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We Know What a Stock is, We Have a Brokerage (Now What?) Bookmark

Next on the agenda is understanding how a buy actually works before we make that first call and start trading. There are a couple of terms you need to learn.

Once you know the name of the company and the ticker symbol, next you need to find out the price

Opening an Account Bookmark

Now that you have a broker picked out, what is the next step? Well, that would be to actually open a brokerage account with them. This is how it all works:

The brokerage will send you an application in the mail that you need to sign and return. Along with

Which Broker is Best? Bookmark

This is a very tough question and frankly it has no solid answer. Why? Because not all brokerages do all things, and not all of them do what they do equally well! Got that? Lets look and you will see what I mean.

Let us suppose that we really think

What's a Broker? Bookmark

Okay, now that we know what a stock exchange is, how does one go about buying a stock? Can we just call up IBM and say, "Hi, I would like to buy 100 of your shares?" No, we cannot do that. What we need first is someone called a broker,

How Does It Work? Bookmark

Did you ever hear on the television or on the radio something like this: "The DOW rose 111 points today in heavy trading"? Do you know what they mean by the DOW? And what are these points? Well it works like this. The DOW Jones industrial average is the most

What is a Stock Market? Bookmark

The problem at the onset was that there was no organized way to find out which companies were selling stock, and which people wanted to buy some. Like any type of "new" idea it took a while before organizers got the idea of creating a "stock exchange"--a central place that

How Did All This Start? Bookmark

Well, here is the long and the short of it. When companies first decided that they could raise a bunch of cash selling "shares" of their company in bit's called "stock," the concept went over pretty well. In fact the idea started in New York on cargo ships in the

The Beginners' Guide Bookmark

What exactly is a "stock" anyway? Let's dive right in and take a look at just what we are getting for our money. On the surface, well, it's really not much. But the "idea" behind it is pretty big. Basically, when you buy a "share" of stock, you are buying

Onward Bookmark

If you are still reading this, you must be very interested in what we are saying, and that is wonderful! Please continue. We feel the following information will give you a great "beginning" knowledge base from which to start your investing journey. If you already have some level of market

The 64 Million Dollar Answer Bookmark

Naturally, the next question is: "Okay, what is this magic secret to making money instead of losing my shirt?" Well, unfortunately, if you are looking for a magic formula, or some deeply guarded "secret" you have come to the wrong place. The answer to the question is this. If you

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