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Insiders Club 12-9-2009 Bookmark



Could the market be any more boring? We've been stuck in a 30 point range for hours on end so far, and there is nothing moving enough that it's threatening any levels I find interesting. So, here we sit, twiddling thumbs.

Insiders Club 12-8-2009 Bookmark

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Well patience is a virtue, and after enduring some pain early in the session, sure enough the SPY came back as Obama was lying to people about jobs. So, here's where

Insiders Club 12-7-2009 Bookmark




oh, sorry I was nodding off. The morning hasn't done much, we were up, we were flat and now we're up again. But, 27 points isn't much, and frankly this still feels heavy. The Volumes are horrid, and volume on

Insiders Club 12-3-2009 Bookmark


AFTER the close

Well lookey here! A red close! I thought they were illegal or something?

As you all know, this market has felt heavy to me for a while now, and way back on Sunday I suggested that we

Insiders Club 12-2-2009 Bookmark




After a pretty strong morning the "Wednesday reversal" syndrome is trying to kick in here folks, so let me tell you where I stand

ATPG was a bummer of epic proportions. After going positive for us by a dime or so, the EIA numbers

Insiders Club 12-01-2009 Bookmark



Well that trip sure took longer than I wanted or expected! But anyway, it looks like they really poured the coals to it today, and it is simply amazing to see. In any event, I had set the electronic buys on STLD and ATPG.

Insiders Club 11-30-2009 Bookmark



Well so much for that theory. I really thought the market would open flat ( it did) and then run for half an hour and then dip. Nope. It opened flat and just built higher and held. go figure.


Insiders Club 11-27-2009 Bookmark


Well it looks like we'll live to fight another day.

I'm going to leave my positions on, with the stops I suggested. Now this is indeed risky. We could get more bad news over the weekend. I'm simply playing the odds that the Black

Insiders Club 11-24-2009 Bookmark


2:00 pm

Well could today have been any more boring? We opened flat and here 5 hour later we're right where we started.

Okay, here's the deal. I am traveling tomorrow because of the Holiday Thursday. Therefore I'm in no really

Insiders Club 11-23-2009 Bookmark



Let's talk "gaps" for a minute

For the past few Monday's this has been the pattern: no bad news over the weekend and they juice the market big time on Monday AM. Most of the stocks you want to buy gap

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