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Insiders Club - 6.17.2014 Bookmark


Well they got us green, and as I suspected, not more than 50 points. Right now in the closing hour, we're up about 30.

I did go ahead and take TGT when it crossed the 58.00 level, and it ran to 58.65. But it has been

Insiders Club - 6.16.2014 Bookmark


After some bigger wiggles this morning the market went to sleep and is comfy enough just wandering around the unchanged line.

There's a lot of up and down action in individual stocks however. CAT has been down a buck, and came all the way

Insiders Club - 6.13.2014 Bookmark


They did get us green for a few minutes at the open. The buy the dip mentality is still strong, but they are quite right to be a bit nervous. The Middle East is in turmoil, which is simply another notch in the instability of the world belt.

Insiders Club - 6.12.2014 Bookmark


Well, I see the spike in oil has gotten their attention today, as the market has been soggy since the open. They should be soggy. Didn't we lose lives in Iraq? We did. Didn't we spend multiple billions? We did. And now it's reverted to the violent hell

Insiders Club - 6.11.2014 Bookmark


The day has been weak since the open. After allowing "time" to work off the froth on Monday and Tuesday, today they looked at the market in the big picture and decided that they'd best lock in a few profits here and there. So, even now as we

Insiders Club - 6.10.2014 Bookmark


Another "digesting" day. They haven't allowed the market to roll over and die, but they haven't stepped in and bought it up either. It's just sitting there, wobbling around, trying to work off the froth of the past week or so.

"usually" if a market is

6.9.2014 Self Defense Weapons Training! Bookmark

Classes are filling up, so act quick to reserve your day and come down to Sarasota and spend a full 8 hours, ONE on ONE with our lead instructor Mike Magowan, and learn the proper way to protect yourself and your family/home.

For those that don't know what we're

Insiders Club - 6.9.2014 Bookmark


It's been a "wishy-washy" sort of day. Up a few, down a few but overall hugging the flatline. At about 2:30 we had the DOW down 8. By 2:50 it was up 9. We've been that way all day.

So it appears for now that they're going

Insiders Club - 6.6.2014 Bookmark


Well they didn't get the market up as high as they could have, but we did see the DOW post +70 points....not bad for a phoney jobs report.

Why do I say phoney? Simple. Not only did the BLS's "birth/death" model add 205 of the supposed

Insiders Club - 6.5.2014 Bookmark


After an uninspiring couple hours, the market found its George Jetson strap on jet pack and started flying higher. Why, did they finally figure out that the ECB announcement was going to rain Free money down on everyone? Nah, it was much simpler. A "sneak" appearance by

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