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5.3.2018 - Insider Bookmark


Good morning all, we come stumbling and bumbling into Thursday. 

The big news of the morning appears to be the whacky conference call Elon Musk held with analysts last night. I won't go over all of it, you can find it online, but he said things like "If you can't deal with volatility, sell my stock" and other gems. 

4.30.2018 - Insider Bookmark


Good morning everyone, welcome back from your weekend. I hope it was a good one for you all!  Mine wasn't nearly as exciting as some have been. My wife's still not 100% after getting sick, so it was too early to try the biking/beach thing. So she laid low, and I did manly things like... well, okay maybe not so manly. I hit the grocery on Saturday. I cooked dinner. 

4.24.2018 - Insider Bookmark


Love fest!

Morning all. It seems my suspicions ended up being right. Yesterday, my guess was that they were just going to keep the market flat and await the earnings reports that were to really start flooding us Monday night. In fact, so blatant was the push to keep the market flat, that just 45 minutes from the closing bell, the DOW was down 130 points, the S&P down 10. 

4.6.2018 - Insider Bookmark


Aw Gheez, not this again!

Yep it is. 

So, the wife and I were watching a Youtube video last night, and when it was over, I clicked over to the overnight futures. And what did I see? The DOW down 444, the S&P down 45. 

4.2.2018 - Insider Bookmark


Hello everyone and a big welcome back from your Easter Weekend. I honestly and truly hope it was a wonderful experience for you all. Oh and just a side note, my weekend letter expressing my view of a "God", has created quite a buzz. I got several responses from people that say they are scientists and that science can explain all these mysteries concerning life on earth. 

3.8.2018 - Insider Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome to a new day. 

And what does this new day bring us? Good question. When I first looked at 6 am, the futures were flat and mixed. The DOW was off about 20 and the S&P was up 1. But as the morning progressed, the futures started climbing and by 7:40 we had the DOW up 50, and the S&P up 8. 

2.8.2018 - Insider Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome to another day in fun land. 

Last evening the futures were once again all over the map. At 6 am the DOW futures were down 74. At 6:20 they were down just 28. Then down again.  Now at 7:20 as I'm writing this, the DOW is off just 17. 

So the volatility monster is still in the room.

2.5.2018 - Insider Bookmark


Hello everyone! I trust you're up and about this morning after what I can truly say was the best super bowl of all time. Admittedly, I'm not a rabid sports fan. I will watch the occasional game now and then, I enjoy hockey more than anything else, but I  usually tune in to playoffs and big games. Well, last night's game didn't disappoint anyone. 

1.24.2018 - Insider Bookmark


Hi everyone, welcome to Wednesday. 

Yesterday was an up and down roller coaster sort of day, that maybe one could call something of a pause day? Maybe. The DOW ended the day a bit pink, but the S&P and especially the NASDAQ would have nothing of it. They went very green. 

1.16.2018 - Insider Bookmark


Good morning everyone, and welcome back from your extended weekend. ( If you had an extended weekend that is, for many it was simply another work day)

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