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Insiders Club- 9.17.2013 Bookmark


They've moved the S&P up to 1705, just 5 points away from the all-time high. The DOW is up 45ish, placing it about 100 points below the all-time high. So we're all set. But for what!? The Jury's out. I'm still thinking 0 taper to maybe, maybe 10

Insiders Club- 9.16.2013 Bookmark


About an hour ago, a portion of the market once again went dark when it's OPRA system malfunctioned, and trading was halted on the CBOE/NASDAQ feeds. In other words the options quotes were all goofed up and they halted all options trades on the listed issues. The NASDAQ

Insiders Club- 9.13.2013 Bookmark


Is the day stronger than I expected? Yes. While I had every belief that they'd end the day green, not long ago we were up 78 points. Now up 58. I didn't expect that, I was thinking 30 or so.

So, they are sure putting on

Insiders Club-9-12-2013 Bookmark


NOTE>>> I forgot to mention this morning that I stopped out of WLT ten seconds after the open. We bought 1000 at 14, out at 15. It's only a buck, but hey... in this chop I'll take it.

Okay when then happened I no longer had ANY

Insiders Club-9.11.2013 Bookmark


There's little question I've read this day wrong. I expected a flat day after two back to back triple digit gains. Ha, not in this life. Heading into 2 pm we're up 110 again.

This is quite a show. Yes it looks like syria has settled

Insiders Club-9.10.2013 Bookmark


They've held the market up well all day, but as I suggested this morning the S&P is having a bit of a time keeping itself over 1680. So far so good.

It "appears" like Russia's Mr. Putin has put Obama in a box by jumping on

Insiders Club - 9.9.2013 Bookmark


Sometimes you have to just laugh at what you see. Here we are with the DOW up 147 points as we stare into the idea of the Fed tapering, a new Fed head appointment, possibly lobbing bombs in Syria, possibly squaring off with Russia, a lousy jobs report,

Insiders Club- 9.6.2013 Bookmark


Morning all.... Okay, good afternoon by ten minutes. It's been quite the crazy morning I see. I tried to stay in touch with the market by forcing the county office to put CNBC on and other interesting tricks, but I wasn't terribly successful. What I did see however

Insiders Club - 9.5.2013 Bookmark


After the first initial flurry higher they've been content to just let the market wander around the unchanged line as I expected. I think they might end us with a small green tint, but no real fireworks as the await the jobs number tomorrow. so, I'm going to

Insiders Club-9.4.2013 Bookmark


They've kept us up all day and they are pushing us really hard. We've got analysts coming out of the woodwork to push for higher market calls. One just said today that the S&P will gain 40% in 12 months.

wow. That's quite a jump don't

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