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Insiders Club 2-3-2010 Bookmark



Every time I started to write an update, the market would twist or turn a bit and I'd back off, waiting to see what happened next. Now I'm glad I waited because I get to tell you I sold IBM for my little profit.

Insiders Club 2-2-2010 Bookmark


12:30 (ish)

I should have concentrated on writing the update instead of watching the SMH, because it rolled over shortly after buying it and I stopped out for a 10 cent loss. Go figure right?

Anyway, today is a good example

Insiders Club 2-1-2010 Bookmark



So far so good? IS that the way to look at it so far? We blasted out of the gate, ran up for over 100 but then saw a pretty firm pull down, that for a moment looked like it might continue and take

Insiders Club 1-29-2010 Bookmark



Well folks, this day is more bizarre than most. From up over 100 to all the way down to Red. Then a bounce to plus 50 and then back to up just 13.

I simply quit. I'm tired of this whole

Insiders Club 1-28-2010 Bookmark


11 am (ish)

Well well, lookie here. We are down 104 points as I write this. I guess my gut feeling that this bounce was weaker than butter was correct, and the exact reason we've been sitting on our hands as of late.

Insiders Club 1-27-2010 Bookmark


11:15 (ish)

More chop. We opened flat, they tried to rally us and it faded. We've been red most of the time, and at one point were down some 50 points.

There is little doubt that a big old bounce is brewing.

Insiders Club 1-26-2010 Bookmark



Well I took the shot at the DIA's when they sprinted over the 102.40 level and now they are testing the 102.60 area. I have to believe some of this "strength" is manipulation as it would look really bad for Obama's State of the

Insiders Club 1-25-2010 Bookmark



3PM (ish)

Well the day went "about" as I figured. The big morning open of 80 points dissolved and at one point we were up only 6. Then they came back in and worked us higher. The only thing I didn't like, and

Insiders Club 1-24-2010 Bookmark

Insiders Club Update


Yes it's Sunday, but I figured that with the two football games today, I'd better get this update out ahead of the trading week.

If you guys read the newsletter you know that I believe sentiment has shifted, and

Insiders Club 1-22-2010 Bookmark


3:10 ish

Well this is some wicked weird day for sure. I am not thrilled at what I am seeing, and even though it's very possible we finally bounce somewhere and put in a few up days next week, I'm not sure I trust

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