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Insiders Club 11-11-11 Bookmark


amazing isn't it? How much do you think Wall Street made by dropping us 400 points Wednesday, only to get it back by Friday? A lot I can assure you.

In any event, everything we "were profitable on, that went red on us, is

Insiders Club 11-10-2011 Bookmark


Morning all... are you all strapped into your chairs, seatbelts on, helmets tightened?  Because the way this market has been chopping, dropping, rebounding and what have you...it's a pretty rough ride.

Yesterday was so odd in so many ways, that I'm not even going

Insiders Club 11-9-2011 Bookmark




Well here we sit. The market has been off almost 300 points all morning and things aren't looking great. I removed all my stops, however much hasn't fallen to entry anyway, so it's not a terrible big deal. Chances are good, someone in the Eurozone

Insiders Club 11-8-2011 Bookmark


As I've been looking around, we're still getting kicked around by Europe, now there's some baloney about a lack of confidence vote in Italy and that just knocked us back a bit. Until they either ignore Europe completely or some form of solid plan emerges.. it's going

Insiders Club 11-7-2011 Bookmark


the market opened slightly red but only took it a few minutes to bully it's way positive. Granted that makes virtually no sense, unless you're thinking that somehow the worlds troubles are going to end in the next couple months and we know better than that. But

Insiders Club-11-4-2011 Bookmark


This is an interesting day we have here. The DOW is still off over 100, but when you look around, a lot of things are doing fairly well. the LED makers are up on news that China is going to try and make it's peopel move from

Insiders Club 11-3-2011 Bookmark


Are we ready for another day of insanity? Frankly no.. but we're getting it already. So far this morning I have heard 5 different rumors in the first two hours that I was in the office. So lets get down to it..

First off, this

Insiders Club 11-2-2011 Bookmark


First off.. obviously a typo there on my "AMZN" buy this am, I said 116 when obviously it was 216. Hey what's a hundred bucks right? Sheesh I wish I could have gotten it at that price!

Anyway it's a moot point. When the

Insiders Club 11-1-2011 Bookmark


The craziness continues. After being down 300+, another "news" hit and according to what they said, the Socialist party says they don't need the Greek citizens to vote. So the market roared higher for a few minutes. From down 260 to down 180 in minutes. But.. then

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