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Insiders Club 5-12-2010 Bookmark



10:30 ish

Well this is really quite the day eh? Although I said that I felt the market would be green today, I did NOT think we'd pour on 90 DOW points in the first hour.

Naturally you have to

Insiders Club 5-11-2010 Bookmark



Hi kiddies.. isn't this fun?

With the market getting pushed by the Fed, I feel it's a decent time to add to our VXX holdings.

I have just added 1K shares, at 24.87.


Insiders Club 5-10-2010 Bookmark



Well they've held the day, but frankly... it's sort of odd, almost strained. We are up 355 points, but that's no better than we were at 6 hours ago.

I have NOT covered my DIA short, and I did buy

Insiders Club 5-7-2010 Bookmark



I knew today would be a choppy mess, but frankly I didn't think we'd see this sort of action. The DOW fell from - 50 to - 274 points in about 11 minutes. That's not chop, that's panic and fear. The down volume

Insiders Club -5-6-2010 Bookmark



Well folks, today has been a LOT weaker than I would have expected, and that caused me to have to rethink my position in the DIA's. As you know we went short the DIA's at 110.01 a while back. Now with this morning's drop

Insiders Club 5-5-2010 Bookmark



 I have been in and out of the SPY several times and frankly it's been a lot like "work". I made a dime, lost a nickle and now on this last run I am up about 30 cents

It's certainly not

Insiders Club 5-4-2010 Bookmark



 I have covered 1000 shares of my DIA short.

Here's the deal..

When we lost 110 on the DIA's I went short 3000 shares, thinking I'd make a decent quick few cents. Well, when we got down to the

Insiders Club 5-3-2010 Bookmark



The market just had three programs fire off and now we're up 134 points. Sure it's all on air and hope, but hey, up is up.

I took ATHR as it was crossing 40.00 and I got filled on a dip

Insiders Club 4-30-2010 Bookmark




They tried their best to blow off all the bad news, but in the past few minutes we dipped hard, now with the DOW off 42. I suggested this morning that I felt they were really struggling here this morning,

Insiders Club 4-29-2010 Bookmark


1:00 pm

They are rabid for stocks this morning. Apparently the world disintegrating, doesn't trump "free money" from the Fed.

So, the question is, are they going to form a "double top" up here and we have seen the blow off, or...

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