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Insiders Club-5-16-2012 Bookmark


Morning all...

First up a note... I have to take some folks to the airport this am, so I can't make any comments at 11 am this morning. I probably won't be back until 2 or so. I will however check in

Insiders Club-5-15-2012 Bookmark


Another slide to nowhere. And it's picking up speed in the last hour.

Like I said, until we hear from Benji.. look out below.

Okay, all I did today was get out of CNX and ECA as I said

Insiders Club 5-14-2012 Bookmark


Well we're in the danger zone for sure. With the DOW at 12718 and the S&P hovering at the 1340 level, this all has to hold or we're going to plunge considerably lower.  Yes we've seen them dig in a bit, bringing us up from the opening

Insiders-Club-5-11-2012 Bookmark


They're putting on the weekend show. They certainly can't have a red day on a weekend where everyone's going to be talking about JP morgan losing 2 billion dollars in shady derivative trades.

I do indeed expect them to run the day out green,

Insiders Club 5-10-2012 Bookmark


It's evident that Bernanke didn't say a thing about QE, and that's exactly why we've gone from being up 80 this am, to being up just 40 and struggling to hold that.

Here's the deal folks.. We were red for 6 sessions. This is

Insiders Club-5-9-2012 Bookmark


A replay of yesterday... down 180 then climbing the  closer we get to Europe closing. This makes 6 sessions in a row where the DOW has been red, and although it does happen, it's awful rare to see more than 6.

In the past,

Insiders Club-5-8-2012 Bookmark


Are they going to take us back to flat? Probably not, but as I suggested this morning they weren't going to sell us off all day.

I have no reason to do anything silly in here today, as we could see more

Insiders Club-5-7-2012 Bookmark


I try and come up with something good to do in this market and every time I look across the landscape, I find "not much" that's really attractive.

Oh sure if Bernanke came out and said he's doing "Operation twist the market higher"... we'd

Insiders Club-5-4-2012 Bookmark


We're in the "pout" over the jobs report. They should be. For months on end we've been telling anyone that would listen that the economy is crap. All the clowns on CNBC are trying to tell us how this wasn't that bad. Onejust said "this keeps QE

Insiders Club -5-3-2012 Bookmark


How much does this stink? Very much. During the am session they were holding things up fairly well, but sure enough once the 1 pm time slot rolled around, wave after wave of selling programs started to hit.

I backed out of the PX

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