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10.27.2017 Bookmark


Well Now!  

Last night was like Earnings central for the "big guys" meaning Amazon, Alphabet ( google) Microsoft and Intel.  The bottom line is that all of them did really well on their earnings releases and the street has reacted in a big way. 

10.26.2017 - 1 pm post! Bookmark


This has been an interesting day in market land. While they're keeping the DOW up pretty well, it hasn't been that easy for them. Several times we've been up around 100, faded to up say 78 and then "boom" back up we'd go. But the NASDAQ isn't playing along, it's red by a couple and the S&P is green buy only by 4.

It smells of desperation a bit.

10.26.2017 Bookmark


Hi everyone, welcome to Thursday. 

Yesterday was pause day with a twist, "someone" took some profits, and for a while the indexes were deep in the red. Once again we had to try and figure out if it was a one day wonder, or the start of something bigger. My guess was that it wasn't the start of the end, however we did need to be cautious just in case.

10.25.2017 Bookmark


Good morning everyone, welcome to a new day. 

You all know what happened yesterday. Because of a few big name DOW stocks "supposedly" doing will with earnings, we had a 167 point DOW rally. It didn't quite spread too much into the S&P which only managed 4 points, or the NASDAQ which was lucky to get 11 since it was actually red a couple times during the morning shift. 

10.24.2017 Bookmark


Hello everyone, welcome to another day. ( and what a day it might become!)

So yesterday was pause day. After the giant surge Friday, they had to digest the gains and we were flat for the bulk of the session. Heading into the close with the DOW off 55 and the S&P down 10, I didn't for a minute think this was the start of some big roll over. While "any" day could start a major roll over crash, why would it start yesterday?  

10.23.2017 Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome back from your weekend. I trust it was a pleasant one for you and you enjoyed it with family and friends. Ours was quiet but nice, as some relatives from "up north" stopped by during their vacation and the family got a chance to meet up with them and have a nice dinner.  On Sunday, the wife had her mind set that some shrubs and ornamental plants "WERE" getting trimmed up, and there was no way out of that one. Luckily I employed the help of my younger son and boy isn't youth wonderful?  I remember having energy like that. It got done. 

10.20.2017 Bookmark


Did you see it? Yes folks, the market that opened down 100 points, did it's magic yesterday and ended the day green. How corrupt are things when they can't even allow a single day of red? Very I'd say, but that's life in 2017.  But wait it gets better. Last evening they were working on the budget and the latest iteration of it passed 51-49 along party lines. Well, the "markets" took that as progress towards tax reform and this morning the futures are on fire. 

10.19.2017 Bookmark


Hello everyone, welcome to a new day. 

Well, the mysteries continue. No matter where you look, you have to scratch your head and go "huh?"  The Vegas shooting is now a mess of misinformation that's bigger than anything I've seen since 9/11.  The news about how the FBI knew all about Hillary setting up uranium deals with Russia, including bribery and State department collusion, yet hid it all under Obama. It never ends.  Why isn't the media ( other than the poor alternative sites that get blasted by slimy main stream media) talking about this?? Hannity did a 14 minute monologue about how the FBI discovered money routing from Russia to Bill Clinton and the Hillary foundation LONG before Obama announced and granted the nuclear deal with Russia. 

10.18.2017 Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome to hump day. 

I wasn't able to watch the action yesterday as I was tied up with medical all day. But last evening when I got to looking around, I was a bit surprised at some things. For instance, the market ended the day green, which wasn't surprising, but I was sort of caught off guard by being stopped out of ADSK.  With earnings coming up and the market trudging higher, I thought that might be a safe call. But instead, after opening well and spiking to almost 120 in the first few minutes, it faded off and I stopped out at 118.50. Granted I had a tight leash on it, but I wouldn't have expected a red day. 

10.17.2017 Bookmark


Morning all, welcome to the never ending rally. Yesterday they couldn't get much in gear for the morning session, but then as the day wore on, they came piling in. We ended the day with the DOW up 84, the S&P up 4 and up 18 with the NASDAQ.

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