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11.21.2016 Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome back from your weekend!  As always, I hope it was a good one for you all. Down here in sunny Florida, we had our first blast of "cold" come through.  Last evening the wife and I were in a waterfront restaurant and you could feel the chill sweeping across the water. By the time we got home it was only 52.  When I got up this am, the thermometer read.....drum roll.... 39.   That's pretty darned chilly for us!    But looking at the weather maps for a wide swath of the nation, we're in great shape down here.  Up in New York and PA, friends of mine were posting photo's of 4, 5, 7 inches of snow.  It's undenyable... winter is here. 

11.19.2016 Is Gold and Silver Dead? Bookmark

The Sunday free newsletter is posted, and this week we're going to talk about the metals. Since Trump got elected all manner of hell has broken out, and one of the casualties has been gold and silver. So we need to discuss the future of the metals and take our best shot at deciding if they're going higher or lower.  I think it is worthy of a read, especially if you hold the metals and are considering selling them.  

11.20.2016 - Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark

Metal Armageddon
Not two weeks ago, Donald Trump was declared the President Elect. The instant that happened, all hell has broken lose in virtually every area of the markets. The Dollar has shot straight up, the stock market shot straight up, commodities shot straight up, Yields shot straight up.  But metals? They have fallen like the proverbial rock.
So let’s talk metals for a minute or ten. If you’re new to the Newsletter, let me lay it out for you. I became a gold bug way back in 2001. I started buying my first coins when Gold was under 300 dollars to the ounce. I was late to the Silver bug, not getting terribly interested until 2007. But I continued investing in both pretty heavily.  When Gold got over 1500 I stopped buying it and told my members why. I said that it had attracted too many people that were buying it for a quick rush, and it was getting ahead of itself.

11.18.2016 Bookmark


Good morning folks, we've made it to Friday.  Can you believe that in just 6 more days, it's Thanksgiving? Maybe it's just me, but where did this year go? I find it amazing that 80% of this year is gone already. 

Okay, so here we are. There's still so much pulling and pushing going on, that it's still somewhat hard to figure how things move forward from here. In the same week that stocks moved higher once again, with tons of new 52 week highs, we find that billions of dollars once again left equity funds.  Our Fed's are on course to announce a rate hike early next month, but over in Europe, Draghi has said that Europe needs QE for "years to come". 

11.17.2016 Bookmark


Good morning all, it's good to see you all......

The initial insane surge higher in the markets has cooled off a bit.  But in a technical sense, things are still favoring the bulls. Yet you all know the deal, charts don't tell you where things are going, they show you where they were and where they are now. Things can obviously change.

11.16.2016 - Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark

Death Of a Movement
On Monday November 7th  I was sitting in a radio studio when I said the words: “no matter what happens tomorrow, this isn’t over.” Since Donald Trump won the election, it appears that prognostication has proven to be quite true.
We have riots in the streets. We have violence. We have the Media still trying to shred Trump as a madman, a womanizer, a racist, a hate monger, etc. We have leftists trying to get electors to throw their vote to Hillary. We’ve got it all.

That’s the visible things. That’s the every day, ho-hum reaction one could expect from the sore losers. But to be honest with you, none ( repeat) NONE of that is what I was talking about. All that stuff, was simply to be expected. However what I was speaking of is much deeper. Much darker.

11.16.2016 Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome to Wednesday. 

One week ago today, half of the world woke up to a Donald Trump victory. Since that time, the world has changed in ways many couldn't imagine. The stock market, which was supposed to crash according to Mark Cuban, put on a run up not seen in a decade. One 2 hour phone call between Trump and Vlad Putin has cut the Defcon level from 3, ordering on moving to 2....back to the safest level there is.... 5.  Cities are experiencing riots and violence, but not from the so called "right wing extremists" but the left itself, the people that claim to be "tolerant".  There's been hundreds of calls to assassinate Trump, and the CEO of a major company has had to resign because he tweeted out that HE would personally do the deed. 

11.15.2016 Bookmark


Hello everyone, welcome to another day!

I don't know about you, but I'm having a ball watching truly "good" things taking place and it's only been a week since the election. Trump isn't even in the White House yet, and He's already eased tensions with Russia more in a few days, than I could have hoped.

However, as much as I'm excited to think that we're finally going to get on the right track, the push back is even worse than I imagined. I said on Election night that "this isn't over" and that's been an understatement. Soros is still massing protests and riots. The Media is still just as ugly as they were ahead of the election. How sad.

11.14.2016 Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome back from your weekend. As always, I hope it was a tremendous one for you. If you're a fan of MMA and the UFC, and you happened to buy the Pay per view on Saturday night, you were witness to 7 incredible matches. It was the best "fight card" I've really ever seen. They certainly kicked off the first MMA fights in New York's history with a bang. 

It did come with a downside however. After staying up till almost 4 am on Tuesday and then the Fights not getting over until almost 2 am on Saturday, I just wasn't "up" for our normal weekend bike ride.  That's okay, sometimes you simply need to unwind. 

11.12.2016 - Sinister! Bookmark

The Sunday letter is posted already, and in it we look at some pretty dark ideas about what might be coming our way in the next year or two. Trumps win will be proven to be one of two things, a real shot at fixing the US, or... a patsy that's going to endure the inevitable debt reset that this nation must endure at some point. We discuss both and the chances of each. 


Take a few minutes to peruse it and give it some thought. 

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