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Insiders Club- 11.14.2013 Bookmark


Janet yellen said so many things "they" wanted to hear that the market shrugged off any thoughts of weakness and powered ahead. She doesn't see any bubbles, she thinks more could or should be done, and all in all, Congress loved her. so, what did she really say?

Insiders Club-11.13.2013 Bookmark


The little darlings...they just can't help themselves. We were down almost 80 points earlier, and sure enough they walked us back up and just a bit ago, the DOW pushed green for the first time on the day. Now that doesn't necessarily mean they're just going to keep

Insiders Club- 11.12.2013 Bookmark


the session has been pretty weird today. The DOW will inch up, inch up and then "boom" the bottom drops out and it falls out for 20 points. Then it inches back, inches back and "boom" down a blasing fast 20 points. This has been going on all

Insiders Club - 11.11.2013 Bookmark


I'm posting a bit early because I got a call asking if I cared to help with some under house insulation installation today. I readily agreed. There's nothing I can do for anyone on Tuesday and Wednesday, so I'll be glad to help out today.

Insiders Club - 11.8.2013 Bookmark


Well go figure. Earlier this morning the futures were having a pout party over the supposedly "good" jobs numbers, and they fretted that maybe that would push the Fed towards the dreaded "taper" and they sold stock. But if you read this morning's update I suggested that I

Insiders Club-11.7.2013 Bookmark


Sometimes people will ask me why I'll state that I'm going to take XYZ "OVER" a certain number. For instance a common post might be...

I like the looks of XYZ over 25.50

Then during the day XYZ moves up and touches 25.50 but I didn't

Insiders Club-11.5.2013 Bookmark


Good morning everyone, welcome to Wednesday.

Global markets did pretty well last night as all across the globe Central banks are pushing money into their own respective systems, just like we are here in the US. Germany especially "wowed" everyone with a good manufacturing report. So

11.5.2013 Insiders Club Bookmark


After this morning's dip, they circled the wagons and took us right back up, breaking green on the DOW. That's pretty amazing, if you consider that when we were down 100, they had a lot of reasons to keep selling from there. But they didn't, they picked up

Insiders Club- 11.4.2013 Bookmark


So now the show begins. Yes we jumped out of the gate looking great, but then the excitement wore off and we backpedalled some. Now an hour into the game, we've got the DOW up just 11, the S&P up 2. so, what now? I think the

11.3.2013 - Millions face sticker shock following insurance cancellations Bookmark

How rude is it to say...we told you so? Probably very, but we are indeed witness to the very things we warned about for years concerning this "Obama Care" debacle. As had as they're trying to spin this in a positive light the facts are pretty bleak. The web site

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