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BOB RINEAR's Article

Insiders Club 1-22-2010 Bookmark


3:10 ish

Well this is some wicked weird day for sure. I am not thrilled at what I am seeing, and even though it's very possible we finally bounce somewhere and put in a few up days next week, I'm not sure I trust

Insiders Club 1-21-2010 Bookmark



Wow what a wild morning this has become.

The market fell out of bed right from the get go, some of it on poor economic news (think Philly Fed) and some of it on leaks about Obama's new "rules" concerning

Insiders Club 1-20-2010 Bookmark


11:05 ish

Down 180 points. Imagine that.

I told you all that I was suspect of this market, and yesterday's push was merely to keep the index's from plunging through their 20 day moving averages. But as I also alluded to, at

Insiders Club 1-19-2010 Bookmark


11:15 ish

This is almost too funny. On Friday the down volume was 3 times the up volume. The 20 day moving averages on all the major index's were in danger of failing. So today, on the heels of Citi posting a 7 billion dollar

Bob On Maxine Waters Admitting She Wants to Socialize America Bookmark



For almost 30 years, we've been preaching that "something wicked this way comes" and what that wicked thing is, is socialism. Despite the fact that America was the one true nation that allowed the idea

Bob On Obama's 7 lies in 2 minutes Bookmark

  Don't you find it disturbing that Politicians can say just about anything they darned well please, and when confronted with the fact that "what they said" doesn't add up to "what they've done", they dismiss it as "Campaign Rhetoric"?? Doesn't that disturb you? It sure does me.

Insiders Club 1-15-2010 Bookmark



Well today's not been very productive for us. The market is pouting and taking some profits, and there's just not a lot worth looking at. So, with that in mind I'm going to shut down early, and go enjoy the weather while we have

Insiders Club 1-14-2010 Bookmark



I see nothing exciting. Sure the market's up a whopping 19 points, and some individual stocks are up here and there, but overall this is some pretty flat action.

We did see CLF have a nice morning considering the way

Insiders Club-1-13-2010 Bookmark


1 pm (ish)

Okay, I'm back. I see that I have missed some market fraud, eh? Everything's nice and green again. Now the question is, is this just to keep the market up while they were grilling the banksters about the financial meltdown, or is

Insiders Club 1-12-2010 Bookmark


1:15 ish

Isn't it amazing? Just two days ago we had 8 open positions and they were soaring. Then between yesterdays sag and today's pullback, we've been hit on all but one stop. Go figure.

We sold cat at 62.09/08

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