but it will of course fall far short of “lock her up.” If we get anything more meaningful than a few slaps on the wrist I’ll be surprised. Why? Because while everyone and their brother was focused on Horowitz  and his report, Barr and Durham have been doing their own investigations. All over the world. With a lot of people.
My guess is that all roads lead back to the Ukraine. ALL of them. From Victoria Nuland admitting we spent 5 billion to start the coup there, to the Crowdstrike servers, to the young girls for Epsteins blackmail operations, to Biden getting 900K in kickback for his promotions, to his kid getting hundreds of thousands to be on the board of the most corrupt company in the world.
I tend to think that the real bombs are waiting in the wings. Rudy Giuliani has got a lot of dirt that he’s dug up over there. As you know, we send military aid and money to Ukraine. But military equipment meant for Ukraine fighters, finds itself in other countries. Money that’s supposed to go to specific places, finds its way into foundations and campaign coffers. Estimates are that 4+ billion dollars has been “stolen” in nefarious ways.
I think that’s Trumps silver bullet in all this. If he’s got that kind of proof and I tend to think he does, then having the Democrats impeach him, will allow him to present all of that, In the impeachment trial, to the entire Senate as Cspan broadcasts it around the world.
For that reason, and I think the Democrats know it, I tend to think they are NOT going to get the votes to move this to trial. It would be suicide for them. If they completely fall on the sword and go for it, I think you’re going to learn about corruptions in the Obama/Hillary/Biden era that blows the lid off anything we’ve ever seen. Got popcorn?
The Market:

Friday the market went ballistic because of a better than expected jobs number. They beat the estimates on the surface, and the algo’s kicked into gear. I tend to look at Government reports with a bit of a skeptical eye.

The household report was pretty lousy. But the “governments” report was stellar. Well, remember the 41K+ GM workers that went back to work? Oh and don’t forget the 218K Census workers hired.  All of whom will be back to unemployed after just a few months.
Anyway it was a wild ride higher and we ended the day with 337 DOW points. Financials and some tech paved the way. And just like that, we’re within spitting distance of new all time highs.
What didn’t go well was gold, silver, the miners, etc. With the fake money, fiat banksters soaring (GS was up 7 bucks) “Real” money fell back on the day.
In a way, I’m almost glad that gold and silver pulled back. I truly think that we are in the LAST period of time where you’ll be able to buy gold for less than 1500 the ounce. Once this stock market bubble, debt bubble, reset comes into play, it is my belief gold is going to play a strong roll in the new system.
Consider the following from Doug Casey. He’s done very very well for himself over the years in the gold space:

Here’s the takeaway of all this. The 2,000 or so publicly traded explorers, developers, and junior miners are the source of the great majority of future economic deposits. The big companies do very little exploring. When the market gets hot for them again - right now there are very few people who even know they exist, much less care - the whole sector could go wild. The sector as a whole could go 10-1, with some standout companies going 100-1. Some even more. It’s happened in the past, and I’ve owned several of them.
The upcoming Greater Depression will likely hurt consumption of base metals but it’s going to help gold; I’m reasonably confident gold is going to be re-instituted as day-to-day money. I’ve touched on various factors on the base metals, but I’m generally much more bullish on gold.
All of the world’s governments are continuing to print up money by the bushel basket full. Not just the US, but all over the world. And as this goes on, it’s going to evidence itself in retail inflation. At the same time both stocks and the bond markets, which are at all time highs, could collapse. People will panic out of securities. Where are they going to go? I think they are going to panic into gold. And gold mining stocks in general, and small explorers and developers in particular, should be huge beneficiaries.
I couldn’t agree more.
So, lets hope this pullback in gold, silver and the miners goes a bit deeper. Because it is my guess that within the next 4 - 6 months, we’ll never see them this low again. Maybe EVER.  

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