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Insiders Club - 11.13.2014 Bookmark


Hello everyone, welcome to Thursday.

Yesterday was a long grinding session of ...."sideways".  After a brief 60 point drop at the open, the market moved back to the unchanged level and wobbled around it for virtually the entire session. Coming into the last few minutes, they tried to make the averages green for the close, but they missed by a couple points.

Insiders Club - 10.16.2014 Bookmark


Well here we go again?

I'm writing this at 7 am, as I have to get to the studio for my radio interview at 9. Well, what I see is red across the world. This is really interesting.

Last night I took a peek at the futures right around 11 pm and they were slightly green. So, as I went to bed, it seemed that we'd probably wake up to green futures and a bit of a rebound for the open. Instead I wake up and the world is blood red. Europe is red across the board and our futures are in the toilet. We've got the DOW off 180, the S&P down 25.

Insiders Club - 10.15.2014 Bookmark


Morning all, welcome to what could be an interesting day.

The futures are all over the map this morning but mostly deep red. So, what's their issue this morning? Didn't they do a pretty good job of at least keeping the market flat yesterday? They did.  So what's up with all the red? Well, it started in Europe. Italy, Greece, and a handful of others were very weak, So this morning we've got a sea of red over there, with Germany down 100.

But there's another twist to the story. Evidently down in Texas there's another healthcare worker that's tested positive for Ebola. That's got folks rattled a bit.

9.23.2014 The War Begins! Bookmark

Last night the US and several countries in the area, joined up to start air strikes against the ISIS "terrorists". That has some of Europe trading red this morning as uprisings in that area generally lead to higher oil prices and heightened tensions. While the "red" indexes in Europe aren't all because of the strikes, you could consider them and "excuse" for why they might lighten up some positions. We just learned their PMI came in at 9 month lows...never a good sign.

Will that spill over into the US and we put in another red day?  Check out the Insiders Club and find out what we're thinking. 

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