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8.28.2016 - Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark

Global Control?
Before we get into today’s chat, I want to mention something. On Wednesday I did a piece about preparing for the possibility of a disaster, where in your tap water is no longer available. Many don’t understand that in a true disaster, often the pumps are shut down, OR, there’s no power to operate them. So finding and filtering water is a very important part of being prepared.

7.12.2016 - Insiders Club Bookmark


Hello everyone...guess where the futures are?  If you said green, you'd be absolutely right. After pushing to all time new highs yesterday, the entire world jumped on the wagon and it is now a global rally. The DOW futures are up  80, the S&P up 10. The main reason for all this joy is something that takes a bit of getting used to. The idea is that things stink so bad, that starting With Japan, we're going to see wave after wave of  Central banks flooding the planet with more printed money. "helicopter" money is being tossed around as the next global savior.

4.21.2016-Insiders Club Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome to another day. I hope you find that it dawns bright for you all.  If you find yourself to be somewhat spiritual, I ask that you send a prayer of recovery to my friend Chuck and his dad. Charles senior spent about 4 hours yesterday on the operating table getting his heart repaired. We wish him a speedy and successful recovery.

Okay, so yesterday the market continued its low volume levitation,  and it appears to be carrying into today. The futures are green this morning, however at 8 am, they are well off the morning highs.

3.11.2016 - Insiders Club Bookmark


Good morning all, we've made it to Friday.  By the way, this weekend we get to turn the clocks forward and boy am I looking forward to that. Getting that extra hour of "daytime" after dinner is something I look forward to every year. We like to walk the trail in a park near us after dinner, but we run out of light.  Starting Monday we can make it happen again. Yay!

3.9.2016 - Insiders Club Bookmark


Good morning everyone, we've made it to Wednesday.   Looking at the futures, it appears that the algo-bot driven up and down chop is back in play.

3.8.2016 - Insiders Club Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome to Tuesday and what ever fun that's going to bring.

Yesterday they pulled the magic levitation rabbit out of the hat. I had gone short Friday, thinking that they might come to their senses over the weekend and let this market pull back some, but no... they refused that and I covered my short for the slimmest of profits.

3.1.2016 - Insiders Club Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome to the first day of March.

Where's the time go? March? I'm already late getting my spring seeds started. Wow.

1.21.2016 - Insiders Club Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome to Thursday and another crazy day.

Okay, so yesterday afternoon I laid out for you all that I thought the volume was big enough, the Advance/decline line ugly enough, the 52 week lows terrible enough...to consider a short term bottom. I wanted to get a piece of the bounce, and as luck would have it, shortly after I sent the 1 pm update, where the DOW had already bounced about 90 points off the low, it faded back down again. While it never got to -550 again, it did get down to about -500 and once again started up.

12.7.2015 - Insiders Club Bookmark


Pearl Harbor day.  On this date in 1941 360 Japanese fighters attacked our harbor, kicking off the Pacific theatre of WWII.  What a terrible loss of life.

How sad.

12.3.2015 - Insiders Club Bookmark


G' morning all, are you ready for today?

So yesterday the market fell apart a bit. They're trying to blame it on the "event" out in California, but I'm none too sure that's got anything to do with it. It didn't help matters none, that's for sure, but Wall Street rarely pays attention to so called "shootings" .

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