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Insiders Club 7-12-2010 Bookmark


12:50 ish

The big market dip that took things red, turned YHOO red and we stopped out. Between the gains we had on the first half and the loss on the second half, it was a lot of work for nothing.

Insiders Club 7-9-2010 Bookmark



I sold my UYM, all of it. I didn't like the way it was reacting as the DOW started down, so I sold it at 28.22
We opened under water on MRVL and when it got back to 16.40 I sold half of

Insiders Club 7-8-2010 Bookmark




Just a quick note  folks.. the big dip this afternoon took, me out of V, which didn't really surprise me.. even in the am when things were going well, V just didn't act great.

They are really pouring it on

Insiders Club 7-7-2010 Bookmark

Update 3:16 pm

I just took MRVL at 16.40. I usually don't like taking on a stock this late in the day that had to really run to get to the buy in area, but I'm fairly confident they'll push this mess up again and MRVL "should" be

Insiders Club 7-6-2010 Bookmark


1 pm

Well the shine has come off the bloom here folks. From a high of 165, we are up just 56 DOW points.

If this market goes red.. it's going to get ugly tomorrow on the downside. But I still tend

Insiders Club 7-1-2010 Bookmark

 Big note folks...


I am going to try sending out the updates in email next week instead of making you log in. I do not mind you sharing them with a friend or two. But if I start finding people sending them to everyone in their address book like

Insiders Club 6-30.-2010 Bookmark



Well here's a broken record I can repeat. The market is choppy and running in place. We've been on both sides of the "unchanged line' and really nothing much is going on. I feel they want to make a move

Insiders Club 6-29-2010 Bookmark



Still no real push going on out there folks. We saw the DOW fall to -270 and then they pushed us up to just - 220 which was a good bounce and I did do a bit of SPY daytrading, but overall, it

Insiders Club 6-28-2010 Bookmark

 Update 3:16


I sold half the AAPL on it's spike higher,at 269.41.. Okay, so I got my money back from getting stopped out and a little bit more.

I still have 300 shares that I will carry with a stop at my entry






I took

Insiders Club-6-27-2010 Bookmark

The Case for Silver.. and what to do about it.

For a long time now I've told you that I think silver has the ability to be a major performer. But, most of you don't own any and don't know where to get it. Then there are a

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