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Insiders Club 9-16-2010 Bookmark

Insiders Club Update





Morning all...I'm running a bit behind here this am, as we have the technician people here trying to hunt down an issue with our lines.

Okay, yesterday the market did the same pattern that's

Insiders Club 9-15-2010 Bookmark



Haven't we seen that movie about a thousand times? The futures were weak over bad economic news, we open a tad low and then in "no time" they drag us back to green. Is that the collective wisdom of millions of investors..or is that

Insiders Club 9-13-2010 Bookmark



Well folks, I guess I shouldn't be in shock, but I am to some extent. We are up 100 points because of fraud. HAHAHAHAH.

Listen.. this Basal III thing is simply an open invite for more fraud. it really is. It

Insiders Club 9-10-2010 Bookmark



It's been a while since we hit a big one, and this morning RIG is that big one. It opened a bbit higher than I'd like and then dipped right down to my "buy in" area.

I took 1000 at 55.58.

Insiders Club 9-9-2010 Bookmark



A lot of folks have written in about the VXX, concerned about the fact that it's down at 18 and change. Yes that does stink. To a logical mind, knowing what's really happening out there, this "fear indicator" should be at 40. Instead it's

Insiders Club 9-8-2010 Bookmark


Just a note folks... Don't forget DE from yesterday.. a move over 69.30 "should" be buyable, and I'll probably take it if it gets there





They  are doing a masterful job of keeping the market up here folks,

Insiders Club 9-7-2010 Bookmark


Before we get into today... I just want to do a bit of a "warning" notice here. As you all know I believe gold and silver to be the big winners and that's been true in gold for us for many years. Our first bullion

Insiders Club 9-3-2010 Bookmark



LOL, sometimes you really do have to laugh. They "blamed" the market rise the other day on a better than expected ISM report. They said it proves that the economy is going well. they ignored the lousy ADP employment report and said that the

Insiders Club 9-2-2010 Bookmark


We took on the VECO as it crossed 35. but again I plan on being flat on the day, so here's the deal... I am going to sell both CTXS and VECO before the close.

I will not send an update about it, just know

Insiders Club 9-1-2010 Bookmark






Well... this is quite interesting no? Yes.

At the close yesterday, someone with very deep pockets bought 200K contracts of the S&P. Now normal volume for the last two mins of the day is about 25K. Yet

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