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Insiders Club 3-24-2010 Bookmark


10:45 ish

Here's another one for the books. New home sales figures hit at 10 am and they were the Lowest on Record, going back to 1963. Yet the DOW is off 14 points. This market is like superman. But where's the kryptonite? Can

Insiders Club 3-23-2010 Bookmark


3:00 (ish)

Another day another gain. So far we haven't seen that explosive run, that would indeed signal something of a blow off top coming, but this will make 10 out of 11 days of up. If any of you think that's normal, well, I

Insiders Club 3-22-2010 Bookmark



10:30 ish

Well isn't this something? Not really.

This is the Fed's way of helping it look like the market loves ObamaCare.

This was not unexpected. I had a hunch they'd goose this thing and try and put on the

Insiders Club 3-19-2010 Bookmark


10:40 ish

Well the morning has started out about right. We got our little green pop at the open and then quickly settled into the same pattern of going nowhere. Then at 3:15 we see the Fed make it's move and up we go. Today

Insiders Club 3-18-2010 Bookmark


10:40 ish

We got the green open, but they haven't been able to do anything with it. We've been up as much as 30 but as I type this we're up 9 DOW points.

One disturbing thing happened this morning that caught

Insiders Club 3-17-2010 Bookmark



Well BTU has crossed 50 and we took "some". I truly don't like this market folks, it's got no volume, and it's scary. This could reverse in a heartbeat.

1000 BTU at 50.00 - hard stop at 49.89
750 NVDA at

Insiders Club 3-16-2010 Bookmark


11 (ish)

Okay, not a bad start to the day, they are holding us green, but they are afraid to get too crazy ahead of the Fed. I am getting ready to scoot, so I just figured I'd drop a quick note and suggest that

Insiders Club 3-15-2010 Bookmark



1 pm (ish)

A lot of chop and a lot of running in place. Yes there are individual moves being seen, most of them based on news such as upgrades, or buy backs, etc, but in the overall scope of things, it's pretty

Insiders Club 3-12-2010 Bookmark


10:30 ish

Yawn. Snore.

This is quite like yesterday, low volume and just hugging the flat line. We haven't seen a lot of movement, but they sure don't want to let this get away. Although we dipped down some 10 points, as

Insiders Club 3-11-2010 Bookmark


2:20 ish

Okay folks just a few notes. As you might have noticed the market is basically flat, but there's a lot of movement going on out there.

Our DELL dipped and stopped us out. Okay, so we made a few cents,

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