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12.8.2017 - Insider Bookmark


Good morning all, we've made it to yet another Friday. 

Yesterday the market put in a bounce, and the question of the day was this: Would it be a one day wonder, a dead cat bounce, or was it the start of a real move up?  My guess was that it was fairly real, and we'd see the market get back at least half of the points it lost over the Monday-Wed. selling. But it was and is just a guess. 

12.7.2017 - Insider Bookmark


Good morning everyone, and welcome to a new day. 

NOTE>>  Today my wife is throwing a little Holiday party for her employees to drop by the office, pick up a gift, and have a bite to eat. So chances are good that I won't be posting an afternoon update, I'll probably be helping her host her little gathering.

12.6.2017 - Insider Bookmark


Well, what to think? That's two days in a row where the market started out pretty well, and they sold into it. Granted it wasn't as bad as the day before where we went from up 350 to up just 50, but we were up about 50 yesterday and closed down 107. 

That's two. 

12.5.2017 - Insider Bookmark


I'm sure you all saw or at least heard about what happened yesterday.  After a monster open, based on the tax reform package passing over the weekend, the momentum shifted and as the day wore on the averages sank lower and lower. From up almost 305 near the open, the DOW actually closed up just 58. The S&P which at one point was up 16, ended the day RED by almost 3. The techs? Don't even ask. they didn't get much traction in the morning and by the close, they'd lost over 70. 

12.4.2017 - Insider Bookmark


Hello everyone and welcome back from your weekend.  I presume it was a good one for you all?  Down here in sunny Florida, it was my weekend duty to string up the Christmas lights, hang the wreath, etc. While I enjoy doing it, it's a bit harder to get in the spirit when it's 84 degrees and you're soaking in sweat putting up the lights!  

12.1.2017 - Insider Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome to Friday. 

Yes it's December. I'm not sure how that happened because this year has flown by for me. I don't know about you all, but it just seems like time is speeding up. 

11.30.2017 -Insider Bookmark


Hello all, welcome to the last trading day of November. Judging by the futures, it's going to be another big one. 

The market entered "melt up" mode this week, and the only comparison I can make is the crazed tech years of  98/99.  But as I said last night in the letter, this bubble is much worse. Back in 99 it was really only the techs that were in the bubble and the rest of the market just sort of went along for the ride. This time around everything is on fire. Banking, industrials, financials, small caps, mid caps, you name it. 

11.29.2017 - Insiders Bookmark


Good morning everyone, welcome to Wednesday. 

I'm not sure what planet we're on right now.  I used to think that we were all hanging out on earth, and things were pretty much at least in the realm of normality. But over the last few months, reality has left the scene and it has been replaced with something foreign.

11.28.2017 - Insiders Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome to another day. 

So, what was up with yesterday?  We had decent futures, we opened in rally mode, but then it all went to sleep and at the end of the day, the DOW had managed to gain 22, but the S&P couldn't hold green.  I guess they simply got tired. 

This morning at 6:30 the S&P is indicated up; by 2, the DOW up by 32. We'll see if that holds the morning session.

11.27.2017 -Insiders Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome back from your weekend. As always I hope it was a great one for you all.  The wife and I had a fun time, as we did a little "staycation" by heading to one of our favorite areas and staying the weekend. The "St. Johns pass" area of Madeira beach is a fun area, filled with shops, eateries, bars, a boardwalk along the inlet, and a host of other fun things. We really enjoyed ourselves and frankly, I wish the weekend wasn't over.  We got to walk the beach, watch some dolphins, eat too much fun food, and relax in a very nice hotel.  What a great way to wrap up the Thanksgiving week. 

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