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Insiders Club 10-28-2009 Bookmark

Insiders Club Update

Ahead of the open


Well folks, this is it. Today is a very important day in the markets. Why? Because we have several things working here at the same time. On one hand we have the "end of month" situation, but on top

Insiders Club 10-27-2009 Bookmark



Up down, up - down. All day. More insidious chop.

As you can imagine, I haven't done anything but chip away at a few daytraders here and there, but as far as finding something I'd like to buy and hold

Insiders Club 10-26-2009 Bookmark

Insiders Club Update


I need to start off today with a small personal story that's obviously taken up most of my energy and thoughts this morning.

I am a salt water fisherman. It's really my only hobby. Here in the Northeast, what

Insiders Club 10-23-2009 Bookmark



There's an old saying "I smell a rat" and boy does that rat stink today.

This morning the market tried to make a move, but it quickly reversed and we went red. For a market rejoicing over the Amazon earnings and

Insiders Club 10-22-2009 Bookmark



I'm having a really hard time dealing with today. The DOW is up 74, but where's the strength? Oils down, consumer goods down, Gold stocks down, most of tech isn't doing that great, what's the deal?

This might continue higher. I cannot

Insiders Club 10-21-2009 Bookmark


12:30 ish

Well one up, one down.

Of the stocks we listed this am as something to look at, we took APL when it crossed over 8, but it couldn't hold and is now at 7.90. BTU busted free of 45.00, we

Insiders Club 10-20-2009 Bookmark


2:00 ish

I just got the funniest email I've gotten in a long time. I asked the sender if I could share and he said sure, it's all in good fun, so here it is:


Yesterday you put out

Insiders Club 10-19-2009 Bookmark



Okay folks, they've done a masterful job of moving the market higher on almost "no" volume. Amazing stuff. Anyway, just a quick update on where we are.

Because BTU reports in the am, we just sold our remaining 2000 shares at

Insiders Club 10-16-2009 Bookmark

Insiders Club Update


Remember a few months ago when we were socked in with a "noreaster" here on the Jersey shore? We had some flooding, wind and rain. Well that was just the warm up bench for the "thing" that descended on us

Insiders Club 10-15-2009 Bookmark


After the close

Hey folks, a bit of an apology here. Although I never designed this "insiders Club" to be a daytrading tool, somehow I did get in the habit of posting almost every day, and frankly it wasn't designed for that either. But

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