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Insiders Club 12-24-2009 Bookmark

Insiders Club Update


Merry Christmas eve everyone, I really hope this morning has you in a good cheery mood.

As expected the market futures were green this morning and now that the opening bell has rung, we are slightly green across the

Insiders Club 12-23-2009 Bookmark

Insiders Club Update


"So far so good " is the word for this morning. As we came into Tuesday we had a handful of stocks in our trading account that did very well for us on the session. But first I'm going to whine for

Insiders Club 12-22-2009 Bookmark

Insiders Club Update


Good morning folks.

Well yesterday turned into a pretty long day for us. We were scheduled to take a flight from Atlantic City NJ to Florida so I could drag the family down and visit with my Mom for the

Insiders Club 12-21-2009 Bookmark


2:20 ish

Well we did two things here folks. For a month now we've been watching CTXS to get over 40.00 and today it did. So, we took it, getting in at 40.05

Our BTU ran from our buy in at 45.04

Insiders Club 12-17-2009 Bookmark



well it was a wise move taking the stops off ANR and CLR because they opened well below our stops and we'd have sold out for a loss if we left them on. But, once the selling wave was over, both of them

Insiders Club 12-16-2009 Bookmark


11:00 ish

Well this morning has been interesting. Not because the DOW is up 45, but because the "old standards" that I mentioned this morning are really showing just how interesting the global currency situation is. The basic materials and commodity plays are NOT moving

Insiders Club 12-15-2009 Bookmark



Things were going "okay" until this afternoon when Obama decided to come on TV yet again, and I guess the street didnt like what he had to say. From being relatively flat we've fallen pretty hard, and I started scaling out of things.

Insiders Club 12-14-2009 Bookmark

2:20 ish

Well I took AMAT a while ago, but it hasn't done a darned thing. Then again, it's a really sporadic market, where they are rushing into areas, moving them a bit and then backing off. This is typical low volume baloney.


Insiders Club 12-11-2009 Bookmark


3:00 ish

What a whacky day, eh? Low volumes once again, and lots of things that move up, and roll over. Move up and roll over.

One wouldn't think so with the DOW up 65, but interestingly a lot of stocks that

Insiders Club 12-10-2009 Bookmark


2:00 pm (ish)

So, I get back from the eye doc's and what do I see? The market's flat but RIMM has run back up and challenged the high of the day. Go figure right? Oh well, sometimes you're the bug, sometimes you're the windshield.

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