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Insiders club-8-17-2012 Bookmark


Well they've done it. They've managed to keep the market green all day and I figure we'll coast out the rest  of the day that way.

I do have a correction to make, I put out LSCC over 4.10, but that was wrong, I

Insiders Club-8-16-2012 Bookmark


For several days I've been mentioning that when a market runs up and then does the sideways shuffle trying to digest those gains, it often resolves itself to the upside. We're seeing some of that today, as the DOW is up 70 points. BUT and this is

Insiders Club-8-15-2012 Bookmark


Another day of crawling sideways. We have to go "waaay" back to find a time when we've stayed in this tight of a range for so many days.

Every day they walk us sideways, increases the odds that they build enough base for a

Insiders Club-8-14-2012 Bookmark


Up. Yes we're still ... up. They are holding on with gritted teeth, scratching and clawing their way up. But of course there's no volume. This is money that came out of bond land and into banks... who are buying stocks. But it's slow.

Insiders Club -8-13-2012 Bookmark


Considering the flap over the "new lawsuit" concerning Germany's ability to go along with the ESM, the market has held up very well. We're down just 34, when it had the ability to really drop.

While I'm not interested in picking anything up this

Insiders Club-8-10-2012 Bookmark


So far this is acting a lot like Tuesday. We opened low and they've walked us back up, at one point almost green. Even now the DOW is off just 22.

We still have everything. The CLF was in danger of opening below our

Insiders Club-8-9-2012 Bookmark



Well they're in the trenches doing battle. Once again, dips have been defended and although we've seen some robot attacks, all in all, they're comfortable trying to just remain stable here.

It hasn't been the easiest trading, but it's trying.

Insiders Club-8-8-2012 Bookmark


They have done a masterful job of sector rotation, allowing them to keep the averages pretty flat on the day. So far it appears like there will be no serious selling. I'm a bit surprised, as we are really smack up against some tough resistances.

Insiders Club-8-7-2012 Bookmark



This morning I said the only thing I had bought in the short term was X, and that's not correct. X was the buy we made early in the day, along with UTX, but UTX rolled over and we sold it. We carried X

Insiders Club-8-6-2012 Bookmark



So far they've held us up pretty well, but you can tell it's a bit of a struggle at times. I have no clue why UTX which was doing so well reversed and plunged starting at about 11:05 this morning, but it was so fast,

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