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Insiders Club 6-2-2010 Bookmark



2:50 pm

What a weird day eh? We were up 130 then dipped hard, and bounced back to up 154. Go figure eh? Lot's of chop in the battle between oversold and people still wanting "out"

I did take the AKAM as

Insiders Club 6-1-2010 Bookmark



Well there it was. We opened deep red, and then a "miracle" occured. We ran all the way to green and now we have the DOW up some 42 points.

I think I said something like that might happen! in fact...

Insiders Club 5.28.2010 Bookmark

10:30 ish

Okay.. so we opened flat because of pretty lousy economic news. Then they came in to save the day from a full roll over after a decent 60 point dip.

It's my guess we are going to see the bulk of

Insiders Club 5-27-2010 Bookmark



They sure are trying to get back a whole month of disaster in one day. The DOW up 213, the NASDAQ up 63. Based on what? China saying they won't sell their junk? Ha.

Just like China was an excuse to

Insiders Club 5-26-2010 Bookmark


10:27 am

Well the morning went pretty much as expected. We gapped up, stalled for a bit then pressed higher. I told you all this morning I'd be looking to scale out and take some profits and I did just that.

Insiders Club 5-25-2010 Bookmark



3 pm



They've done a masterful job of bringing us back and the hype machine is in full blown wide open mode. As I write this, we're down just 93 and looking strong. I won't be surprised if we go green... my "bounce" just a day later.

Insiders Club 5-24-2010 Bookmark


10:30 ish

What an interesting morning. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak comes to mind.

I figured we'd be fairly red for the open but not terrible, and then "come back". Well we opened sorta flattish then rolled down, then

Insiders Club 5-21-2010 Bookmark


11:15 ish

Okay the morning went as planned. We opened weak, bounced, and then plunged. As I said I'd do, I lightened up, Selling half my VXX at 35.92, for a 15 dollar per share take, and covering our DIA's  at 99.24, for a

Insiders Club 5-20-2010 Bookmark



After being down 355 points, they have finally decided to try a full blown bounce and now we're down just 220. I think we can "scalp" some off the top, and I took 1000 PHYS as I said I would.

To this

Insiders Club 5-19-2010 Bookmark



 Well the new stove was a success and I'm back in the office much quicker than I expected.

What a whacky morning eh? When I left this am.. the Futures were down 100. Then they can back and by 9:45 the

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