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Insiders Club 11-11-2010 Bookmark



Just a quick note folks.. they have been slowly inching the market higher after the 120 point plunge this am. By holding onto VMW etc, we are now squarely in the green there. SU is still down some, and DNN? I should put that

Insiders Club 11-10-2010 Bookmark



Well they are doing a splendid job of it. From a bottom at - 80 we are now off just 18 and the S&P is green.

They know nothing else buy "buy buy buy"

Speaking of buy, I did

Insiders Club 11-9-2010 Bookmark



Well this is sort of depressing. The areas I felt would be strong simply gapped away "too" big, and I didn't chase. I guess I should have, some of them like CNX did very well, adding to the gap gains. That is always the

Insiders Club 10-8-2010 Bookmark



Well folks, I'm back. The good news is we don't think there's anything terribly wrong with the boy, so.. hopefully some medicine will fix him right up.

The market has been volatile this am, but their animal spirits are still alive

Insiders Club 11-5-2010 Bookmark


11:00 am

Sort of a good news bad news day for us here. The bad news is that HPQ, which I feel is underpriced compared to the other junk that's running higher, stopped us out for a 45 cent loss.  That stinks. We are watching bankrupt financials run higher,

Insiders Club 11-4-2010 Bookmark


Quite the interesting day eh? Up 174 points, not a care in the world. Amazing stuff.

The great big gap up pushed a lot of stocks well up and over where I'd be comfy taking them at the open, so I waited

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