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Insiders Club - 12.16.2013 Bookmark


Well, it's been a sleeper of a day since this mornings opening run for glory. Sure we're still up 146, but we've been to + 170 in the first ten minutes of the day. We backed off some and have been "hovering" ever since. These are typically the

Insiders Club - 12.13.2013 Bookmark


Sort of treading water here. They don't like it being red, they tried that and brought it back up. Maybe they like the idea we've been up for 11 straight weeks? Who knows. But they don't feel like selling. Yet.

Of course that can change and

Insiders Club - 12.12.2013 Bookmark


After being beaten down for 125 points, they've slowly walked us back up and now at 2:30 we're down 58. Could we go green? It is possible. I'm not counting on it but it is possible.

I figure most of the folks scared of the

Insiders Club - 12.11.2013 Bookmark


Yawn. We've been red all day, just hovering with the market down about 75 points. Most of it appears to be fear of the taper, as they figure that now with the Government shut down not an issue, they think the Fed will be more positive toward

Insiders Club - 12.10.2013 Bookmark


I really did think they'd do a better job than this. For the bulk of the day we've been down between 25 and 40 points. Right now however we're down 49.

Sure there's a lot of reason for it. The Fed is threatening taper, what's doing

Insiders Club - 12.9.2013 Bookmark


If you have the time, and the trading tools, you can jump into stocks at the open if there isn't any gigantic gap up that traps you. On the other hand, if you are the casual investor with a job and a life, it is often best to

Insiders Club - 12.6.2013 Bookmark


How can we be up 170 on the day and not really see anything that's screaming out "buy me?" Sure there's a ton of things that are UP, but here's the problem. For most of them, today's bounce snuggles them right up to the "resistances" they were toying

Insiders Club - 12.5.2013 Bookmark


All day all we have done is slop and chop, with a bias to the red side of the ledger. This is running in place ahead of tomorrows jobs number which they think will be so strong that the Fed's going to taper off the QE.

Insiders Club - 12.4.2013 Bookmark

Wow what a NUTS day. After opening poor and dipping by 55, they came in and pushed us to UP by 35. Then they held us for hours until "it" happened. What was "it?" We don't know. Some are calling it a glitch, but We dumped from "flat" to

Insiders Club - 12.3.2013 Bookmark


No I didn't think they'd sell us for 115 this afternoon, but they did. What they really did was sell some from area A and buy some in Area B, but the overall effect was a drop across the board. So, the question is... does this continue? Are

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