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Insiders Club-8-20-2013 Bookmark


They pushed the market pretty well considering, but frankly I'm surprised it isn't a lot stronger. Consider this... the Ten year has retreated AND the dollar has weakened. Both of those should have added jet fuel to the push higher, but it has only gotten us 55 DOW

Insiders Club-8-19-2013 Bookmark


Am I surprised they couldn't keep us green on the day? I wouldn't say surprised that's not the right word. I did think they'd keep us in the green although not by a lot, just "because" they can. But we're down about 30 heading into the final hour.

JPM "Corners" the Gold Market Bookmark

In the latest COT ( commitment of traders) report something interesting manifests itself if you compare the data there to the Banking data and the exchange data. It seems that JPM is now "long" about 25% of all the long side gold positions. Never before has one entity been that

Did China ask for Its Gold Back? Bookmark

There's been some rumors that along with Germany and several others asking the Federal Reserve to ship their gold back to the host country, maybe China has demanded that it too sees its gold reserves sent home. This would be quite an issue because I believe that a lot of

Ten Year hits 2.85% Bookmark

On Friday August 16th, the yield on the 10 year hit 2.85%, and it looks like 3% is in its sights. But, since so many things are dependent on "cheap money" this hits not only housing which has seen mortgage applications fall for two months, it hits companies as they

Insiders Club-8-16-2013 Bookmark


There's a lot of red out there, despite the averages just going green again. All in all, you can see them trying to put in floors here and there, but overall they just don't have the oomph to make anything really stick.

I expect a green

Insiders Club-8-15-2013 Bookmark


Wow, what a wild day...

It isn't just that the DOW has plunged for 225 points, but look at what the dollar and gold is doing. There was a huge spike down in dollars and gold blasted wildly higher, up over 30 dollars an ounce.

Insiders Club-8-14-2013 Bookmark


Another batty day, where the direction is totally random. That big drop out at around 1 that hit right around the time Fed head Bullard was yackin was pretty severe. Granted what he had to say about the taper was just as convoluted as most of their speeches

Federal Reserve President Lockhart says "not enough data to taper" Bookmark

As you can imagine that's all it took for the market to go from red to nice and bright green as all hopes that they never taper back the stimulus known as QE boosted their spirits. I find it interesting that for a week they've told us that tapering

Insiders Club-8-13-2013 Bookmark


What has "TV" told you about the taper for the last two weeks? They've told you it's coming and it won't have much effect. They say the economy doesn't need it any more the Treasury doesn't need it and you should just ignore it. This is how they

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