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Insiders Club 2-11-2010 Bookmark


12:20 ish

Well well. we said this am they would have to close us big and green today OR we were going down the tubes quickly. Now we went from flat to up 100 in "no time".

Yes we took the SPY's

Insiders Club 2-11-2010 Bookmark

Insiders Club update




 Hi Guys

I'm writing this on Wednesday night. The storm has hit us pretty hard, and the power has gone down twice and came back up. Right this second I'm on battery back up power and figured I'd better put up a post

Insiders Club 2-10-2010 Bookmark

1:30 ish

Okay, the storm is raging and I have to go move vehicles etc so the plows don't put us under.

In the meantime I've got 1500 shares of SPY at 106.68. it's trading now at 107.30. And once again i wil

Insiders Club 2-9-2010 Bookmark


12.30 ish

If this wasn't so sad it would be funny. We are up supposedly on the news that they are going to LEND Greece enough money to stave off going belly up. Don't they have enough debt as it is? Oh never mind, that's

Insiders Club 2-8-2010 Bookmark


11:am (ish)

What a superbly funky morning. We've had about all the chop we really need wouldn't you say? Now at 10:58 as I'm writing this, we've come back to "flat", with the DOW down 11 the S&P up 1 and change.

Insiders Club 2-5-2010 Bookmark




What a wild reversal. From down 160 to GREEN. I had a hunch they'd rescue us at some point and they did. I sold out of my short positions for small gains, call it lunch money.

I am

Insiders Club 2-4-2010 Bookmark

10:40 ish

Well well, a dose of economic reality set in this morning and we've seen the market melt. As I am typing this we're down 176, and things just don't look so peachy.

Okay first the news about the SPY. As is

Insiders Club 2-3-2010 Bookmark



Every time I started to write an update, the market would twist or turn a bit and I'd back off, waiting to see what happened next. Now I'm glad I waited because I get to tell you I sold IBM for my little profit.

Insiders Club 2-2-2010 Bookmark


12:30 (ish)

I should have concentrated on writing the update instead of watching the SMH, because it rolled over shortly after buying it and I stopped out for a 10 cent loss. Go figure right?

Anyway, today is a good example

Insiders Club 2-1-2010 Bookmark



So far so good? IS that the way to look at it so far? We blasted out of the gate, ran up for over 100 but then saw a pretty firm pull down, that for a moment looked like it might continue and take

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