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Insiders Club 5-10-2010 Bookmark



Well they've held the day, but frankly... it's sort of odd, almost strained. We are up 355 points, but that's no better than we were at 6 hours ago.

I have NOT covered my DIA short, and I did buy

Insiders Club 5-7-2010 Bookmark



I knew today would be a choppy mess, but frankly I didn't think we'd see this sort of action. The DOW fell from - 50 to - 274 points in about 11 minutes. That's not chop, that's panic and fear. The down volume

Insiders Club -5-6-2010 Bookmark



Well folks, today has been a LOT weaker than I would have expected, and that caused me to have to rethink my position in the DIA's. As you know we went short the DIA's at 110.01 a while back. Now with this morning's drop

Insiders Club 5-5-2010 Bookmark



 I have been in and out of the SPY several times and frankly it's been a lot like "work". I made a dime, lost a nickle and now on this last run I am up about 30 cents

It's certainly not

Insiders Club 5-4-2010 Bookmark



 I have covered 1000 shares of my DIA short.

Here's the deal..

When we lost 110 on the DIA's I went short 3000 shares, thinking I'd make a decent quick few cents. Well, when we got down to the

Insiders Club 5-3-2010 Bookmark



The market just had three programs fire off and now we're up 134 points. Sure it's all on air and hope, but hey, up is up.

I took ATHR as it was crossing 40.00 and I got filled on a dip

Insiders Club 4-30-2010 Bookmark




They tried their best to blow off all the bad news, but in the past few minutes we dipped hard, now with the DOW off 42. I suggested this morning that I felt they were really struggling here this morning,

Insiders Club 4-29-2010 Bookmark


1:00 pm

They are rabid for stocks this morning. Apparently the world disintegrating, doesn't trump "free money" from the Fed.

So, the question is, are they going to form a "double top" up here and we have seen the blow off, or...

Insiders Club 4-28-2010 Bookmark



 Okay. The FED did what the Fed always does. Nothing. They left interest rates at an exceptionally low rate for an "extended" time, while also telling us about all this supposed growth we're getting.

Let me ask the most basic question.

Insiders Club 4-27-2010 Bookmark



Well the big market plunge over Portugal getting it's debt looked at, in conjunction with Goldman getting their butts grilled was a good reason to take some money out.

I bought back half my DIA short. I had 1400 shares

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