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Insiders Club 11-3-2009 Bookmark




 Well, nothing has changed much we're sort of stuck in limbo. That's fine, I have some running to do. For what ever reason, my son is out of school all week, and somehow I got elected to be the taxi, the library guy, etc. So, I'm going

Insiders Club 11-2-2009 Bookmark



Well this is an interesting day so far. We opened green, ran up on the ISM and now we're sitting here. Often times when that sort of action occurs, we move  higher later in the day because the longs get brave that the shorts

Insiders Club 10-30-2009 Bookmark

Insiders Club Update



Remember what I said yesterday?

I know the market's up 180. I know you're probably chompin on the bit to buy buy buy. But I still say this day doesn't feel right, and I'm not going

Insiders Club 10-29-2009 Bookmark


2:45 pm

Just a heads up on my MMM trade. After buying in at 75.50, it ran to 75.90 and backed off. That's normal it was a hot run. But when the second push higher failed at 75.88 and started falling, I sold half at

Insiders Club 10-28-2009 Bookmark

Insiders Club Update

Ahead of the open


Well folks, this is it. Today is a very important day in the markets. Why? Because we have several things working here at the same time. On one hand we have the "end of month" situation, but on top

Insiders Club 10-27-2009 Bookmark



Up down, up - down. All day. More insidious chop.

As you can imagine, I haven't done anything but chip away at a few daytraders here and there, but as far as finding something I'd like to buy and hold

Insiders Club 10-26-2009 Bookmark

Insiders Club Update


I need to start off today with a small personal story that's obviously taken up most of my energy and thoughts this morning.

I am a salt water fisherman. It's really my only hobby. Here in the Northeast, what

Insiders Club 10-23-2009 Bookmark



There's an old saying "I smell a rat" and boy does that rat stink today.

This morning the market tried to make a move, but it quickly reversed and we went red. For a market rejoicing over the Amazon earnings and

Insiders Club 10-22-2009 Bookmark



I'm having a really hard time dealing with today. The DOW is up 74, but where's the strength? Oils down, consumer goods down, Gold stocks down, most of tech isn't doing that great, what's the deal?

This might continue higher. I cannot

Insiders Club 10-21-2009 Bookmark


12:30 ish

Well one up, one down.

Of the stocks we listed this am as something to look at, we took APL when it crossed over 8, but it couldn't hold and is now at 7.90. BTU busted free of 45.00, we

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