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Insiders Club 10-14-2010 Bookmark








Hi guys.. the knee Doc shot me up with some lubrication, pain killer and who knows what.. so I'm feeling better. I see the market's feeling just fine too.

As I said

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Hi guys,, sorry for getting back to you so late. We've got a sick kid here, just when he was supposed to get his first set of braces, on, so I had to play transport back and forth.. Oh well, all is well.

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The notes from the FOMC meeting are out, and it reads like candy to the school kid. Yes they think appropriate accommodation is probably necessary ( in other words QE2 is coming) and the only question is how much and when. I'd guess that

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As we figured the market isn't getting very far and there's a lot of up and down chop. I said I probably wouldn't do anything here today and I think that's correct, I probably won't.

I have monitored my stops however

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Okay folks, pull up a chair and let's chat.

For the most part, we "get it right". Sometimes we don't. That's the way investing/trading goes.

Back in the spring, all manner of global craziness was going on. Greece

Insiders Club 10-7-2010 Bookmark



The market opened big.. for a few seconds and then we saw a massive wave of sell programs hit, which took us down the flat line in a matter of moments. I'm sort of glad I didn't feel the need to buy anything today,

Insiders Club 10-6-2010 Bookmark



As I expected, they are fighting to keep the market "level" after that ADP jobs report. We've seen them run some things higher, let some slide. But again I feel that the overall market direction today will be "flat". Sure they might eek out

Insiders Club 10-5-2010 Bookmark



Well folks, this is madness, but it is what it is, and we have to play the game.

We took two stocks this am, PCX, and just now MMM. No I don't like buying stocks when a market is up this

Insiders Club 10-4-2010 Bookmark



The market is stuck, running in place. Why? Well later today,Ben Bernanke is doing yet another "town hall meeting", this time with College kids.

This is a bit unusual, but hey, in this day and age nothing should surprise me any

Insiders Club 10-1-2010 Bookmark

Insiders Club Update


Here we go again.

Yesterday, we were up over 100 points. Then they "mini yanked" the rug, and from top to bottom we had a 200 point swing. Then they coasted us into a slightly red close.

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