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8.11.2017 Bookmark


Good morning all, we've made it to another Friday.  They just keep rolling on. This one is pretty special for my wife however, she's leaving today to fly back to NJ and spend a week with her dad. We lost her mom  way too young and her and her dad are really looking forward to getting together for a bit.  So it's a happy morning here.

8.10.2017 Bookmark


Mornin' all, welcome to a new day.

Yesterday afternoon looked a lot like so many that have come before. Down and sloppy for most of the day, with a push towards the flat line in the final hour

8.9.2017 Bookmark


Morning all, we've made it to hump day. 

So, what the heck was yesterday? We came out of the box strong, then calmed down and spent most of the day just slightly tilted to the green. Then in the last hour, instead of them pushing the gas pedal, we started falling more. We actually ended the day slightly red, snapping the DOW's 10 day winning streak.  Some think it was strong words out of Trump, who said basically if North Korea doesn't stop with the Threats to the US, "They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen."

8.8.2017 Bookmark


Hello everyone, welcome to Tuesday. 

Yesterday they did it again.  The DOW put on another 26 points, hitting yet another all-time high again. This time the S&P came along for the ride and it too closed in record territory.

8.7.2017 Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome to a new week. As always, I hope your weekend was a brilliant one for you all.  

Mine was interesting in a "different" way. While we usually try and ride our bikes to the beach or pick some park or what have you to walk through, I simply didn't have it in me Sunday. The weather man was predicting possibly record temps, ( and sure enough my vehicle thermometer read 101 at 2 pm) and the humidity level was hovering around 79%.  I just didn't want to sweat that bad.

8.4.2017 Bookmark


Another Friday. Yes, we've run into another Friday already. 

8.3.2017 Bookmark


Good morning everyone, welcome to a new day. 

The futures this morning are statistically flat. Last look at 8 am, saw the DOW down 2, the NASDAQ up 8 and the S&P down half a point. That's as flat as it gets. 

8.2.2017 Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome to Wednesday. 

Remember a while back I was saying that the Bank of International Settlements was making noise that it was "time" to start taking some of the excess out of the market? They meant it might be time to start "normalizing" things such as rates, and reducing asset balance sheets. Well the markets have ignored them. Here's a blurb about what the BIS was thinking:

8.1.2017 Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome to a new day.   Not only a new day, but a new month. Can any of you really belive it's August already? My my how time is flying.

Yesterday got odd in a handful of ways. We took a butt kicking here on the Coast after an "every day " low pressure system, flipped into a tropical storm and attacked us.  Trees are down, local streets flooded, etc. Sheesh!  In market land, After a quick bolt out of the gate, we faded back on the S&P and NASDAQ both closing red. The DOW however continued to power up, gaining another 60 points.

7.31.2017 Bookmark


Hello everyone, and welcome back from your weekend. The Florida weather has simply gone "stupid" concerning the amount of daily thunderboomers and rain squalls we've had to endure. Saturday, a front came through around 4 pm, and it blew so hard, that a 2 gallon glass jug that I had some plant starts sitting in water, blew off my seeding table and smashed on the ground. I had to be 50 + to move that jug full of water. Wow.  But saturday night was UFC night and I had a great crowd around to watch Jon Jones come back from all his trials and tribulations to retake the light heavyweight title.  Very inspiring.  

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