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Insiders Club 1-17-2012 Bookmark


Well, we've seen them hold up the market after some drifting off the morning highs. At 12:15, we're up 125.  For the most part we've been pretty static, not doing much, but not long ago .. we took the TMO as it crossed over 50.00. As I'm

Insiders Club 1-13-2012 Bookmark


What a difference an hour or so makes, huh?  At 8 am, the market looked okay and even JPM wasn't looking like it would bother things much. But then that Reuters article hit about the S&P possibly downgrading some countries in the Eurozone and instead of opening

Insiders Club 1-12-2012 Bookmark


As we figured, after Europe closed, they've slowly worked the market back up and now in the last hour we're green. Some of our holds are doing really well, like KBR, FLWT etc. I didn't add anything from this am's second report, I'm pretty happy where I'm

Insiders Club 1-11-2012 Bookmark


Another surprisingly low "chop" day. We've hovered here at the "-30" level for a large part of the day. Yet we still do see some things moving well, yet the rotation is fierce. For instance.. yesterday some of the gas plays were right about to move into

Insiders Club 1-10-2012 Bookmark


I know this is a bit late, but I really don't have too awful much to say. I moved the stop up to "entry" on ORCL and after being up 65 cents on it this am, I stepped off flat when it came all the way back

Insiders Club 1-9-2012 Bookmark


What a long boring day. They've run it up, they've pulled it down. Up/down in a really tight range. The best way to think about this at this point is that they are not willing to give it up, but want something they can use as an

Insiders Club 1-6-2012 Bookmark


First Up... some housekeeping I forgot about.  This morning's update could well be the only one of the day. I have a Dentist appt this morning, and found out yesterday that I'm the taxi for my son who's getting a test later in the day

Insiders Club 1-5-2012 Bookmark


If my writing can convey the disgust in my "voice' then you're "gettin it". Once again attempting to do any form of "holding" for more gains has resulted in Mr. Market taking our gains away. Look at CVX if you will. We took it at 108.84. In

Insiders Club 1-4-2012 Bookmark


A pretty soggy morning as we pretty much expected. Although not a true sell off, it's more like a pause so far and that portends that they'll try and move this market higher in the days to come.

We have the DOW off 43,

Insiders Club 1-3-2012 Bookmark


2:45 pm

Well they've held us up pretty well all day and I "think" it's a fair bet we'll end the day "way up here". I could see them shave off a few points but it's a big session.. they wanted it and they got it.

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