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Insiders Club-6-17-2013 Bookmark


Morning all, welcome to a new week, full of "God only knows what."  Let us review for a moment....

On Friday I was concerned that the big giant up day we had Thursday after hitting the 50 day moving averages on Wednesday, wasn't nearly as

Insiders Club-6-14-2013 Bookmark


So far it is playing out as I figured. We aren't far from the unchanged line as they dig in and try and keep yesterdays gains. The consumer sentiment index fell the most in 6 months, concerning the "current" situation, but rose some concerning the "future outlook".

Insiders Club-6-13-2013 Bookmark


NOTE>>>>>> We're going to be trying out the new software for the web site tomorrow. I have my fingers crossed that you won't have issues logging in, etc... but you know how that goes, there's always something. I'll be here for 90% of the Day Friday to

Insiders Club-6-12-2013 Bookmark


Well my guess has been right... so far. My guess was that the open might be a headfake and we very well might drift down to torch off the 50 day moving averages on the DOW and the S&P.  Well they're "just about there". The S&P is

Insiders Club-6-11-2013 Bookmark


Morning all...

Real quick, an update from the Jersey shore where we took the "Ground Zero" hit from Sandy. While most of the "Trash" is picked up, so it doesn't look so terrible, but the amount  of houses either completely gone or still boarded up

Insiders Club-6-10-2013 Bookmark



Hi all, I want to apologize for being "missing in action" here today. We got to where we're staying on Sunday, and Murphy's law kicked into gear. The wireless distribution of the Internet throughout the neighborhood is down.  Don't ask me why

Insiders Club-6-7-2013 Bookmark


Morning all, it's Friday. Jobs Friday.

Yesterday the market pretty much did what I suggested it might do. It reached down, torched off the 50 day moving averages, the S&P dipped under 1600... we were down pretty heavy... and then "boom" ... up we

Insiders Club-6-6-2013 Bookmark


Well, they "did it".

They brought the DOW and S&P down to their 50 days, pierced them a bit and then held the line.  I guess the only thing that would make it all "perfect" is a soaring "VEE" type run higher. 

Insiders Club-6-5-2013 Bookmark



Because our weather man says a semi tropical storm is going to hit us late tonight and for most of Thursday, and the entire East Coast looks like a rain soaked nightmare, we've decided to postpone our travel up to NJ until

Insiders Club-6-4-2013 Bookmark


Ruuuugggg Puuuulllll.

Or at least that's what it looks like so far. With everyone piling in at the close yesterday and looking for the big up day, they've decided to pull a fast one and dump the market for 130 points.


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