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Insiders Club 7-27-2010 Bookmark



Well I'm awful glad I pulled some profits out yesterday, because we got stopped on CLF and FCX this morning. Granted we sold them just ahead of flat, so they didn't go red on us, but it really stinks seeing something like CLF

Insiders Club 7-26-2010 Bookmark

 Update 10:30

 That open stunk, and got stinkier.

We were pretty flat, and fading off a bit from the open. Okay, no big deal. Because of new home sales coming up at 10 am, they were a bit paranoid and were getting real defensive.

Insiders Club 7-26-2010 Bookmark



Well it's a decent day, after this morning's dip and rip..

The question is.. will it hold? I think it will folks, but I also think that each day we move up, we're stretching the rubber band. So, caution is indeed

Insiders Club 7-23-2010 Bookmark




Watch the SPY over 110.32.. it could go well




Things are moving waay too fast. As I said earlier I thought they might have one last pop in this market, as they suck in people over the weekend... So, we

Insiders Club 7-22-2010 Bookmark



Okay, we went into PCX at 13.00 and it's up 17 cents. Whoo hoo!  Oh boy.

Hey, like usual I'll consider it a day trade for now with a stop at 12.85

Unless the others on my morning list

Insiders Club 7-21-2010 Bookmark



Wow, look at what Bernanke did to my market!!! hahah.

Oh boy.

The little smurf pretty much laid out a fairly bearish outlook on things, despite his double talk and the market didn't like it one little bit. Obviously I

Insiders Club 7-20-2010 Bookmark



Okay, a decent day working... but I don't want to push my luck. So, I lightened up some more and took some profits

I sold 1000 SPY at 108.10.. About a buck and a half to the good and I have 

Insiders Club 7-19-2010 Bookmark



Well folks, for the most part things have gone awful close to what I thought would happen. I figured on something of a red day today, which we got for a while earlier in the session which drew in more shorts that figured that

InsidersClub-7-16-2010 Bookmark



 With the market down so heavy in just one day I've decided to cover most of my SPY short. I tried to get 107,but hit at 107.01

That's not so bad for a one day hold, we picked up just shy of

Insiders Club 7-15-2010 Bookmark



Okay now that I have that all straightened out, let's just review. ( I will really have to pay attention to that little glitch, I had no clue that the onsite editor could do that. Live and learn) If you hopped on the site

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