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Insiders Club - 5.14.2015 Bookmark


Remember the old commercials we'd see back in the days of 8 tracks and cassette tapes...'is it real or is it memorex?"   Well we need to ask that question this morning.

Insiders Club - 4.30.2015 Bookmark


Good morning everyone.  First off let me say thank you to all who wished me a Happy Birthday yesterday, I surely appreciate it. 

2.26.2015 Investing Newsletter Posted Bookmark

Just a heads up that our latest free investing newsletter is posted for all to read. This issue is concerning social media and the "bubble" that it has morphed into. While we all enjoy the FaceBooks and Twitter's for the service they can provide us, we see a lot of examples of where people have gone way over the top with their obsession with it.

Insiders Club - 2.5.2015 Bookmark


Yesterday I mentioned some of the time slots where the market seems to make moves. Heading into the final hour, we had gotten a little bump at the 2:15 time slot, but it wasn't significant. As we got into that final hour however, the 3:30 ramp up express was kicking in and from about 3:15 on, we saw buy program after buy program. By 3:40 we had been up 100 DOW points, much more than I would have expected given the action of the previous 5 hours.

But then in less than ten minutes the DOW had gone from up 110 to RED by 10. What happened? A headline hit that the ECB is suspending the acceptance of Greek bonds.

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